Monday, March 26, 2012

DAVID: February 27, 2012

My Dear family,

I am doing very well here in Rajahmundry. Actually, it is really HOT in the afternoons. Finally, my nversticators came to Church last week.  I was so happy about that.  We had a Church full of members last week because we a combined 3 branches together. On sunday, we found and taught a family, half of them were Muslem and half of them were Christian.  IT was fun teaching them.  it is also hard for us to find a English speaking family here.  This place is more like a village, not fully developed city yet.

Pretty soon the church is opening a new branch in my place.  It is so exciting to see the growth in Rajahmundry.  I love it.

My companion was in a depate class in Utah and very good at debate. He really wants to teach the pasters here.  So last week we were specifilly looking for the pasters.  As we were eating lunch one day, there were two pasters came and sat next to us.  We had a nice conversation with them.  My companion could not really debate with them because either of them spoke English.  He was little dissapointed.

Gospel is TRUE! Missionary work is the best.

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