Monday, September 26, 2011

DAVID: September 26, 2011

Dear family,

This week was really memorable because i had my first babtism last sunday.  Mohan is the person who i babtized and it was really a special time for me and for my companion.  This is the startng for me and we will have more babtism this coming month.   I babtized Mohan and the spirit was very strong during this time.  Mohan was really happy, but none of his family came to see this babtism.  But we had our branch family there and they all congratulated him.  I love Mohan and he has a great attitude towards the gospel.  The branch also gave him a calling.
Last friday, as we were finishng our lunch in a hotel this man and his name is Bullion.  He saw my name tag and asked who i am. We introduced ourselves and told him what we do.  He wanted to come to church with us and we took him to church and taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He came to church this week and loved the meetings.  He also paid for our lunch one time. Man!!!!! when he talks.... he goes on and on telling us all kinds of history of India.  He loves Jesus Christ even though he is Hindu.  He really wanted to follow the true God.  Now, he also want his family to know about the gospel. I am excited to teach him everything.  Our Heavenly Father knows his children very well.  He gave this man to us to teach him. 
Another family husband is a member and wife and daughter is not.  Mom only believes in the Bible and had couple of bad experence in our church. I guess she didn't like the way the members behaved.  When we saw her the first time, she didn't want us in her house.  Because we didn't give up on her and now she is reading the Book of Mormon and slowly learing about the church.  She came to church and stayed for all 3 meetings. 
I am so amazed to see these people and how God works through us to help his children.  I love my calling and love this work.  There are so many people here who needs the gospel and we are always ready to help the lost sheep.
I can't wait to see Courtney's baby.  Tell everyone hi from me.  I love my Allred family very much and i miss you all. 

Elder Aruldoss

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DANIEL: September 21, 2011 (Editor's note: FINALLY!)

Dear mom

I'm doing Great. I'm alive. sorry for not E-mailing you last week. now I am in India, and the earthquake was day before I arrived hear.

I want to say so many things and I don't konw where to begain. I'm learning and groing in the gospel so much. Thank you for your support. how is Court? is she doing ok? tell eveyone I said hi for me. In MTC my camera and some money got stolen. 

One of my spiritual moment was last monday I was reading the Book of Mormon I was almost crying because the spirit was so strong. I love my mission and it is kind of hard to find people to teach other then that eveything is cool.

Last two weeks I come to know that more about the my self and what do i needed to improve. tell hi to all of my friends. I have a amazing companion who is really good at everything and I've been learning many thing from him. Tell every one I'm alive.

I'm greatful for the gosple of Jesus Christ, I come to know there is not another greater work then this. tell i said hi to our home teachers and bro. and sister Morris family. tell my brothers and sisters I love them and greatful for their examples.

Dad and Mom I love you too. thank you for everything.

Elder Aruldoss

Monday, September 19, 2011

DAVID: September 19, 2011

Dear family,
This week was great.  My companion and i are working very hard to bringing the inveticators to church. We teach many but only few come to church. Brother Mohan came to church last week.  He is going to take the babtism this week which my companion and I are really excited.  This will my first babtism in my misson.  Brother Mohan is really have the true desire to follow all the commandments.  We taught him about the Word of Wisdom and he had little problem with Coffee and Tea.  He has been drinking this since he was 5 years old.  It is really hard for him.  He told us that he will not drink coffee and tea again. This one morning he took coffee and he told us that it was hard for him.  Amazingly,  he completely stop drinking coffee and Tea now. He also brought his little brother with him to church last week.  We also taught him how to sing the Hymns and to lead the music. It had been my blessing to teach him the gospel.

We lost our cell phone last week.  It contained all the numbers of our investicators and members and everything.  I had the phone and when we got off the Auto to get our bus, i guess i droped it in side the auto.  NOW, we have to get all the numbers over again.  IT WAS MY BAD.

We also went to many members house to see them and to get to know them.  We still don't know all the members and THIER NAMES.  I am really bad at that ye know.  many of them are facing with many challenges here. Please pray for them.

I love you all very much.

