Monday, March 26, 2012

DANIEL: February 22, 2012

Dear families and Friends
How are you? I’m doing wonderful. Can you believe that I had finished with HIS MISSION for 6 months I can’t believe it? The funny part was I didn’t know I had finished until one of my Batch mite called me on Monday and congregated me.  Any way how is Jill and Jace and my two little babies. Tell them I said Hi and I love them. How is abbey and Dad are they doing good.
Yes, David and I were trained by some of the great leaders in our 9th ward, and I am grateful for it. Now also thankful for the members in our word and their testimony of the Gospel. I see in India how much important to gain the testimony of the Gospel. Because my companion I struggling to get 50 people to church. Most of the time we go and pick them up but still they give excuses to not to come to church. Each week we plan and call people for church so they can remember to come to church.    
My spiritual experience was with our BMP (branch mission processes) family. The family name is Rahul. We took one of our leaders who are brother. Peter KC. We talked about Faith in God. We shared few scriptures with Rahul and his mom. In the end of the lesion Rahul’s mom stated to cry and she said to my companion what are some of there concerns. When we were teaching her the spirit was so strong. I thought to myself I have no idea how much this gospel will help and strengthen the BMP’s family.
I love my Heavenly Father and His Son for what they have done for us to bring about this Gospel. I am grateful because I have to witness the miracles that this Gospel brings to others life and mine.
Last week we had Zone conference. I love this revelatory meeting because our mission president William K. Jackson helps us with what we are struggling as a mission. It has been heard for the New Delhi mission to find people to teach. He talked about how finding helps us to built faith in God. I had learned it is very important to have faith God and He will help us and will guide us to the elected people.
I need to go because one of our investigators home to give a blessing. Talk to you later.
Love you families and Friends.
Elder. Aruldoss

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