Monday, February 25, 2013

DANIEL: February 25, 2013

Hello My Families and Friends,
How are you all doing? I'm doing wonderful in Mumbai. We had good week and we have a first baptism coming up next Sunday. I'm really exited for the sister. Vallie.

let me start form Tuesday we went to a place call Andheri East. in the evening we had a dinner appointment with Abraham family. our companionship ate and went to our sister. Vallie's home. when we went to her home she also prepared us dinner. My companion said he is full and can't not eat. once the same thing happened they got little sad that time we did not eat. so I told them to give me very little even thou I was so.... full I ate in there home also. Lessons finished and very things was done we were walking out I felt soo... full and I couldn't walk and feeling through-up. came to the bus stop and very very close to through-up. I said a small prayer so I may not do anything. sat in the bus and I felt so... much better. I'm grateful for my Father in Heaven for listening to my prayer.

We had our Zone meeting on Thursday.

Let me tell you about our perfect day that we had on Saturday. What made this perfect day you many wondered. first we went to a place call Sion. we were walking and walking and more walking one street and second street so on and on.. We saw a park and there we some people we sitting in the park and we went and sat near by them and started to read some scriptures while we were reading there were two little girls came behind and there names were Pooja and Tia. There were about 7 to 9 years old. they came behind me and hid themselves. I looked at them and the gave me a look saying what? I kept looking at them and one to two Min. later they came to me. said "Uncle, we are really scared and can we borrow your phone and call my mom." I asked them why? are they scared and there were some who bigger child scared them. we told them Don't worry we are here. gave the phone and finally Pooja's mom came and picked her up.  when I say there two children's face I learned some things related to our Heavenly Father. I immediately I looked around I saw many people in the park and thought to myself. Everyone is like this two children who are waiting and scared in the world who don't know who is there Father is? Scared because no one is there to protect them.  off course we ITL ed there mom and she gave us an appointment. She was amazed to see a missionaries like us in the young age. 

After a while we started to walk again I told my companion let's eat Panipuri we ITL ed the person who has the store. It's is a road side store. good food and he gave a appointment. We felt really happy.

the third person was a business man. he was so nice and humble man. he also gave us appointment. 

Now the Sunday. we had good Sacrament meeting. Our President gave a talk about How as a members of the Church take this for Granted? he talked about the simple things like the Scripture Study and Prayer. how we rush them so we can do our things during the days. What he said is Our attitudes needed to change when we read the Scriptures and our Prayer.

Love you all,  have a good week. 

Elder Aruldoss 

DAVID: February 25, 2013


I am sure you all heard of the Bomb blast in Hyderabad.  Unfortunately it happened in my area. I didn't go into that area on that day. As soon the members informed us  There were many (20) lives lost and many (50) severely injured in this tersest attack.  We ran to our apartment as soon as the  Church members informed us.  Many of them have eye witnessed this horrible nightmare.  This is surely the tersest attack.  One of the gang member got hanged two weeks ago and they were so angry about it and  They planted the bombs in many places and one was exploded near a bus stand and one was at movie theater and some of the bombs were hidden in a lunch box and one was in a bike.  We had been told to remain in the apartment and we didn't go out for proselyting for 4 days.  I got sick of staying in.  Apart from that we baptized brother Abraham.  He was well prepared by the Lord for us.  In his testimony he said that  "I found the Gospel after 30 years."  Now, we have work to do. We baptized all of people that we had.  We have to find new families to teach now.  So I am excited to find more families this week. 

Love you all, 

Elder Aruldoss


Dear Parents of Elders serving in Hyderabad,

As you may know there were bomb blasts in Hyderabad today.  All of our missionaries are safe and have returned to their apartments this evening. 

We are grateful for your prayers on behalf of those affected.

Warm regards,

President Funk

DANIEL: February 18, 2013

Hello Dear Families and Friends,
How are you? I'm doing wonderful and Great in the city of Mumbai. This week we had many things happened. Some of them I would like to share with all of you. First of all No mom I'm Not braking the rules to mail you our P-day got changed to Monday :)

let me start form Thursday We went to Panvel to see the area and find some of investigators. it was not a good area I will tell you when I come home Why? while on our way we met one guy on the train we were talked with him and he is a Christian but not willing to listen to us. His name was Matthew. He spoke very good English. but we gave a book of Mormon to him and testified That book will changed his life. I hope he will read it.

