Sunday, September 30, 2012

DAVID: September 24, 2012

Mom thanks for that wonderful Video of Leah and Zade and a nice dance of Courtney. By watching that video my face had a big smile the whole time. I absolutely loved it.  I miss the babies so much.  I also want to play with them. Leah is such a cute girl and Zade is a handsome boy. I am so glad that all are healthy and having a happy time.

I spend most of the week in Bangalore.  We had a specialized training for the District and zone leaders.  The trainings were all focused on planning (daily and Weekly) and having an effective District meetings.  We didn't prosylate while we were there because there was a big Hindu festival happened.  I had to travel Erode to Bangalore alone and the ride was about 4 hours.  I reached Bangalore about 11:30 pm and i didn't know where to go and i still don't know where i got down.  However, an expensive auto ride took me safely where i wanted to go.  I was glad to come back to Erode to do the work. 

I have a testimony that God has been preparing people to receive the gospel. Last two weeks my companion and i were spending lots of time search and calling people from the former investigators.  Among them one brother named Rajan who was taught by the investigators years ago.  So i found him and contacted him.  He told us to come to his house on Saturday.  So  we did meet with him and his wife and had a good discussion about the principle of Prayer.  He told us that he will come to Church.  I was so happy for this Rajan family.  On Sunday he came to Church at the end of the Elders Quarm class.  The after the Church was over i noticed that he was talking to my convert Sivakumar in the sacrament hall. So i went up to him and asked Sivakumar if he knew brother Rajan.  I was so surprised of what he told me.  He said  that "Yes! elder i know him and he is my best friend."  Then i found out that they worked together in a company for long time.  I knew that it was all part of God's plan to bring that brother to Church and meet my convert.  I know that the Angles are preparing the people for the Gospel everywhere.  I am grateful for this wonderful experience.  I know that God and his beloved son Jesus Christ Loves each of us.  God's Gospel is restored today!!  I know it with all my heart.


Elder Aruldoss

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