Sunday, September 30, 2012

DAVID: September 24, 2012

Mom thanks for that wonderful Video of Leah and Zade and a nice dance of Courtney. By watching that video my face had a big smile the whole time. I absolutely loved it.  I miss the babies so much.  I also want to play with them. Leah is such a cute girl and Zade is a handsome boy. I am so glad that all are healthy and having a happy time.

I spend most of the week in Bangalore.  We had a specialized training for the District and zone leaders.  The trainings were all focused on planning (daily and Weekly) and having an effective District meetings.  We didn't prosylate while we were there because there was a big Hindu festival happened.  I had to travel Erode to Bangalore alone and the ride was about 4 hours.  I reached Bangalore about 11:30 pm and i didn't know where to go and i still don't know where i got down.  However, an expensive auto ride took me safely where i wanted to go.  I was glad to come back to Erode to do the work. 

I have a testimony that God has been preparing people to receive the gospel. Last two weeks my companion and i were spending lots of time search and calling people from the former investigators.  Among them one brother named Rajan who was taught by the investigators years ago.  So i found him and contacted him.  He told us to come to his house on Saturday.  So  we did meet with him and his wife and had a good discussion about the principle of Prayer.  He told us that he will come to Church.  I was so happy for this Rajan family.  On Sunday he came to Church at the end of the Elders Quarm class.  The after the Church was over i noticed that he was talking to my convert Sivakumar in the sacrament hall. So i went up to him and asked Sivakumar if he knew brother Rajan.  I was so surprised of what he told me.  He said  that "Yes! elder i know him and he is my best friend."  Then i found out that they worked together in a company for long time.  I knew that it was all part of God's plan to bring that brother to Church and meet my convert.  I know that the Angles are preparing the people for the Gospel everywhere.  I am grateful for this wonderful experience.  I know that God and his beloved son Jesus Christ Loves each of us.  God's Gospel is restored today!!  I know it with all my heart.


Elder Aruldoss

DANIEL:September 19, 2012

Read the September issue of the India New Delhi Mission here.

My dear family and friends

How are you all doing in these days? Thank you for all the up dates on every thing. We have been working much heard to find some more investigators. The headrest part is not many people can speak English in Delhi. Keep trying and keep working on the chosen that the God has placed before us.

Other companionship found a wonderful family they are from Tamil nadu. I had a wonderful chance to meet them two days ago. There is no words can describe this family. They have a faith not a normal faith like other investigators. I wish you guys are here to see this wonderful family. The brother is physically challenged but he memorized most of the bible but they are really receptive and willing to lesson to the missionaries. He was borne Hindu but converted to Christianity. There parents casted him out because his belief but he still had the faith in God now he is in good place and enjoying the blessings. His wife in other hand is a wonderful women one who understood the importance of Motherhood. I love that family so much when ever I see that family I want to have faith like him. After seeing this person, I truly came to know what is a faith?

We are working with a brother who is a part member family. His baptism supposed to happen last week but it postponed to the 30th of this months. There is much reason the main one is he not coming to church.

Other then that nothing is new.   

I want to tell you thank you very much mother for the updates on very things
Dad we found a basketball and tennis court we go on Wednesdays (P-day) to play games today we went and played I was on fire. Keep practicing dad.

Love you all have a wonderful week and missing you all.

President. Sackley wants to have a personal study and Companionship study and Weekly planning with us tomorrow I exited. I will let you know what’s happened next week.

We ITL-ing (invite to learn) so we can find some people.

Elder Aruldoss 

DAVID: September 17, 2012

This week was full of ups and downs.  There is a CSI (Church of South India) Church near our investigators home and many members are less active in our Church bur active in that CSI church.  All are going there each week.  We have been teaching them to come back to the Restored and true Church.  We also have some part members with baptism date.  But what happened they all went to that Church this week.  I was so frustrated with them and worked so hard to bring them to Church but they didn't come.  So we went to their house to after Church to figure out what we want to do with them.  I spoke with them and they said that their pasters are scolding them for coming to our church.  They are  basically asking the church to give money to come to church.  They understand that the Church is restored but hesitating to come.  They are also stating many other reasons.  we did all that we could but they maid a choice.  I felt really sad for this group of people who lives near that Church.  We can not do anything about it for these people. 

One day we went to sister Mecia's house, one of the part members lives there and helped her wash the dishes and dry them out.  I enjoyed that experience very much.  I also shared my experience of washing dishes once a week.  My coverts Naveen and Arun received their Aaronic Priesthood this week.  The parents loved witnessing that.  I love being a missionary and serving others.

I found out that my companion is a great cook.  We have been eating lunch in the apartment since he arrived.  He cooks for 4 elders and we all eat together.  The food is so Tasty! MOM, you are missing out the Indian food.  On Saturday we cooked Chicken fry with Rotti.  It was unbelievably delicious. I really thank God for Indian food.  I am enjoying my hard times and my good times here.  Apostle said that "Perfect love casteth out fear."

Sorry that the kids are moving out to another house.  I am sure that you would like them to stay. I miss you all so much and with much love.

Elder Aruldoss

DANIEL: September 12, 2012

Hello my dear Families and Friends

How are you all doing in these days? I’m doing wonderful and amazing in our branch. I had learned many things in this past week. I been reading the Book of Mormon and learning much about the goodness of God and His plan for his children and especially for my life. My personal study had taught me how should I read the scriptures and reading is not enough the most important part is to apply the things that I learned.