Elder Aruldoss

Monday, September 12, 2011

DAVID: September 12, 2011

Elder Aruldoss at the Philippines Temple

The Elders of the Visak Zone

DAVID: September 12, 2011

This week was really great.  We went to Hydrabad for leadership training for few days on the new missionary book.  It was really a time of learning how to be an effective missionary. 
We found out that the brother Sai (inversticator) do not know anything like who God is and What Faith means.  He had soooooooo many questions and we postponed the babtisimal date.  We are going to teach him from the begining.  Pray for him.
So my companion and I were traveling to see a family and this brother Mohan start talking to us and he was looking for a job to support his family and also want to learn English. He was kinda of discouraged actually.  He belong to a hindu family of 7. He really was looing for someone to  teach him about Jesus Christ.  So we told him the Gospel will help you to face those challenges with courage and confident.  so the next day we taught him about Jesus Christ and invited him to take the babtism. He excepted our invitation to take the bebtism on Sep.25.  He came to church this sunday and we are going to see him today.  I learned that our Heavenly father sometimes bring his children to us Missionaries like this man who talked with us first.  He is really willing to learn the gospel and follow Jesus Christ. 
We met this brother yesterday (sunday) who called us and asked us to come to his house to give a blessing to his mom who was struglling with Tyfoid Fever for last few months.  So we went to his house and taught his mom the important of faith and to have faith in Jesus Christ. It was a great experence.  What i want to tell is that this man Sevikumar, the son had a miracle in his life.  His hole family is Hindu, recently he was coming to our church and reading the Bible.
So he had a problem in his back for last 4 years. So even the Best Docter in India said to him that " The problem in his back is not curable" and they spent like 7 lacks just for him. so they just gave him some pain killers and some others tablets to take. It was 5 days ago this man read the story of Jesus Healing this woman.  that  all he read and went to sleep.  the next moring his problem in his back was completely gone and he could walk  and sit and do everything which he could not do before. I was really stunned and didn't know what to say. 
It was a real miracle that our Heavenly Father performed in this man's life. He now want to take the babtism on the same date as Mahan 25 of this month.  I am very thankful to meet these two men.  I love my area and the people.  I miss all of you and love you very much. 
Love Elder Aruldoss

Monday, September 5, 2011

DAVID: September 5, 2011

Hi everyone.  

This week was awesome.  There are many great things happened.  We had the previllage of meeting the General sunday school president Russel T. Os.....  He  came to Vizac to see the branch.  We were all able to meet him.  He talkind to us about Difference between Testimony and Conversion.  T-knowing  C-becoming.  love the message.

We found this Christian family (Trinoth) by knocking doors.  They belong to Babtist church.  We taught them the restoration and gospel of Jesus Christ lessions.  Mom is babtized into their church, but her husband and the children aren't. They believe our church is true and wanted to be part of it.  we made the invitation to take the babtism.  Mom said that she was already been baptized and she was little confused about taking another baptism.  We talked to them about the Priesthood and the right way of taking baptism.  So they excepted to take the baptism this month of 25th.  I am so happy for them.  I am also going to baptize one brother name Sai the 16th of this month which is also his birthday.  He knows the truth and wanted to follow the true gospel.   He has so many questions about God and about the church.  He is still learning and growing in the Church. 

Happy Birthday to my loving sisters Casey and Courtney. I hope everything is going well for you.

We are going to Hydrabad this week for some traning and we are traveling for 12hours straight in the bus.  It is going to be interesting.  Never done this in India.

Elder Aruldoss.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

DANIEL: September 1, 2011

Family and Friends,

Thank you for understanding my feelings. Thank you for the information mom. I have very little time to E-mail you all so I red only few litters thank you for sending mails.

I'm having wonderful time in MTC. Sometimes it is very hard to experse myself  in words. Everything is going very will. This weak we got to hear from the first quorm of the Sevanty. I will be leaving MTC this Thursday.

Enought about me. How are you guys? and what is new? Mom I want to ask you can you please do all the tempel work for My family in India because i do not have anytime to do it. tell me about Courtney more and how she is doing.

I love you guys thank you for everything you have done in my life.

Elder Aruldoss

DAVID: August 28, 2011

Dear family, 

This week was really good.  We taught many new investicators and less active people here. I miss you and love you. Mom thank you for the report of our family.  I am happy that they are all doing fine.
This week we went to teach this family Bro. David .  He is a member of the lds church and his wife Rama Laksmi ,not a member who belongs to another christian church doesn''t want her daugter to take the babtism in our church.  She only believes in the Bible. So we went to thieir house and she did not want us in her house.  But we there anyway to see her.  When we saw her, we said hi and she didn't want to listen to us and start asking question after ?. But we did teach her husband and read a passage from BOM.  She was waling around the house and also listening to us and want we are talking about.  But we didnt  pay attention to her and focused on the husband.  so she asked as questions again and we shared and helped her to understand why we have the book of Mormom. We told us that she was sorry for her action during our visit. We invited her to come to church. However Sunday afternoon we didn't see her but the husband was there at church. after that we in our class room and got a phone call middle of the 2nd class and we went outside to ans the call.  There was sister Rama Lakshmi entering into the church.  We were suprised seeing her there.  We took her immeditaly to Gospel principle class.  I was really happy to see her.  I realized how important it is to be an example of a true believer and that is what we did in her house in our last visit. I learned this principle through all of your examples. 
I am so happy to be an instrument in the hand of God.  I love the gospel and Love you all.
Elder Aruldoss.

