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DANIEL: June 5, 2012

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Dear families and friends

How are you all? I’m doing better than last week and also I am back to good health. I got my transfer call last night I’m going to Vasant Vihar 2nd Branch. The transfer meeting is tomorrow I’m sad and exited. Sad because I had served last seven months in Dwarka the people are great in our branch I love them lot. I’m also happy because God gave me the chance to serve new people.

I have heard 2nd Branch is one of the hardest areas for Teaching River. I do know lots of people in that branch but I don’t know if they know me or not. I will give you more information next week.
This is some of the information about Elder. Wesley (who is my current companion) Born May 1, 1988, Elder Wesley comes from Secun-derabad, which is near Hyderabad, India. Besides his parents, he has two younger brothers, Dan Jasper and Jabez Wesley.  This elder has many hobbies and interests. He loves to play cricket and soccer, perform card tricks, tell stories, and act. In school he received awards for his high scores, and he also re-ceived the Infosys Leadership Institute Star Certification.  Elder Wesley’s favorite food is Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani. Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” and “The Godfather I and II” are some of his favorite movies. Leonardo DiCaprio is someone famous who reminds him of himself, and his most admired historical person is Jesus Christ. He also lists Moses. As his best physical feature—his height.
Some favorite chapters at the beginning of Elder Wesley’s mission are Helaman 5, D&C 4, Psalms 23, and Matthew 11. His most beautiful gospel teaching is that “Heavenly Father gives us great gifts.” Serving as a full-time missionary, Elder Wesley would most like to “teach families and help them gain a testimony.”

I will defiantly pray for our 9th ward. Tell everyone I said Hello form my side.

I’m happy to hear that you are the temple prep teacher. When I went to temple prep class I really enjoyed learning about the temple. I’m shore everyone will enjoy your class mom.

Mom I want you to send me some things some food from home like homemade sugar cookies, skittle, big nutella, and an ace banded (May be some Taxes sheet cake JK mom).  

Last week I didn’t go out much because I was really sick and my companion also got sick. It was horrible for both of us assistant and Zone leader came and visited us, they gave some advice for us and went on their way.

When I was sick I had legalized good people always got tempted for an example I had chance to read more from the Book of Mormon last week. When I was reading in Alma 12-15 I had learned many things about the teachings of Alma and Amulick. When the people in were burning and some children were also it must be very heard for these man to see this people suffer the best thing is they did not die in vain but they died for the great cause.    

Elder Aruldoss


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