I also have been learning about the church history of the world. Wow no words can describe the sacrifices of the people in the old. My heard was swelled with love for the pioneer of our church. Like the Book of Mormon tells us to “stand tall at all times, all things and in all places” this is the great example for this statement. I love this work what we as a Missionaries do it is the greatest work that man can do. it is a blessing to bless others’ life and also it is a responsibility to all of our members of the church to spread the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yesterday we had a child baptism in our branch it was one of the spiritual baptism I ever attended in my life. His name is Eathen. His grandma came to the front of the congregation and told us a story. She said when she was a small her mother told her about one thing “when you whisper to a baby’s ears some things he or she will listen to them. When Eathen was a baby his grandma told him “welcome to our family and I want you to be a good missionary” this really touched my heart deep in side what a wonderful grandma who wants to bless her grandson by helping him to be a missionary. Now he is eight years old one day one of his teacher asked the class what do they want to be in the future everyone answered different ways except Eathen answer I want to be a missionary. The teacher was confused few days later the teacher asked Eathen’s mother what is the meaning of you son want to be a missionary? Eathen’s mother had the opportunity to explain about the missionary work. I thought to myself what a stud of a kid. I was overwhelmed by his dedication for this great work. I truly love this work. I’m glad I decided to come on his mission it truly changed my life and blessed me.

Love you all

Elder Aruldoss   

DAVID: September 10, 2012

This week was slow for us.  We had little tough time finding new investigators and my companion's leg is getting better.   He is awesome to do the Lords work even during the tough time (his leg injury) he is a great example to me.

In my  branch there are many wonderful members. One of them is Mehala and Mani family.  Between them there are some misunderstandings and got separated almost a year ago.  We have tired so much to help them
to get back together.  One day we took our branch president to talk to sister Mehala about her family and the situation and we could be as a family together forever.  After our discussion she said that "I want more time to think about it"  So we gave her some time to think and pray about what she should do. This family has beautiful daughters about 6 and 3 years of ages.  I love them very much.  However they are also separated because of the parents.

One day during my personal study i got a phone call from branch president.  He said that Mehala cofessed her faults and wants to be with her husband and the children.  So we called Mehala and mani to Church.  My companionship and the branch president sat together with them and discussed with them about their future and most importantly their childrens future.  The good news is that both want to live together again.  I also shared my life's experence with them of how my family was like them.  They understand the purpose of family and i know that i am not the only one who is happy but our Heavely Father as well.  Satan is really there is destroy the family, but we have the wonderful restored gospel.  I know that the Lucifer can not shake the foundation which is built upon the ROCK which is the gospel.  The gospel is true and i know that family can be together even after this life and greatful to share this with my brothers and sisters in India.

Thank you so much for your prayers.

WIth much love

Elder Aruldoss

DANIEL: September 5, 2012

Dear families and Friends

How are you? I’m doing wonderful. I’m so grateful for every one of you. I love you all. Thank you for your prayers I really appreciated. Will thank you mom for the updates on every thing. I’m a District leader and Training a new elder from Nepal (Elder Bogati). It is rally a blessing to be a trainer. What I learned is when you get a callings from the church not we great or we are good at but God want us to learn from that calling. Not easy but it’s fun and learning opportunity for me to learn from that person. The funny thing is He haven’t gone to MTC probably I’m the first one to train a elder who never been in MTC or other way around he is the first one to come to the field and go to the MTC. By the way he is not call to this mission he is call to Europe do to his visa he is here. He is the only member in his family and he has made lots of sacrifices in his life to come on a mission. I’m glade he did that because this will bless his life.  Some this it’s really heard for me because he hasn’t been in MTC. He knows the materials but too exited to teach to the people. Other then that he is a wonderful elder.

Patent pays off family. Finally we found some investigators to teach this wonderful Gospel and we have Baptism date the 16th of this month. I’m so exited for this brother (Abishak) is a part member family. I know how much it will bless his life and his future because it blessed me. We are working with another investigators’ name is Kuldeep. He is really really rich person I know that’s doesn’t matter. The wonderful thing is really humble and will to lesson to us. He is a pure Hindu. Last week he called me and told me he wants to learn about God and Jesus Christ. I was so happy because God prepares those people to place them in our paths.

We been doing lots of finding in our area we got another referrals from another member we are going to meet them this Saturday. They are also part members.

This is want I learned form this experience some time we thing to ourselves why am I going through this tough time but if we are endure will and continually have faith in God and His son Christ we will be blessed.

Thank you, for your love and support and most importantly your prayers.

Love you all

Elder Aruldoss      

DAVID: September 3, 2012

It was a crazy week.  I had the opportunity to go back to my previous area to drop off my former companion elder Smoot and to pick up my new companion.  Elder Smoot and i had a wonderful time together here in Erode.  My new companion name is Aeshamala from Hyderabad.  He is such a nice elder. In his previous area he met with an accident and hurt his leg.  So he can't use the cycle for while so i have been taking him in my cycle.  He is so heavy to pull but happy to have this experience in my life.  This Elder was trained by elder Hodgson whom  i trained in Rajahmundy.  I am so happy to work with him.  Please pray for his leg.  He is the only one member of the Church in his family and he made a big sacrifice to come on a mission.