DANIEL: August 24, 2011

Dear Family and Friends

I'm sooo... sorry for not skypeing you all, my last week in RSO I tried to skype you all but We had a big storm for two days and distroyed the internet. I'm haveing a great time of my life in MTC. What I want to say is I'm greatful for my Heavenly Father and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Last five days in MTC I come to know How important the Gospel is.  I do not have a log time. Once again please forgive me. David is doing good.

I'm slowly learning to how to communicate with the Spirit and learning to teach. I had made many friends in MTC. Today we went to the Temple with my two Indian friends, it was their first time. 
How are you guys doing and What is new with you all? Tell I said Hi to everyone. I love you guys so much and I miss you all. Thank you for everythings you have done.

Elder Aruldoss

DAVID: August 22, 2011

Dear Family,

I am doing well.  Right now i have assigned to a new area called Vishakapatnam, which is in the southeast of India close to the beach.  I am happy to be here with my companion Tamang. He is from Napal.  He is really helping me out with everything.  We are both new to our area and we got lost few times. We taught many people here already.  I love it and it is not easy.  We went to this neighborhood and knocked every house.  Most of them were Hindu's and they didn't want to listen to us. however, we found a Christian Family and taught them the Restoration message.  We also gave a blessings to one of the family member who was sick at that time.  We are teaching two other invetcators who are going to be babtized this coming month.  I am excited for them.  We are mostly traveling by auto.  I love the people here and they are so nice, esecially in the branch. 

I am great to be part of the missionary work to help my people in India. I am thankful for my calling. Most of the people speak Telugu in my area and it is kinda of hard to find people who speak english. Our rule is to teach the people who speaks english because it is important to understand what we are teaching them about the gospel.  I will be here in my area for 12 weeks.  My cmpanion is fearless to teach the gospel to people here.  I am new and learning to have more confidence and teach with power and authority.  I only been here for 3 days. 

I love you all and miss you.
Elder Aruldoss

Elder Aruldoss and his companion, Elder Tamang 
from Nepal at the Philippines MTC

DAVID: August 10, 2011

Hi everyone.  I am doing well here in the MTC.  I love teaching and gaining knowledge about this gospel.  MTC is amazing and the spirit is so strong and when i was teaching this investicator, she was crying and i was also started to cry.  I learned that without the spirit the wont happen.

So this last week, we had the previllage of going out with the missionaries to teach the real investicators. so my companion and i went to  this village and taught two new invisticators. both were teensagers.  they didn't speak English, but understood it ok.  we taught them about the first principles of the gospel and about the importance of law of tithing.  I loved this wonderful experence and this is something new in our MTC, because this new method of teaching is introduced recently.  so we were one of the first one to have this experence.  I am also call to be a district leader and i love my district(Jacob).

Please pray for me and I love and miss all of you.  I am going back to India next week and I will be assingned to an area.  SO excited for that.  I know this work is not easy, but it is REALLY worth it and i love it.  My companinon is strugling in english and struglling to teach other.  However, he has the spirit to touch the heart of many others.

Love you all
Elder Aruldoss

DAVID: August 3, 2011

Hi everyone.  I am so greatful to be here in the MTC.  I love it and I am having so much fun here.  There are lots of missionaries here and I am greatful to be a missionary to serve in this calling.  The spirit is so strong and power.  I love you all.  We went to the Phillippines, Manila Temple.  It was an amazing experence and i start crying the Celestial room.   I was with the other four Indian missionaries.  It was little different going to the temple with them, But i was greatful to go with them.  They loved it and i was able to help them when they received their endowment for the first time.  

When i went to hospitial for some checkups, i meet this lady who was sitting front of me.  so she asked me where i was coming from.  I showed her my missionary name tag. I found out that she was a member of the church and she hasn't going to church for long time and she was looing for the church close by her house.  so i talked to her about the church and got her number and told her that i would help her out.  God loves all of us and I believe that He sent me to help her out.  I will here for another two weeks. My companion is struggling with English.  He knows about the gospel very well in his native language.  Please pray for him and also for me.  I love this Elder.  The food is so good and this people make special food (spicy) for the Indian Elders.  I love the food and i am eating to much here. 

Don't have lots of time and I love this gospel and love to feel the spirit and "Forger youself and think about others" I learned this here in the MTC and that's what i want to do for next two years. 

I love you all
Elder Aruldoss.