Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DAVID: March 26, 2012

I just about to finish my email and the dumb current went off.  So i lost the previous email.  i will write you next week.

We are excepting baptisms soon and looking forward to that day.  Many investicagators came to Church and i was  so happy about it. I am doing well and everything is going so good.

Hindu Gods

DANIEL: March 21, 2012

Wow where do I start form? In a week a lot happened. First let me state from my transfer meeting we had a transfer meeting last Thursday and My old companion got transfer to 2nd Branch and He is a zone leader now for our West Zone. Now I have a new companion and he is form Hydropath. He is a cool elder and Loves to teach the lessons.

Dad thank you for you wonderful litter and the love and support.

Today March 21, 2012. We went to paly bowling with all the elders in New Delhi mission and our  president’s family. It was so much fun and we all had good time.

The spiritual moment was with our investigator Vinay. It was a wonderful family and they are willing to follow and willing to change their life for God and I love that from them. Yesterday we taught them about The Word of Wisdom. We took little time with them because they had some problem with is commandments. Brother Vinay said after the lesson “I will change because I know God want me to do this and I know He will help me”. I thought to myself wow we need thing kind of priesthood man for God’s kingdom. We love teaching them because they are excited to learn about the Gospel. I’m grateful for this family God has given to us to teach it is a blessing to me personally.

My companion and I went to Zone council meeting we learned a lot of things for our area and what we need to do? On our way we talked about our forefather’s History and what they had done to bring this country and how it is now people don’t care about the rules and traditions. It made me little sad because now people are spoiled in the Northern parts of India. We shared about our families and how grateful we are for them and their love. I want to thank my family and the support and the love you had showed to me. Thank you for your examples fam. Love you all.

Love you all miss you a lot.

Elder Aruldoss 


DAVID: March 19, 2012

This week was good and interesting things were happened.  So one of our investigators name Ramya from Hindu Background.  Her mother and father totally against her to go to church.  She completely stopped investigating the Church and meeting with us and she is not even answering our phone calls.  I didn't know what was going on in her life and finally decided to go and visit her in her house.  My companion and  i were really worried.  But we found out that she still want to join the church, but her parents completely restricted her to meet with us.  Please pray for her.

Brother Raventh, who is also from Hindu background. We taught him the 10 commandments this whole week.  We were only got through 2 commandments.  After teaching these commandments he said that "Elders i am so depressed of these commandments"  We  know what he meant. He worships the idols.  It was really hard for us to teach him this week. He is doing really good regarding keeping the commitments. soon he will be baptized.

I am thankful and grateful to be a missionary.  Love this work and love the gospel.  DAD! thank you for the wonderful email.  I hope each of you  doing well at home.  I am so happy to know that the kids are graduating soon and I am so excited for Casey and her Future.

DANIEL: March 14, 2012

Hello families and friends

How are you all doing? I'm doing fantastically well. I hope every thing is OK there. I'm sad and happy because we got a transfer call from our assistants. we found out my companion is living and I will be getting a new companion and his name is Elder Wisely. The shocking news  was my companion Elder Krishna Velu became a Zone leader.

Last nine weeks had been really tough because we had been looking for some people to teach but finally we found some investigators and some baptism is coming up. My seven months of HIS mission what I had learned is The true happiness comes when you see people's lives changed. I love it.

Last week we got to calibrate The Holli. It was so much fun with the collar powers it was crazy but we had a lots of fun time.

My spiritual moment is this I had one of the wonderful experience happened on Monday. My companion and I went on a doubling. We took few of our members to one of our investigator’s home we took three members and to the investigator. We talked about the First lesson I started the lesson that’s all I did rest of the teaching was done by our members. In the end I gave them a baptism commitment and they accepted it.

What I learned is using (the right) members are very very important.

Love Elder Aruldoss



Monday, March 26, 2012

DANIEL: March 13, 2012

This is our weekly littersthe President

Helping = commitments.
We best HELP people when we assist them to make and keep commitments! And we do not lack for commitments! We have all kinds of them, each one with the primary purpose to invite the Spirit into the lives of our people, as they exercise the faith to DO what we ask them to do. The “witness” we so desire for them comes AFTER the trial of their faith. Helping people to demonstrate faith through commitments is what a solid PMG missionary does all day long. It is where progress comes from. It is where testimony is born and where conversion begins. Commitments make the missionary.

One of the key commitments (in fact, a “key indicator” commitment) that we offer to HELP the precious souls that we serve is that of Sacrament meeting attendance. We measure our performance with this key indicator commitment for very good reasons:

It is a superior way to discover the hearts of those we teach. 
It helps to separate the sheep from the goats. 
It is where a person‟s “willingness” is manifest.
It is where the Gospel is taught and learned….and felt. 
It is a superior venue for instruction.
It is where the Spirit should reside in abundance each week.
It is where our best fellowshippers “live.” (Our magnificent members!)

“Our Sabbath-day behavior is a reflection of our commitment to honor and worship God.” (PMG) Attending Sacrament meeting is a requirement for baptism (with very few exceptions). Remember, participation in the ordinance of the Sacrament is not only a commandment, but a significant part of our preparation to return back to Heavenly Father. And isn‟t that our goal for all that we teach? We can preach all week and spend every waking moment sharing the Gospel, but if we have no one with us on Sunday at Sacrament meeting, we have failed to benefit our teaching list with one of the most significant commitments in their development. 

