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DANIEL: May 9, 2012

Dear families and friends

I am doing well. How are you all? Mom thank you for the update on everything. It sounded like you guys had busy month. 

It was a wonderful weak, and I had the chance of experience the wonderful things this weak. Past Monday I had the change to go on an exchange with the assistance from New Delhi. It was a learning experience for me, because I had learned some of the wonderful lessons for myself. I had learned what I personally need to do to help our members in Dwarka branch and help them to exited about the gospel.

We had been teaching two new investigators. My two Bach mates are serving with me and we have a lot of fun teaching our members and investigators.

I will talk to you later, I need to go. 

Elder Aruldoss

Mom in USA Call me on sunday at 8 PM Indian Time. [Editor's note:
Indian mom I will call you 

Please read this on Mother’s Day 

Happy Mother’s Day

For this mother’s day I would like to write a litter for my mothers. In this litter I would like to express what did I learned from my mother’s that helped me and will help me in my future?

When I came across the scripture from Alma 56:47 “Now they never had fought yet they did not fear death; and they did think more upon the liberty of their fathers than they did upon their lives; yea, they had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them.” I learned how did the Sons of Helaman grew up and what their mother had taught them?

Immediately a thought came to my mind about my mothers and what did they had taught me?

In the world I’m the luckiest person in the world, because I had the opportunity to grow up with two mothers. I have the blessings of seeing them in my earthly life. They had taught me not only spiritual things but also Physical things.

First I would like to talk about what are the some physical things that my mothers had taught me?

Kala Arul dass my mom in India. She is one of the strongest human been in planet because in our life we all face many challenges and continued to face many in life. Many of the time we will murmur or discouraged, but she taught me as a human being we will face many challenges and oppositions in life. It doesn’t matter how big is the challenges or the oppositions we will face but it does matter how will we Handel them.

When I was in India I had seen many mothers beat their children, bur my mom never beat me or forced me to do something that I don’t want do. She always showed me love even thou I don’t do what my mothers’ asked me to doJ. From this I had learned I have to show love to everyone even in difficult times. I see that on His mission because sometimes my investigators they don’t do what I want them to do (commitments)? J. I just need to love them and encourage them to follow the commandments.

Lynn Allred who is my mom in U.S.A. she taught me the importance of being clean. She is always working and working in our home or outside. She taught me one of the important values in life that is to work heard in life. My mom always pushed me to work (in nice way) sometimes I was lazy, sometimes I was too bored to work, sometimes ignored my mother, sometime I put my friends in steed of my chores, and sometimes basketball games. No matter what I did my mom always loved me and corrected me in a loving manner. If I go to my friend’s home without doing my chores, she would call me and tell me to come home and finish the work and go play with my friends. Sometimes I ignored her councils and I had faced the consequences which is “DANNY YOU ARE GROUNDED TODAY”. I did not understand what and why I needed to do these works but now I do. In our life like that if you follow our Heavenly Father and His commandments we will be happy and safe in life. If we don’t follow God’s commandments we will be unhappy and miserable like a Satan.

Another lesson my mom helped me to understand is to help others. When I went to America I did not know how to eat with my mouth closed, I didn’t know how to write a paper, I didn’t know word problems, and I didn’t know about the Gospel, and many things. She told me how to eat with my mouth closed; she helped me with my papers and project, and Homework until I learned it.

My Mothers did excellent job on helping me to stand on my own feet. These are the some other things that my both of my mothers had taught me Have a fun, scripture study, being strong in the church, fulfilling my callings, Being kind to others, Helping others, Respect and Being happy in life.

I want to talk about how did my mothers helped to understand the importance of FAMILIES. My moms understood and acted on the importance of motherhood. They loved their children and served them, not only their children and also there husband, relatives, and neighbors. These are the ways my mothers had helped me.

I’m grateful for my mothers in my life. I’m truly a luckiest person in the world to have two mothers in my life. I am grateful for my Heavenly Father for this amazing opportunity to experience.

Love you moms have a nice mother’s day

Elder Aruldoss

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