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DANIEL: April 18, 2012

Dear Families and Friends

How are you? I am doing very well. I hope I can help you mom with the wedding preparation but I can’t. I hope everything is going will, tell Courtney and Adam I said HI and Congratulation. How is Abbey and Dad tell them I said HI. Take care of your health mom.

This week I would like to share about The Great Apostasy. When did the apostasy stare?

I. Before Christ’s birth or death The Jews were Not United
1.      All had their scriptures and they all disagreed in their opinions and in their understandings.
2.      Christ came to this earth to fulfill Law of Moses and to set a higher Law or Levels.
3.      He was a Great Missionary and did many works.
4.      Because Jews lived do to that reason the main church head coder was in Jerusalem, After Christ’s death the Christianity grew so… fast.
5.      By this time the True CHURCH was established in Jerusalem (with Authority) by Jesus Christ.
6.      These are the scriptures and Prophets talk about it Isaiah, Amos 8:11-12, Christ(Matt 24: 23-26), Peter, Jude, John, Paul, Timothy, 2 This 2: 2-4,
7.      MOST importantly the modern Christian Scholars told us the Apostasy had already happened (NOT LDS scholars).

II. The Apostasy had begun in the early stage of the church.
1.   From the church and in the Church (Gala 1:6) when Christ established HIS church it lost to simplicity of the Gospel.
2.   NOT exclusivity
3.   Now the apostles were killed.

III. This Caused the Great Apostasy (this has two parts the first one is External Causes and The second one is Internal Causes Precaution)
1.      External Cause- Persecution began with the leaders of the church
2.      Jews = the first murder Stephan in the N.T. and Jesus Christ. They stared the people of the church in 70A.D because of this many Christian were killed almost all the Christians were killed.
3.      Pagans (Roman)= Romans were started to kill Christians because Political Christians stood up for their freedom. Early Christians did not like the government
4.      In 66 A.D. Rome got burned. The Romans thought it happened because of Christians it happened.
5.      The NERO destroyed the Jerusalem because what the Christians had done to the Rome.
6.      DIOCLETIAN one who burned all the bibles. Killed everyone who had the Bible and he ruled for two and half centuries.
7.      CONSTANTINE came to power (in 306 A.D). He had too much power and became a king. This where everything stated to change for the Christians. He called himself Christian but he himself did not get baptized for 31 years. He saw Christianity was spreading very fast and in order to get support he got a do something so he stop the persecution.

IV. Internal Causes- the members themselves over zealous, high fiction, Froude, Pride, and most importantly wanting Power.
1.      The leader stared to corruption in the church and in the Gospel Principles. For an example the same church but different teachings now we see that in the churches.
2.      Nature of the Godhead (325 A.D.). everyone got confused (Nice in Creed)
3.      Body as a curse and they said body is an enemy because of this Monks, nuns stared.
4.      Fables
5.      Early Christians changed the ordinances and Ceremonies. Eventually they started to worship the Leaders of the church.
6.      Baptism two times a years (Easter & Christmas) and in the fourth century the leaders of the church added salt to their baptism.
7.      Changes in the Sacrament
8.      Changes in the Holy Ghost (Isa 24:6).
9.      Changes in the Church Organization and Government because the leaders of the church had way too much power and another reason saints started to workshop the leaders this prevented this.
10.  Bishops (became more powerful) and he became a pope. Elected by first people and clearages. This changed to only Clearages.
11.  System of Punishments (Super arrogation Margate is deeds of the people this happened during the 400A.D).   
12.  Scriptures (council of Trent) taking the scriptures from the people.
13.  Claim of continuation of the Priesthood authority? The scripture tells us “by their fruit ye shall know them”. Pope fourteen and the sixteen were killed by their daughters and wife so there sons can be a pope. People killed some popes do to their actions. Some popes were 14 and 16 years old. Some popes were sold their power for money.

v.         Consequences of the Apostasy
               1. There were no resemblances to primitive church
               2. Lots of authority
               3. Lots of questions
4. Wanting the Bible for themselves so they can have the understanding of the scriptures (John wittclife)
5. Martin Luther in 517 A.D.
6. Reformation and Protests stated.
7. New age of religious freedom and many churches.
8. Finally others acknowledgement of the apostasy awaited the Restoration of the Gospel.
The finally the Restoration Predicted
1.   John ( Revelations 4: 6-7)
2.   Peter ( Acts 3: 19-21)
3.   Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Malachi talks about the restoration of the church.
4.   People simply a waiting for the Restored church.

In the end as we know the TRUE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST IS RESTORED IN THE LATTER- DAY.  This I had learned in this week from my specialized training. When I heard this WOW… to myself because it is amazing to see the history of the church and how God brought this church.

Love you all,

Elder Aruldoss 

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