Sunday, September 30, 2012

DANIEL: September 5, 2012

Dear families and Friends

How are you? I’m doing wonderful. I’m so grateful for every one of you. I love you all. Thank you for your prayers I really appreciated. Will thank you mom for the updates on every thing. I’m a District leader and Training a new elder from Nepal (Elder Bogati). It is rally a blessing to be a trainer. What I learned is when you get a callings from the church not we great or we are good at but God want us to learn from that calling. Not easy but it’s fun and learning opportunity for me to learn from that person. The funny thing is He haven’t gone to MTC probably I’m the first one to train a elder who never been in MTC or other way around he is the first one to come to the field and go to the MTC. By the way he is not call to this mission he is call to Europe do to his visa he is here. He is the only member in his family and he has made lots of sacrifices in his life to come on a mission. I’m glade he did that because this will bless his life.  Some this it’s really heard for me because he hasn’t been in MTC. He knows the materials but too exited to teach to the people. Other then that he is a wonderful elder.

Patent pays off family. Finally we found some investigators to teach this wonderful Gospel and we have Baptism date the 16th of this month. I’m so exited for this brother (Abishak) is a part member family. I know how much it will bless his life and his future because it blessed me. We are working with another investigators’ name is Kuldeep. He is really really rich person I know that’s doesn’t matter. The wonderful thing is really humble and will to lesson to us. He is a pure Hindu. Last week he called me and told me he wants to learn about God and Jesus Christ. I was so happy because God prepares those people to place them in our paths.

We been doing lots of finding in our area we got another referrals from another member we are going to meet them this Saturday. They are also part members.

This is want I learned form this experience some time we thing to ourselves why am I going through this tough time but if we are endure will and continually have faith in God and His son Christ we will be blessed.

Thank you, for your love and support and most importantly your prayers.

Love you all

Elder Aruldoss      

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