On Friday we had wonderful day because we had many appointments with our members and Investigators. We have one more new investigator his name is brother Vivek. His father resonantly past way in an accident. He asked us "why did he die like that because my dad is a wonderful person and very good man why did this happened to him?" we shared him we don't know why it happened but We told him this gospel will give him the peace his looking for and the answer that he need. we committed him to pray and read the book of Mormon and come to church.

On Saturday we had the opportunity to talk with President Sackley and give a report of the Mumbai. How is missionary work and Members and area and so on and so forth...
He told us about Elder Evans who resonantly came to Delhi but elders in Mumbai miss seeing Him. President Sackley gave a overview of what had happened and what did he learned?

Elder Evans talked about the importance of the Book Of Mormon.  He said as a missionaries we usually teach form the favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon but that is not right. in the beginning of the this book we learn many truths and Doctrines. He gave an examples of it:

1 Nephi 1:1 teaches us the responsibility of the parents
1 Nephi 1:4 teaches us the importance of the Prophets
1 Nephi 1:6 the importance of the Prayer
1 Nephi 1:8 the importance of the Visions and Revelations
1 Nephi 1:9 tell us about Jesus Christ
1 Nephi 1:19  talks about the adversary
1 Nephi 1:20 and Power of Deliverance

He encouraged us to invite our members and investigators to teach them form the beginning of the Book of Mormon.

by the way we had our first fireside in Mumbai we had good turnout. we had a them that was Knowing Your Neighbors. it was so fun and everyone enjoyed it.

One cool thing is David taught a family who moved to Mumbai. His name is Nageshwar Raw. he baptized his mom and we are teaching his Father. she was so happy to see us. yesterday we taught that family in four languages Tamil, Telugu, English, and Hindi. I never taught in these many languages but it was fun.
That's all my people this week. Have a good week and love you all.
Elder Aruldoss


DAVID: February 17, 2013

It was a great week not because i was gone out of my area, but the things that i learned from the general authorities. We were in Bangalore for several days.  We had our Zone Leader Council meeting and also a special fireside with Elder Evans who is in charge of the missionary work for the entire Church.  I am not exactly sure of his calling. Let me start with the ZLC.  My second favorite part of that is the lunch, sister Funk made us Lissanya for lunch which was so delicious. After a long time i had that.  The favorite part of that when sister Funk talked about consecration. She talked about how when we sanctify ourselves by applying the atonement daily in the missionary work.  I learned to better serve the master with all my heart, might, mind and strength.  Then the next day we was the special fireside. Elder Evans talked about many wonderful things. I won't go into details. One thing that i loved is the mission is the foundation of my life. The spirit that i feel and the things that i learn will prepare myself to face the challenges of the world.  I was a different person when i walked out of that fireside.  My desire and my love to serve the Lord has been increased since last week.

We are having a baptism this week of brother Abraham whom of i told you last week.  he is an amazing investigators self referral. One day just walked into Church. He is very good with the scriptures and knows the Old and the New testament so well. He knows the things that we teach already(all the doctrines and commandments). during our teaching appointments i learned more  from him than he learned form us . The only thing that was new is the Word of Wisdom.  Super humble man.  One thing that i like about him is that he would come to Church everyday in the evening time to read the Book of Mormon.  He knows without a single doubt that the Book of Mormon is true. I love this brother so much.  Pray for him.  He was well prepared by the Angels of God to receive the gospel at this time and i am so pleased to teach him.

I am doing so well here and learning to be more responsible.  We do have the largest Zone and many Elders struggle here in different ways. So we have to conduct many exchanges with the Elders.  I am glad to help out and serve among them. I am not counting my days, however it is coming to an end soon. I want you to know that i do love you so much and pray for you.

With Much love,

Elder Aruldoss

DANIEL: February 13, 2013

Read the February New Delhi India Mission Newsletter here.

My dear Families and Friends,

How are you all? I hope you all had wonderful week. In Mumbai we been finding the new areas to ITL and Door knock it has been really tough and lots of learning experience for my companion and I. we are started to talk to people mostly answer nicer way but some not really mean and ruder way. It has been fun and heard for some in here. 