We also received a news that those elders who speak the native language could teach in their native language. This is how it is going to work. When we get a member referrals or part members who don't speak English, we could teach them in Tamil.  my companion is not speaking Tamil.  I will  have to translate what my companion is teaching.  they are doing this so that the members won't have to translate the things that we teach.  They wants us to take the members to bare their testimony and help out maybe part of the teachings that we do.

yes!! i have completed 13 months of my mission and i can tell that it went super fast.  I have learned a lot in these months.   I am glad to be on mission to serve my King.  All i know is that the sacrifice that i make is so worth it. We are working with lots of investigators and i have a great Faith that this month will be a good month for my companionship.

I want to tell this or post this on the wall board of 9th ward. so the members could read it.

My Dear loving brothers and sisters and friends of 9t ward.  I was so pleased to be in the best ward (9th ward) in Gilbert stake. I am thankful to each one of you for your love and support to me and my brother.  Each of you have a special place in my heart.  I have grown up to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and to serve him with all my pleasure is a previllage. I am thankful for that. members here in India are doing great  I love each of you.  (3 Nephi 13:33)

I love you and thankful to you.

Elder Aruldoss

DANIEL: August 30, 2012

Dear family and friends

How are you all? I’m doing wonderful in our area. We got a transfer calls yesterday will I’m staying in the same area but I’m getting a new companion from Nepal. That’s all I know about him other then he is call to serve in Europe and He will be staying with me for a transfer and He haven’t got to MTC.

We are still looking for some investigators we will see what will happen in this week. Doing finding a lot and asking referrals to out members. Yesterday was raining very heard do to that we did not have a power in our area so that why we asked permission from our mission president and we all mailing today.

We also played Basketball yesterday. It was fun finally in a long time I got the opportunity to play b-ball.

I been reading the Book of Mormon recently I had learned many doctrines and principles it is truly word of God. It is for our times to help us to prepare us for the Lord’s second coming. I love that book. Pray for me please.

Love you all

Elder Aruldoss  

DAVID: August 27, 2012

This week i had good things and bad things happened.  We baptized two brothers.  I told you about them last week.  it was a great experience for us.  President and sister Funk came to our branch and they loved the baptism service.  The mother and Father of the family will be baptized next month.  The bad news is that my beloved companion is leaving me.  It was a surprise transfer for us.  He is going to my previous area.  It was wired that his training is not even completed.  he was all sort of sad. right after the baptism service  they announced that elder Smoot is transfer.  We all sung Hymn 152.  he started crying during his testimony and all the members gave him hugs and told him not to cry.  I had such a great time with him and my new companion is from hydrabad and been out for 5 months.  I think Heavenly father gave me a small break from Training.  I have been training since i was trained.  I love training!!

One Funny experience: We are teaching a Hindu family and we taught them how to say the Prayer.  So at the end of the lesson i invited the husband to give the benediction.  He was so hesitant and said that i don't know how to pray.  By the way many people say this here even after teaching the 3 steps to prayer.  So he wanted me to say it and next time he will say it.  So to remember the prayer he started to record my prayer in his phone.  It was pretty funny.  New experience that i never had on my mission.  I will be getting my new companion this week and this elder name is Husmala (He was trained by an elder that i trained in Rajahmandry. ). This place Erode is a great place to do missionary work. I love being here every minute of it.

With much Love Elder Aruldoss

Friday, September 21, 2012

DAVID: August 19, 2012

My dear family.

With God's grace i am doing well and had two baptisms last week.  We had been working with them for long time and finally they were baptized. After baptism sister Ruthnirmala bore a great testimony which really touched  my heart.  She said that the Church is true and it is the true Church of Jesus Christ. This week we have two other baptisms. Two brothers named Naveen and Arun.  Naveen was drinking Coffee since he was little and doesn't like to drink milk.  But after teaching the Word of Wisdom, he compeletely stopped the Coffee and now drinking milk only.  It was a great decisions that he maid in his life.  I am so proud of these two brothers.  My convert brother Sivakumar family said hello to our family.  We taught them about the temples and They really liked the lesson.  He said that "I thought you just gave me the Hong Kong temple picture to hang it on our wall, but i understand the significance of the Temple, Thanks Elders."  It will be a spacial time whenever  i talk about the Temples.  I love and miss going to the Lord's house.

My mission president is coming to our branch this coming week and it seems like they are going to split the branch into two. Many great things are going to happen this coming weeks. I love being a missionary.


Elder Aruldoss

DANIEL: August 8 & August 15, 2012

August 8

Dear families and friends

How are you? Will I’m doing wonderful and amazing. Except my companion had tooth pain last week so we found out what causing the pain it was wisdom teeth was causing the pain. Will he had surgery last week, but I went on an exchange with members. It was not a bad week for us lots of finding in this area but nothing is working. Sometimes I’m frustrated and disappointed with myself because I’m not shore if I needed to do better at ITL ing or what?

We had wonderful fast and Testimony meeting in our branch in Vasant Vihar. Sister Sonia stood and board her testimony and she thanked Elder. Krishna Velu and Me because that time we were three sum. I had the opportunity to teach that sister. I’m grateful for the testimony she bored and I also realized on His mission there is no word or anything can replace when you lesson to your convert’s testimony.

