Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DANIEL: July 4, 2012

Hello families and friends

How are you doing? This week was one of my favorite week and also little sad, because my old president. Jackson is gone home. I love them a lot and our new mission president. Sackley came to India. He is from Canada; he is really cool and really friendly to all the missionaries. They are getting used to the time difference, culture and the big one is the weather in India.

I had interview with him yesterday it was fun and leaned some good things from him. Sister Sackley is really cool. She is really tall.

I had two spiritual experiences that I would like to share with all of you. Lately my companion and I struggling with investigators but we found some they are all struggling with the family problems. Last two weeks I had been so upset with my investigators because they had told me they will come to church and they been bunking us last three weeks. I fasted and prayed for them. I was upset while I was doing all these things.

What we did on Monday we did not visit them because it we wanted them to call us because we call them. The next day early in the morning we got a call from sister. Puja she asked us to come over and visit her family. We started finding in the morning and finally we went her home. When we entered her home we saw new face and we told her what we do?  Why we are hear in the north part on India, and she did the same
We sat an appointment with her and now we started to talked to sister. Puja we asked why she did not come to church? And what happened on Sunday? She said because her husband she did not come to church. We talked for a little bit and we encouraged her to come to church. She said I will come for shore and another sister said she will bring her and she will come with her on this Sunday.

What did I learned form this experiences will being Patent is good things some times we need to trust God and his timing.

Another experience is a last night while I’m sleeping. I was thinking about my investigators’ problems I had a thought about temple. I asked God how I should help these people. A thought came to my mind write down the people’s names and give it to you to take it to the temple. 

I love this gospel and I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve God and in my own country.

Love you all

Elder Aruldoss     

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