We been going to Santacruze form that name you might gassed sounds like a Christian area. Yes, it's mostly Christians live in this area but the people are Roman Catholic. We saw few churches so big churches that in (2 Nephi 28) tells us. But I felt really really bad for the people because so many people who do not have the Gospel in their life and wondering around in the world. 

we talked to one sister one who came from the big Church, but she asked are where is your church? and are you part of the Roman Catholic Church? we said no, I was really stunned by her answer "If it's not Catholic Church I not coming" My thought went to the Book of Mormon 2 Nephi 28:21-22. 

We went to one of our members' home her name is sis. Mary Bale. we were talking with her and her brother Daniel. While we were talking with him He asked Why do we have so many Churches in the World? and Why do we have so many Bible? With our a thought my companion and I started to teach about the Restoration. Every Missionaries in the World long for that question form the non-member or investigators. I was so happy that he asked that question. I love this work.

I have less then 6 months left I'm trying to finish the Book of Mormon. I'm Not going to tell you anything new but I'm going to tell you what you all already know. This book (BOM) has blessed me so much and continue to bless me. I love reading the Scriptures and finding answer to my problems and questions in my life because indeed it is a very word of God who loves you and me. He wants us to read them and learn off him. when you read and ponder the words form the Book of Mormon you will change and your attitude will change toward. Truly it stared to changed mine. I also want to tell you how much I love you all. thank you for being a good mom and dad and brothers and sisters and friends. I love you all. 

Elder. Aruldoss    

"The children are our Mumbai branch Primary. They call me Elder. Monster because 
every Sunday after church I play monster games with them. I love those kids they are so funny."     

"Finally we have bed these many days we been sleeping on the floor."

DAVID: February 11, 2013

This week was really good.  Brother Raj that i told you about got baptized and i had the privilege to perform his baptism.  Satan brought many temptations and made him think not to make the covenant with God.  Along with him there are few guys who stays with him in his apartment and they all were against his decision and wanted to take him to see a new movie on Sunday.  I love his faith in God and he didn't go with his friends and came to Church.  He was so excited.  He expressed his feelings of how he was tempted many ways to not be baptized.  We had a super good baptism service.  Many came to support him in the baptism service.  there was a overwhelming spirit of God surrounded the room. The baptism went really well.  I gave a big hug to him right after that.  This was a special baptism to me because he came from from a pure Hindu priest family and gone through lots of struggles and i was there to help him to get through all of them.  I felt so happy and expressed my deep gratitude to my Heavenly Father for him.  He has started his journey to enter into God's kingdom.  The joy of missionary work is all about bringing the Gospel blessings to God's children.  I know that there are many who are prepared for this Gospel in India.  

there was a new comer who came to Church for the first time.  His name is Abraham who spoke very good English. He is a pretty wealthy man.  He stayed for full three hours as well as  for the baptism of  Raj and we met with him right after the baptism.  I was amazed of his response to some of our inspired questions that we asked him.  He said that when he enter into the Church he was so perplexed and didn't understand whole lot.  He had MANY questions about the Church, however amazingly all the doubts and questions that he had was resolved during the baptism service.  We asked him How he  got the answer and i know what he said is True.  He said that He felt the Holy Spirit so strong and he knew that was God who is helping to understand that the Church is true and the Book of Mormon is True.  He was so clear and He accepted our baptism invitation for Feb 24th.  I was touched by this brother's testimony and He is such a wonderful man and i know without a doubt that God had prepared him for this time to have the restore Gospel. He doesn't belong to Hyderabad and we asked him how long he will be staying here.  He said that "There is no reason to leave this place and i will stay here only."  Keep in mind  the doesn't belong to this state either.  He is gonna bring his family here and possibly thinking to settle near the Church.  I was greatly blessed to have these testimony building experiences on my mission.  I feel like the missionary is never ending calling for me.  I love it so much.  

With my deepest gratitude and love,

Elder Aruldoss



President David M. Berrett and Sister Terry Berrett
India Bangalore Mission President – 2013-2016

David Mark Berrett, 61, and Terry Lee Wall Berrett, four children, Victoria 1st Branch (English), Hong Kong China District (English). Brother Berrett is a district president and is a former stake president, bishop, and missionary in the California Oakland Mission. Area Legal Counsel, Office of General Counsel for the Church. Born in Ogden, Utah, to Mark Richard and Joyce Verla Berrett.

Sister Berrett is a counselor in a district Relief Society presidency and is a former counselor in a stake Relief Society presidency, ward Relief Society president, counselor in a ward Young Women presidency, and ward Relief Society teacher. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Douglas Eugene and June Wall.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

DANIEL: February 6, 2013

Hello I'm doing good. In Mumbai we are working really heard to find a appointments, because they are all really busy and almost all of the working.