Trying to find some people to teach and keep out self busy. Pray for us plzzzz… thank you for you love and support.

love you all thank you for your love and your prayer.

Elder Aruldoss

August 15th

Hello family and friends

How are you? I’m doing wonderful in this branch, learning a lot of things in here. Today is we had so much fun with our Vasant Vihar 2nd Branch. I love this branch for many reason one of the reasons is they really know how to enjoy in the Gospel. I love working in this branch because leaders wants to help the branch to grow in our area.

I learned few things in this one year. I want to share it with you all.

The first thing is what is mission? And what do we do as a missionary? Mission is not easy but it is worth it to stick with it. When we work hard and trust God we will be happy. The second question is what do we do? We invite all to come unto Christ. Like a Lehi who invited to partake to “Fruit” that same way we do it. We invite and it is up to them if they want to eat the fruit or not.

The second thing is BEING OBEDIENT. Like in D&C tells us “What you sow that’s what you will reap.” It is soooooo….. True because when I’m obedient I saw God’s hand in this Great work. And also I learned some times we may not reap what we had sow in our life but we being patient in all things is a very good thing. God wants us to be patient to the things will come in the future in life. David told me on my second week on His mission “OBEDIENT IS THE KEY TO SUCCES” I would like to add IN LIFE (D&C 130:20-21).

The third thing is success. I thing this word helps us to see what kind of person we are? For an example some people have the definition like this “if you have money you are success in life” I have my own definition as a missionary my success is when I make someone happy on that day. Every week I think of the people who were happy because of me. That’s when true happiness comes in my life. Having baptism and having ten investigators in the church is very good. But that does not define a missionary.

The forth thing is Families How important is the family in our life? Will families are the most important units in our life. I came to know how much we need to appreciate our family members in my life. I want to thank my family members in my life because of you what they have done in my life. They helped me in many ways and loved me in many ways. I’m grateful for you all thank you So much. Thank you for your great examples in my life.

The last but not the least is CHURCH. Church is very important in my life because going to church is changed my life and helped me to feel the LORD’s love for me and whosoever around me. Going to church helped me to see what Christ had done for me personally, helped me to love others, to have higher standards, to have wonderful friends, most importantly to see God’s plan for me and my families.

Thank you all thank you for everything you have done in my life.


Elder Aruldoss   

DAVID: August 13, 2012

Funny thing to tell you, when i went to the photo shop to print out the pictures of our family.  The shop owner asked me if he could hang  one of the pictures of our family on the wall of his shop. I said that is fine.  He has many other families and their photos handing in his studio.  So MOM is that OK?, i gave him the permission to hang our family picture.  If not let me know. 

My branch is really growing in many ways which i am really happy about.  We are also excepting two baptisms this coming week.  The sisters are Ruthnirmala and Sheeba. They had been coming to Church for more than a month.  I am really excited for them.  In the beginning the mother didn't excepted to be baptized.   It was a hard work on our side to help her understand the Gospel.  The good news is  that they speak really good English.  They will be great members of the Church.   This sisters husband ran away from her many years ago.

India Bangalore Mission reached 89 baptisms last month which is the highest ever in India in a month.  The missionaries are doing really good here.  We will have more success than last year and many good things are going to happen.  This shows that there are many people are ready for the gospel and many others preparing to receive it.  I love the Church and i know that it is so true.  Missionary work NEVER gets tired for me because it brings me so much happiness and joy in my life and the lives of others.  Such a great blessing to help some one receive the Restored Gospel.

With much Love 

Elder Aruldoss

DAVID: August 6, 2012

This week was really bad for my companion.  He was sick for 4 days and i stayed with him the whole time and didn't able to proselyte.  He is doing much better now and almost to his full health.  We did set up some families with baptism date for this month.  I am way!!! excited for this month.

Sunday testimony meeting was so powerful and many members bore a solid testimony including my convert Sivakumar who was baptized last week. This family is sooooo good.  i love them so much.  Many of my investigators has one concern in common.  It is drinking of Coffee and Tea problem.  This one brother bore a great testimony and said our Heavenly Father is ready to bless us.  He has bucket full of flowers ready to throw on our head.  When we read scriptures He drops one flower on head and when we pray He drops another flower head, But when we keep the commandments fully, then he drops the full bucket on our head.  I really like this a lot. This brother's testimony really toughed my Heart. When we keep the commandments God, our heavenly Father Bless us so much.  My companion and i are ready to Rock this week. We are both are tired of staying in the apartment and IT 'S TIME TO WORK!!!! this area is ready to well ready to harvest.

My branch is also improved a ton.  Slowly the less actives also coming to Church and this is a great news. Soon the branch will be divided into two branches. I am so excited to see the branch growth.  The branch members are so good helping us in this work. I am so excited to be on a mission at this time.  gospel is True!! everywhere.

I miss you and convey my love to everyone.  I love to and thank you for all your prayers.

