Sunday, February 24, 2013

DANIEL: January 16, 2013

Well, finally we arrived in Mumbai last Saturday. immediately we started hitting the heat because past couple of months we were freezing in Delhi, all the sudden we were sweating. But the good thing is we are really close to the ocean that's a very good thing because we get a wonderful evenings everyday. I love it.
we traveled for two hours in the air and another two hours in a car and finally we came to our apartment. we did not have anythings it was so empty. immediately we started to clean up. After that we went to eat out side we couldn't find any thing finally we ran in to a small street side food and we had that for Lunch. it was really good and little expensive.
we went to shopping for food because we the next day is Sunday. went to our church first we did not know what bus we need to take and what is the bus stop name is so all the elders started to walk to our church it is about twenty minutes walk, asking everyone for our church adders it was fun and really existing for all of us. We talked with the church gourde. my companion and other elder and I we were slept in the church. That was the first time I slept in the church .

I was so exited to see the members in the Branch in the Mumbai. we had 29 members who came to church it was fun to see few faithful members in this state. The members were too exited to see us. This state never had the full time missionaries I'm so grateful for this few members who are willing to follow the Gospel by seeing them I felt comforted and happy.

 After church we taught our first lesson in Mumbai about Prayer and Scripture study. His name is bro.Kapil. this brother has been waiting for us past three months so we can come to Mumbai and to teach him. I'm grateful for him and his faith and willingness to know and to follow the Savior.  I call him as a golden investigator. On the same day all the missionary invited to a dinner appointment Bro. Praveen's family.

Monday our companionship did a exchange with our zone leader (E.Vuppada). We both had learned many things together. we learned where to go and where not to ITL and one of the biggest christian colony. we came to our apartment and disused with our companionship what we had learned about the area and many more things.

yep these are the things happening in Mumbai.
Love you all.

Elder Aruldoss 


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