On Saturday we went to our BML's home and ate in his home and we had our BMCM in his home.
we had wonderful Sabbath day.

We went to Cantacruze to do some finding activity. we did not find any one but we did find many Roman Catholic People. first we asked her about if we can find any Christian families and she pointed to us near to her home. while we were walking, we say many pictures of Christ and Mary. we were exited to go and I took a few steps in the colony immediately I felt some one was pulling me back it's like don't go now and my companion told me let's go back. I never felt such a feeling in my life. it was crazy and wired.

Some times I may not understand the Spirit in my life Why it telling me? but when we listen and obey we will be blessed.

That's all for this week.
Love you all,

Elder. Aruldoss   

DAVID: February 4, 2013

My week was ok.  We were locked in for two more days last week.  don't ever try to stay in the house for two days straight  it will drive you crazy like it did to me. I was so happy to go out after a while.

We have been teaching a brother named Raj.  He is a Bra-min .  these people make the BEST dall. its an Indian dish which i LOVE so much.  Anyway Bra-min is a  Hindu cast and he is the Priest for the temple in his town.  He has such a great faith in God because of that Satan tested him last week.  he went to his home town to visit his family after a long time and his family found out that he is preparing for baptism this month.  obviously his family was completely against it.  They forced him to stay with them for sometimes. We didn't get to meet him at all this week and he came to Church on Sunday and told us about it. I love this man because he is sticking to his faith and to be baptized this coming week. I am happy for this brother for making great sacrifices to follow God.  My Faith been strengthen tough Raj's experience. He is the man!! I am so excited for him to be baptized this week.  

Our mission is also struggling with missionary work.  Out baptism goal for this year is more than 1000 i don't know exact number.  So we need your prayers for the missionaries here.

I love and miss you,

Elder Aruldoss

DANIEL: January 30, 2013

How are you my friends? 

yes mom you're right the month of January went too.... fast I can't believe.

I do feel bad for David thou because he can't do anything for few weeks few the problems get worse. I will pray for him.

Let me tell you what had happened past few day in Mumbai. So I wrote to you last week and we went to an appointments. One of the wonderful lesson about we taught (Restoration). While we were teaching them (Bro. Peter, and his bro. Yahan) in the middle of the lesson the power went off. so we they had some Candle light, that is the first time on a mission we taught in the Candle light. That was fun and the spirit is the same with the light and without the light.

On Thursday I red the Scriptures some thing hit me soo.. strong from my Patriotical Blessing. "He has favored me greatly by bringing me from into Mortality from the Pre-Earth life." It made me cry because our Heavenly Father loves me so much and he wants me to help his children in this life. I love this work I know that nothing can change a man or a women other then this gospel.

On Sunday I forgot to take my Name Tag. yes, you got it elder with a suit but not his Identity.

Monday we had our District meeting. The spirit was really strong it I love it. few things that I had learned form this meeting.

1. I need to be more Specific in my Prayers.

2. Keeping His commandment more Diligently.

In the missionary work we say the Spirit is the Most important my ZL gave an example of the how can we be successful in this work. Key is the Spirit and the Lock is our obedient and our willingness to God's commandments. I totally agree with him.

On Thursday we went to see some of the areas and we talked with people. we were all too tired, because 2 1/2 hours in the bus and we took a nice nape on our way.

we came to our Church and I started to read from D&C section 58, I asked myself many times past three weeks why am I sent to Mumbai?

I want to know for my purpose so I can do His will in this part of the mission. this is the answer I received D&C 58:6-7
6 Behold, verily I say unto you, for this cause I have sent you that you might be obedient, and that your hearts might be prepared to bear testimony of the things which are to come;

7 And also that you might be honored in laying the foundation, and in bearing record of the land upon which the Zion of God shall stand;

I gave thanks to our heavenly father for the answer and went out.
yep that's all from the week. I want to tell you How much I'm grateful for each and everyone of you in my life. Thank you for your love and your support and prayers and fasting. Love you all.
Elder Aruldoss

DAVID: January 27, 2013

Wow, where do i start now.  Hyderabad is in difficult condition and many things are happening here.  We got locked in our apartment for few days because the Muslims are creating problems to the people.  I guess one of the top Muslim politician  got arrested and  his committee followers decided to break the windows of buses and etc.  The main area got effected is ours and So we had been informed to stay in for 3 days. apart from that we also had a specialized training with our Zone for two days which was really good.  So we only proselyted for two days last week.  I feel like i haven't done anything at all last week.  Nothing much happened this week.