Elder Aruldoss

DANIEL: August 1, 2012

Dear families and friends

Wow where do I start? Past Sunday we had wonderful sacrament meeting in our Vasant Vihar, while we had this meeting the power went off. It was dark for a while; it was a new experience for me that day. I’m happy for the monsoon season that you are getting that’s good. How is everyone in our family? I will diffidently pray for Jill and her baby. I received mail form 9th ward. It is good to read other missionaries form our word and looks like they are doing will. 
Will last few days we did not have power in our apartments. Thank goodness today we do have power? With the power we couldn’t get good sleep and with our sleep days are not good. Almost seven states out of power. Now is the monsoon season in New Delhi. Last two weeks we had been getting lots of rain in hear.

Last Monday we had our District meeting, it was wonderful. In our District we have eight elders, including Zone leader and Assistants. In this area is really hard to find and to baptize people in because we live in the Embassy area.

Thursday we had second specialized training. It was wonderful. Our mission President and Sister Sackley they are great and they are learning lot of things, because they are new to this country.
Sister. Sackley told us what Prophet. Thomas S. Monson had told them.

1.      Show How not tell How?
2.      Member missionary program (using the right members in the teaching and the discussions).
3.      Show love and respect the leaders in the church.
4.      We should love others not shoal (our main goals is to get the missionary work in the members’ soul).

President. Sackley talked about REAL GROWTH
How real growth is important in our missionary life.
He said “Nothing happens until YOU do something about it”

Last week I decided to fast and pray for our teaching river because we had been finding lot in this area. Unfortunately we have been finding 30% ers (people who don’t keep the commitments). Finally the Lord helped us to find one family. We are working with them. They are wonderful family of one boy and two girls and father and mother. Whenever I fasted in my life. He always provided the way or given me what I asked HIM. I’m so grateful for my Heavenly Father and His love and support in my life.

We had family home evening yesterday; with YSA and Branch missionaries in our branch we watch Puss and Boots. It was funny movie.

Love you all thank you for your love and your support. Miss you all

 Elder Aruldoss  


DAVID: July 30, 2012

Guess what everyone. 

Today is my one year mark.  I have completed one year.  Half way around the world!!  You might ask how i feel about this.  I feel wonderful and special to serve the Heavenly Father and my Savior for one year.  The time went sooooo fast.  I am even more excited for the next half to serve the Heavenly Kings.  I am so happy to be on a mission.  Those who serve a mission is truly a blessing. I am so greatful for it.
Guess what?  My companion and i had 5 baptisms last week. I had mentioned those names last week.  It was one of my memorable day of my mission.  It is truely a privilege to teach and baptize the Sivakumar family.  It was a wonderful day for them also.  Their happiness was inexpressible.  Pre.Funk was there with his wife as well as area president of the Asia Watson.  It was a perfect day to baptize them.  We also had 18 investigators at the Sacrament last week whchi is my new record of investigators attending Church.  My area is prepared by the Angels of God to receive the Gospel.  I pray for Danny to find people to teach.  We have many more baptism coming for newt month and my companion Elder Smoot is really motivated and said  "lets do smart missionary work."  He is also helping me a lot here.  I couldn't do anything without him.  I will send you pictures soon.  The Gospel is true and it is for families who wants to follow it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DAVID: July 23, 2012

Last week was so good.  We did lots of finding in some areas that we haven't done anything. It was little tough for us. Apart from that we have been preparing a family for baptism since we got to this area and they are plan to be baptized  this coming week.  When this happens this will be my first time that i will be baptizing a full family of 4 members.  We have planned to baptize 5 people including that family.  Please pray for us.  We have so many people to teach and there are other families who are preparing for baptism next month.  I am very lucky to serve here!!  Week from today it will be my one year mark since i came on my mission. My time goes so fast!!

We taught a less active sister named Mayhala.  This sister and her husband are members, but living separately. She has two daughters.  One is living with mother and other is with father.  I thought of my boyhood life and my family was kind of in a simile situation. I shared my story with this sister and encouraged her to come to Church. She hasn't come to Church for 8 months.  The Husband and wife had some misunderstand and the husband didn't treat the wife with love. So for this reason they were separated.  During Sunday, i saw the husband came with one daughter, it seems like he is a good man.  The wife also came to Church with the other daughter. So they both sat in different places.  I was observing all these. So the mother let her daughter to sit with her husband.  She is such a nice sister.  The dad gave a priceless smile at her and embraced her closely.  Such a cute seen. I wish you could have been there. I pray that they will soon resolve all the concerns and be united again. The Gospel is for the FAMILIES and I am so thankful to help this sister.  I am so enjoying my mission having such a  wonderful experiences like this one.

Love you. Elder Aruldoss.

DANIEL: July 25, 2012 & July 18, 2012

July 25th

Dear Family and Friends

How are you? I’m doing great. Thank you mom for the update on everything and the slideshow. I can’t believe that David will be finishing his year mark, it’s crazy. Will time does too fast. Like I said this is the one of the area hard to find and to teach, my companion and I working very hard to find some people to teach. We do have Lots of finding and Door knocking in this area, I love it because I haven’t done that because we are 100% referral mission. It is good to experience new things in this area.
By the way I have a new companion from Hydropath, his name is Elder. Gobbala. He is helping me with many things and good person.

I'm doing wonderful. We been struggling with 70% ers we have investigators who want to come to church but other than that doesn't want to do anything else. My companion and I working together to find and ITL ing people who ever we see on the street. 