A teaching pool is full of people who don‟t come to Church. A teaching river, on the other hand, will be sitting with you in the congregation on Sunday! In many ways a true measure of our success each week in touching hearts and changing lives, in making a real difference, will be the number of our people (investigators, home teaching and branch mission process families, etc.) participating in the Sacrament. One cannot overestimate the importance of this commitment in HELPING our beloved investigators “come unto Christ.”
10+ at Church. We should not be satisfied with anything less. Revelatory planning, BMCM counsel and working with members will all be required...but the fruits of our labors will be sweet. 

Get it done! Have fun. All the best.

DAVID: March 12, 2012

It is really hot here in my area. Afternoon is the WORST time. However, my week was wonderful.  We had our Zone Conference last week which was pretty good because Elder Watson who is one of the 70s came
to that as well as the District Conference.  I learned how to mark the Scriptures with different colors for diffrent things.  The spirit was amazing on that day.  Tears came like anything from my eyes. It was so good.

I want to tell you about my investigators Bro. Raventh.  He speaks good English.  He is from Hindu  background. Very good brother, asks so many good ?'s during our discussion every time.  One day after an
appointment he took us to eat lunch.  I really like him because his faith has been increasing day by day.  Always tell to us "Elders thank you for being patient with me because i am asking so much ?s to you both".  I know that he will be a great member of the Church.

We are finding many people and dropping many people. Lately, it is easy to find people in but hard to get them do things. The pasters are really bad here they always tell something wrong to his congrecation about us. Many of the Pasters told that "Don't let those people into your house, they teach false doctrines."

However, we are working with some good people closely to bring them to Church. Also, pray for sister Ramya who is also from hindu background. Speaks really good English.Her mother and father totally aganit her baptism but she wants to take baptism in the Church.  They didn't let her come to church at all.  We are little worried about her. All of her friends are also making fun of her at college. She is having hard with them.  Keep her in you prayer.

I am doing good and VERY happy to do the Lords work.  I know this gospel is TRUE!!  Tell hi to all from me.  I love you and miss you.

DAVID: March 5, 2012

We found some good families last week.  We are really excited for them to teach the gospel to them. One person from one of the families had many questions and one of the questions that he had was WHY there are many Churches in the world and why the different denomination of the Christian don't like each other.  Many other great questions he asked us.  He also speaks god English.

There is another sister who we met on Wednesday. She told us that she had many visions.  In her visions she went to Heaven and saw God, danced with angles. The dance was completely different then anything else. She was sitting on the right side of God and He told her to stay awake because she was falling asleep while He was talking to her.  I don't know if this is true, But i asked her one question.  I asked her "Can you show me a move from the dance that the Angles did"  There are many people who claim that they had visions of many.

This fast and testimony meeting our investigator Raventh bore his testimony.  I was so happy about him. There is one more thing that he said which filled my EMPTY stomach. Last two weeks he is simply attending the Church and This week he said that "Brother my heart is willing to come to church today and I am going to stay full 3 hours" I was really happy to hear that from him. I know that the Gospel is all about changing lives and i am happy for Raventh.

SInce the division of the branches, we had hard time taking members for exchages last week because most of the members who spoke English went to different branch.

I am so happy to do the Lords work.  You probably heard about the Proxy Baptism of Gandhi because of that we could not wear our name tags for few days.  One of our missionary was also got beat up in Hyderabad by a Hindu Mobs.  That Elder belong to the branch that i serve currently.  It was scary for all of us.

Love you all very much.

Elder Aruldoss

This is Raventh

DANIEL: February 29, 2012

Hello families and Friends
How are you all doing? I'm doing very well. Last couple of days my stomach is not feeling good. Now I am doing better thou.  How Casey is wedding coming along mom? How is abbey and there friends tell them I said Hi and also to our family members. Adam is getting graduated in a month that is exiting.
How is Grandma and Pa how are they doing? And their health.
My spiritual moment was during the Seminary. You know what I loved my Seminary class when I was in High School. Finally with the help of our couple missionary we had our first seminary class. We had about fifteen students it was organized very well. When we stared the class with the spirit was soooooooooooo… strong I couldn’t believe it. Everyone was fed with a word of God on that day. After class some investigators questions were answered. We did some thing different in class that was when our investigators asked as a question we let the members to answer the questions. Our members are the one who solved all of the questions we just stood in the class room and watched the members. I understood how important our members and especially our youths. I am grateful for the seminary programs throughout the world, I’m grateful for my seminary teachers. Now on when ever I get transferred make shore we have seminary programs in our braches.
Another spiritual moment with a investigator. Who is sunny? He one of our 70%er. In India New Delhi mission 70%ers means one who keeping our commitments. He only 15 years old but he is a sharp kid. He follows what ever we teach him with the good attitude. His patents were so humble and they told us take my son and teach him good things. I feel lucky because some parents trust too much. Sometimes they don’t even trust their family members. 
Take care love you all.