The other bad news is that we are locked in the apartment today and possibly tomorrow as well.  There is an another issue is really big in Hyderabad.  It's call the Talangana.  Basically this city wants to be a state. As for now it is the capital of Andra Pradesh.  One half is with this and the other  half is against this Talangana issue. The conclusion of this issue is this week and either way there will be problems. there will be strikes for many days. I really don't know what gonna happen this week.  In the past Elders were locked in for two weeks because of this problem.  Pray for me!  By the grace of God i am safe and protected.

with much love

Elder Aruldoss

Elder Aruldoss with the first Patriarch in India!

DANIEL: January 23, 2013

How are you all doing? 

Thanks mom for the update on the last week. well I'm doing wonderful and healthy.

looks like David is working very heard in Hyderabad and having some fun with flying kite. That's good :)
In Mumbai it's different and heard, but it is really really fun. Different in scene more of my hometown. That's really good. I see many people speaks English I mean many people. I like that lot. it makes really easy for the missionaries to talk to them and ask them a address.

On Friday I had a wonderful personal study. I learned a lot. I decided to study about Jesus Christ in the remaining transfer. More specifically Who is Jesus Christ? What He had done for all the Human kind? Who did He say He is? and many more things. I will tell you from next week onward. I stared this study because I tell my investigators about Christ and What He had done for all of us. Some times I asked myself Do I really know who He is? That's what made me to study about Him.

Saturday we went to bro. Mahandare family and we taught his mother about Plan of Salvation. One appointment got bunked. we waited and waited for 45 minuets, and finally we received a text he needed to help his family members with some things. we went finding some area in Navi Mumbai (this means new Mumbai).

On Sunday we had wonderful Sacrament meetings. one of the members gave a talk about members and Parents' duties. He said "Heavenly Father is smiling at us (Mumbai members) when He looks at the Mumbai, because the handful of his children who are coming to church and worshiping Him. I thought to myself He is also proud of those who were there. After that we taught bro. Kepil. we taught him for three hours the Restoration and answering his question. He invited us to his home and on the next day. His home is two and half hours away from where we live. first we traveled in the Train and bus. we went to his home and watched some of the General Conference. it was spiritual and fun. we traveled back to other members' home we had a Family Home Evening. we showed them how to conduct a FHE that was wonderful experience for them and for us.

Tuesday we had our first Zone meeting in Mumbai. we had wonderful spirit there, I loved it.

that's all going on in mission life. l love you all thank you for your love and your support.


Elder Aruldoss    

DAVID: January 20, 2013

My week was wonderful.  It was a memorable week in Hyderabad for me.  This week was a big festival only the people here celebrate. It is called Sankaranti or in other words its a kite festival.  I have heard of this festival before but this is my first time witness it.   So it was really fun.  Everyone was flying their kites in the sky.  Some will go to their roof top and some to the park on this day, we even saw some guys on the street flying kites.  So I had such a good time flying kites.  MAN!! There are thousands of kites in the sky on that day.  The sky was filled with different colors.  We didn't have a kite but there was a kite flowing in the air towards us, i guess someone lost it or got ripped.  We thanked God and used that to kite. 

This week was also wonderful because we baptized a part member family.  Since i've arrived here in my new area we had the opportunity to teach them.  The family was so good and their children are very good potential missionaries in the future. The family name is Thallapally and the father got baptized in 1992, yes! long time ago and through the help of his relatives who are super strong members in the gospel, he came back to Church with his family.  I felt so special to baptize this family.  Many things are working well in our area.  It is one of the struggling branch in the Stake, so this really boosted the branch members.  It is also hard to take the members on exchange.  So i really believe that we woke the members in the ward to help the missionaries.  our area is also so huge and we spent majority of our time traveling.  Talking about traveling we had to travel to the air port for couple of times.  We are also in charge of picking up the new elders from the air port.  It is also an hour travel. I got sick of traveling long distance. 

The missionary work is the best and i am lovin it!!  I know God understands my desire.  I have a strong desire to help this Ward and He has blessed me with much success on my mission.  Nothing brings happiness to me than seeing a family becoming a part of  the Zion here in India.  I love it so much.


Elder Aruldoss