Monday, September 26, 2011

DAVID: September 26, 2011

Dear family,

This week was really memorable because i had my first babtism last sunday.  Mohan is the person who i babtized and it was really a special time for me and for my companion.  This is the startng for me and we will have more babtism this coming month.   I babtized Mohan and the spirit was very strong during this time.  Mohan was really happy, but none of his family came to see this babtism.  But we had our branch family there and they all congratulated him.  I love Mohan and he has a great attitude towards the gospel.  The branch also gave him a calling.
Last friday, as we were finishng our lunch in a hotel this man and his name is Bullion.  He saw my name tag and asked who i am. We introduced ourselves and told him what we do.  He wanted to come to church with us and we took him to church and taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He came to church this week and loved the meetings.  He also paid for our lunch one time. Man!!!!! when he talks.... he goes on and on telling us all kinds of history of India.  He loves Jesus Christ even though he is Hindu.  He really wanted to follow the true God.  Now, he also want his family to know about the gospel. I am excited to teach him everything.  Our Heavenly Father knows his children very well.  He gave this man to us to teach him. 
Another family husband is a member and wife and daughter is not.  Mom only believes in the Bible and had couple of bad experence in our church. I guess she didn't like the way the members behaved.  When we saw her the first time, she didn't want us in her house.  Because we didn't give up on her and now she is reading the Book of Mormon and slowly learing about the church.  She came to church and stayed for all 3 meetings. 
I am so amazed to see these people and how God works through us to help his children.  I love my calling and love this work.  There are so many people here who needs the gospel and we are always ready to help the lost sheep.
I can't wait to see Courtney's baby.  Tell everyone hi from me.  I love my Allred family very much and i miss you all. 

Elder Aruldoss

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