Another hand I had never been a district leader now I'm a district leader in the second branch. It is a humbling and learning experience for me so far. I have been learning may things because of this calling and it helping me to fulfill my responsibility to God and my district. I have been praying to God for the spirit so I can serve my district mates. I also came to know some of my weaknesses; I'm working very hard to overcome them. Now I know God gave me this calling to help me and when I'm strong then I can help my brothers and sisters better. 

Two days ago I went one of the brothers who serve with David. His name is Kartik. Now he is our BML. In his family everyone is a member of the church except his mom. We went to their home and we had wonderful lesson. We taught them about Faith and Repentance and Family. How we have the responsibilities to God first and to others? The spirit was so strong in that moment.  

I want to thank my family members for helping me to understand the responsibilities. I also want to thank my brothers and sisters at home for setting me a good examples I love you guys. I miss you all.

One of my friends FROM PAKISTAN sends me this I want you to read this statement.

What is a true friend? A true friend says what they think their friend needs to hear even when they know that their friend may get angry. A true friend doesn't leave because they are afraid to be with you. A true friend doesn't leave when the fun stops and things get uncomfortable There are just of few of the values that real friends hold dear. In short, A true friend recognizes the value of the friendship and holds it sacred.

Think about this ARE WE BEING A TRUE FRIEND? I want to thank my friends. They helped me and not only happy time and uncomfortable time. Love you guys.

Thank you for your love and your support.

Elder Aruldoss 

July 18th

Dear family and friends

Yes mom I almost read three to four times my patriarchal blessing, sometimes I astonished because some of them came true in HIS mission. I’m also happy for abbey because she went to EFY. I shore she will enjoy and will learn lot from EFY. It truly changed my life.
Thank you for the inside mom I haven’t red yet but I will print and will read in my apartment.
How are you? I’m doing wonderful we have a transfer meeting this week most likely My companion will be transferred. I don’t know who my companion is but I will know today night. 

I have been working heard in this new area. Last week I had huge stress because when I thought about my investigators and my members. Epically we did not have any investigators to teach, we been looking for people to teach. Pray for me.

I know this gospel hear to help us in this world without this we would be nothing.

Love you all thank you for your love and your support.


DAVID: July 16, 2012


That means Hello!!

I had a great week.  All i know is that there are many people here prepared for the gospel.  This coming week we have a baptism.  The candidates name is Chandra. Her only problem is that she has little Word of Wisdom problem of drinking Coffee. She is really trying to stop it.  I am so happy for her effort to stop that habit. Then the following week we have a family of four, who is taking baptism.  I am so excited for them.  This family is really a gift from God.  there are doing so good. We also had many people attended Church (14), this is my new record.   I love this place Erode. There are loving members and sweet investigators.  I love this place!!  We are working with the branch to activate as much less active members as possible.  We taught a brother, who works in an orphanage.  We taught him the Restoration and he wanted to take the baptism, which is great.  So this Sunday he brought the full orphanage to Church and we didn't have enough seats inside for them.  So we took them to the primary room and kept them for 1st full hour. I did not baby sit them this time and i for bunch of YSA and told them to take care of those kids.  There were about 10 to 12 came to Church.

I am glad that abbey went to EFY and YES!!!!!!!!! it was my turning point of my life.  I vividly remember everything and i often reflect on my memories.  I do read my Patriarchal blessing and it is truly my Liahona.  I love it so much.

Glad to be on a mission and learning life's valuable lessons.  Love my mission and expressing my love and gratitude for preparing me to be a disciple of Christ.  I do KNOW this Gospel is TRUE.

I love you and think of you Often.

Elder Aruldoss

DANIEL: July 11, 2012

Dear families and Friends

How are you all? I am doing will. We are getting some rain in our area it is really nice to have some rain because it is really HOT. We sweat lot end of the day we are socked and in your word mom we are “sweaty bums.” That’s why it is good to have some rain in Delhi.

I’m glad you are enjoying the temple prep class. Mom last week I gave some names for you to take it to the temple did you do it mom if you didn’t do please do that for me mom. Thanks.

we had wonderful week this past week and also record setting week for the second Branch, because we had 139 members came to church last week. We are happy with the result but not satisfied. We can do better always.

I had wonderful experience past week. My companionship really struggling with finding investigators so on fast and testimony Sunday I really fasted for some of our investigators and a prompting came to me go to sector seven on that day I ignored it, the second day the same prompting once again I ignored, the same prompting for four days finally my companion and I decided to go and when I went to that place. We found a wonderful family. They been taught by elders past nine years but we are building good relationship with that family and they are really nice. We are helping them to realize the importance of the Gospel in their life. I love the family. They could be wonderful members in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We also found a lost sheep I don't know why most of the lost sheep are coming to us because this is not the first time. I will do my best to rescue them, because that's what Jesus will do if He is hear.

I had been thinking about the past eleven months it went too fast. I also been thinking about how can I better myself and what are the goals that I needed to accomplish and needed to improve in order to help people. While I was thinking a thought came to my mind Elder Aruldass you can catch the past but you can catch the future.

I also been reading the conference talks it is a wonderful to read and to pander the things that are written. When I read “the merciful will obtain mercy” I was shamed and also got the idea that I need to improve and if I want to be a good priesthood holder I needed to change some of the things that I do and say about others. I had learned many things from that talk.

