Sunday, February 24, 2013

DAVID: January, 13, 2013

We had a baptism of brother named sunil.  He struggled with many problems and all of his family are members of the Church except him.  So it was a joyful day for us and for his family.  He overcame all of his struggles and made the baptism convents with God.  That is such a blessing for me to witness it.  So far we are working with the referrals from the members.  We  have a part member family will be baptized this week.  The children are very smart and speak English.  We have been working with them for few weeks. This week will be good week for us.  The members in my ward are basically very old, means they've been members for long time.  It is really hard to get them to come on exchange with us. 

As we were walking one day, there was a random guy who started to stare at my companion. Soon he start chasing after us.  We start running away from him and quickly crossed the road.  That man was full drunk.  It was so funny.

I am enjoying my mission and love it.

With so much love,

Elder Aruldoss

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