Monday, March 26, 2012

DANIEL: February 29, 2012

Hello families and Friends
How are you all doing? I'm doing very well. Last couple of days my stomach is not feeling good. Now I am doing better thou.  How Casey is wedding coming along mom? How is abbey and there friends tell them I said Hi and also to our family members. Adam is getting graduated in a month that is exiting.
How is Grandma and Pa how are they doing? And their health.
My spiritual moment was during the Seminary. You know what I loved my Seminary class when I was in High School. Finally with the help of our couple missionary we had our first seminary class. We had about fifteen students it was organized very well. When we stared the class with the spirit was soooooooooooo… strong I couldn’t believe it. Everyone was fed with a word of God on that day. After class some investigators questions were answered. We did some thing different in class that was when our investigators asked as a question we let the members to answer the questions. Our members are the one who solved all of the questions we just stood in the class room and watched the members. I understood how important our members and especially our youths. I am grateful for the seminary programs throughout the world, I’m grateful for my seminary teachers. Now on when ever I get transferred make shore we have seminary programs in our braches.
Another spiritual moment with a investigator. Who is sunny? He one of our 70%er. In India New Delhi mission 70%ers means one who keeping our commitments. He only 15 years old but he is a sharp kid. He follows what ever we teach him with the good attitude. His patents were so humble and they told us take my son and teach him good things. I feel lucky because some parents trust too much. Sometimes they don’t even trust their family members. 
Take care love you all.



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