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to teach the Elders Quorums. It was fun and kind of disappointed because when I was teach the class no one was answering the questions and kind of felt like I was the one who is speaking in that room. I been twisting and trying to change my teachings so people can feel the spirit more. I learned one things that is OBEDIENT when we are as members do our best to follow the Savior Jesus Christ. The spirit will come if we don’t we will not have the spirit.

Love you all thank you for you love and support

Elder Aruldoss   

DAVID: July 9, 2012

My dear family, 

I had an awesome week. We had our Zone conference last week and  we spent couple of days in Bangalore.  The trainings and the practices were pretty good.  I enjoyed my time with all the missionaries.  I felt like it was a missionary reunion. 

The family that i told you about last is doing well.   Thanks!! for your prayers.  We also did a service project for this family on Saturday.  It was a great turnout.  The wonderful members assisted us in this project.  We also found some new families to teach and this place, Erode is a wonderful place and  lots of Christian are here.  There are many members here aren't coming to Church and we are really working hard to activate them.  We already found several of the families.  We are having lots of help from the auxiliary leaders from the branch.

Today: we took some members on a hike to a famous Hindu mountain.  They have a hindu temple on the top of the mountain.  It was the tallest mountain in Erode.  It was fun to climb up to the top of that mountain.  I could see the full valley of Erode.  Because this hike was dangerous to climb up, they had an iron rod,so that we could hold on to climb up.  This reminded me of the Lehi's dream and how many held the iron rod and was saved.  I was glad to hold on to that Iron rod and got up to that mountain safely.

WIth much love

Elder Aruldoss

DANIEL: July 4, 2012

Hello families and friends

How are you doing? This week was one of my favorite week and also little sad, because my old president. Jackson is gone home. I love them a lot and our new mission president. Sackley came to India. He is from Canada; he is really cool and really friendly to all the missionaries. They are getting used to the time difference, culture and the big one is the weather in India.

I had interview with him yesterday it was fun and leaned some good things from him. Sister Sackley is really cool. She is really tall.

I had two spiritual experiences that I would like to share with all of you. Lately my companion and I struggling with investigators but we found some they are all struggling with the family problems. Last two weeks I had been so upset with my investigators because they had told me they will come to church and they been bunking us last three weeks. I fasted and prayed for them. I was upset while I was doing all these things.

What we did on Monday we did not visit them because it we wanted them to call us because we call them. The next day early in the morning we got a call from sister. Puja she asked us to come over and visit her family. We started finding in the morning and finally we went her home. When we entered her home we saw new face and we told her what we do?  Why we are hear in the north part on India, and she did the same
We sat an appointment with her and now we started to talked to sister. Puja we asked why she did not come to church? And what happened on Sunday? She said because her husband she did not come to church. We talked for a little bit and we encouraged her to come to church. She said I will come for shore and another sister said she will bring her and she will come with her on this Sunday.

What did I learned form this experiences will being Patent is good things some times we need to trust God and his timing.

Another experience is a last night while I’m sleeping. I was thinking about my investigators’ problems I had a thought about temple. I asked God how I should help these people. A thought came to my mind write down the people’s names and give it to you to take it to the temple. 

I love this gospel and I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve God and in my own country.

Love you all

Elder Aruldoss     

DANIEL: June 27, 2012

Dear families and Friends

I’m really sorry for not writing you last week. I went to see some of the members from other area, and it was fun.
Thursday I taught English class, visited some of our investigators and members.  f
riday we went to our investigator’s home and that’s where my my spiritual experience is past week I had the chance to teach about “Plan of Salvation” to one of our investigators.

I had never taught in any language to any person other then English. One of our investigators did not understood the lesson what we do we taught in Tamil. I’m not really good at speaking in Tamil, but I have no Idea how the words came in my mouth like that. Another occasion two days ago I had the chance to speak to one of the Hindi person. I  ITL ed that person in Hindi. I was amazed with one thing that is God’s purpose will be accomplished no matter what? My mission president gave a talk in his last District Conference. He talked about one question that is why bad things happened to good people. I would like to share with you some insides. He said “some times in life we will not reap what we sowed in life” I was gave some thoughts to this sentences, you know that is facts that what he had told us.
“He also told us God did not pre plan every thing in our life.” We bring every thing into our life through our choices or in another word God given us agency to choose it is up to us if we want to choose happiness or sadness. He told what the things that especial to Him and his life.
     1.   Being obedient.     2.   Family is the most important units.
     3.  Paying Tithing shows our love and willingness to God.     4.  The Book of Mormon shows us how much God loves His children and it shows the truthfulness of the Bible.     5.  We are especial to Him because we are the pioneers to the coming generations.     6.  Temples     7.  Last but not the least our Savior Jesus Christ.

Yesterday we had the chance of hear from our mission president. Jackson in our specialized training. He had learned some important principles. I would like to share these things with you all.
God’s work is bring us back to Him (Moses 1:39). So what is our work in this world? In D&C 11: 20 tells us. Our job is to be Obedient to the commandments of God. That’s our job, when we are obedient to Him. He blesses us and we can become like our Savior that’s our job.
 In Matthew 5:48 tells us we need to be perfect. What is the meaning of Perfect? Down below it tells us perfect means finished, complete or fully developed.

This is what Christ did when He was on this earth (Eph 4: 11). Yes he established His church on this earth. Some may ask us what good is that do for us. Other word why do we have church? If we continue to read in (Eph 4: 12-13) tells us why do we have a church? What is the purpose of the church? Church’s responsibility is to perfecting the Saints. This why we go to church to be perfected. In (Eph 4: 15-16) tells us to work together in Unity to become like Him. How does the Church do that will when we come to church we do our duties and fulfill our responsibilities (of Melchizedek and Aaronic Priesthood and Relief Society) and we help each others in another word (love and be love).
How do we accomplish His goals and our goals? In D&C 46: 8-9,12 tells us what should we do and how can we accomplish them?
What is our role in His glory?D&C 107: 99-100 we have to learn our duties and be diligence in that duty. This verse tells us what will happen if we don’t fulfill them.
D&C 84: 109-110 these verses tell us we need to learn and to fulfill the duties. we need help others to be edified with the word of God.D&C 97: 14 we have to know the doctrines and the principles of the Gospel and knowing is not enough but we need to practice them in our life.D&C 105: 10 tells us if we know the things we are doing we can teach others perfectly.
D&C 38:23 tells us to teach once again.Do we know why do we need to teach people? I did not know but I learned through the scriptures and through our prophets. Because we are not prefect but Gospel is perfect. Through Gospel we can be perfect. Once again that is why we came to this earth to become like Him.Last but not the least what should we teach? D&C 52: 9-10 these verses tell us nothing new other then the Prophets and Apostils words.
 This tells us nothing new or telling us a secret ways it’s strait and forward telling us to be obedient to God and he will bless you and our family.
 Love you families and Friends,

Elder Aruldoss

Monday, September 17, 2012

DAVID: June 25, 2012

Dear Family,

I got my transfer call last week  and i got my new companion is here with me. He is from Utah,center well. He is really  nervous about everything India.

I am here in Erode and riding cycles again. My new companion Elder Smoot almost crashed into an auto.  I have to teach him many things, which i am looking forward to it.  My Branch is really good, so many young men are in the branch.  I really like the branch a lot.  Many members are willing to help us with the missionary work.  When i went to pick up my companion in Bangalore, i went to Tacco Bell. It was awesome!!  It is really hot here in Erode and many people speak no English.  The branch is 50% Tamil and 50% English.  This place is more of a village and very nice.

I will be in this area for another 3 months training Elder Smoot.  I will send you photos next week.  We are also completely white washed here. So We will have to do LOTS of findings. Please pray for us.

With so much love.

Elder Aruldoss

DANIEL: June 20, 2012

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DAVID: June 17, 2012

Thanks to all for the Birthday wish.  I had a good birthday on Sunday. The Elders in my apartment bought me a cake and we celebrated it together.  I was also not feeling well last few days, i am suffering with cold for few days.

Where do i start:  I GOT MY TRANSFER!!  I am going to Erode, which is still in Tamil Nadu. I will be training again a missionary from states and also District leader there. I am really looking forward for this chance to improve myself.  I will be leaving this week to my new area with my trainee.

We have found a family two weeks ago.  The family name is Philliks.  This is my favorite family here.  They all speak English and VERY humble and beautiful family. I really like teaching this family a lot. But i will be leaving everyone this week. I am really not happy about that.  Hopefully they will be baptized next month. Pray for this family.

The Church was flooded one day because someone forgot to turn off the tub in the kitchen and water got into every class rooms. The floors were maid of carpets and it was all soaked wet.  The good news was that all the missonaries were happen to be there.  so next 2 hours we spent cleaning all the rooms together.  It was a great service project for me.  I miss doing the ward service projects.

I CRIED!! reading the Conference talk "Sacrifice"  I loved it so much.

I want to express my deep gratitude to Both of my lovely Mother's and love you both.

Danny: thanks for your sacrifice to serve the Lord.

Love Elder Aruldoss.

DANIEL: June 13, 2012

Hello families and Friends

How are you all doing this week? I’m doing very well. 

Well I’m my new area now I’m having lots of fun and exited to work with this new people. This area is one of the hardest places to find people to teach because we are near by embassy. The good thing is some people speak English because I don’t know much Hindi.

Now I have a new companion his name is Elder Saker. He is from Coimbatore where David is serving currently. He speaks Tamil and English. My companion has only three months and he will go home. My companion and I don’t know Hindi we know little bit that’s all. My past companions knew handy they translated for me now we need to take a members with us. I decided to learn Hindi because where every I go everyone is spiking in Hindi it’s really irritates because I couldn’t replay to them.      

My spiritual experience for this week is:

Wow….. Where do I start well I had been in this branch for 6 days only but I had learned many things and I’m really exited to work with the members and investigators. I love the Branch missionaries they are really really amazing to work with.

My second day we went to boiling with the branch missionaries we all had lots of fun and cool fellowship. After that we had had wonderful BMCM we had everyone in that meeting, I almost cried because I hadn’t had that kind of BMCM the spirit was so strong. From that experience I had learned “many hands will move the work faster” we also had young man president and Relief society president it was a wonderful experience for me.

The next day I had wonderful Sabbath day. We did not have much people but we had lots of spirit in out meeting.

My companion is wonderful I’m really exited to serve with him. Last few days we had been working heard to find some people so we can teach and to bring them to our big family. God had sent us some investigators to us we are working with them.

Love you all

Elder Aruldoss