Sunday, October 21, 2012

DANIEL: October 17

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My Beloved Families and Friends

How are you? This week I had wonderful and spiritually uplifting for me because of the General Conference and our mission activity and also our investigators.

The General Conference was amazing I love all the talks most importantly elder-Jeffrey-r-Holland, president-dieter-f-uchtdorf, and Thomas S. Monson. I really enjoyed. I was feed spiritually on the conference days.

I’m truly grateful for the prophets and apostles in my life and the truthfulness of the message of the Restored Gospel. I’m also grateful for the help God given to you and me like the scriptures, Holy Spirit. I’m thankful to our loving Heavenly Father who loves us so much and did not sent us and left us alone.

Two days ago I was reading the Book of Mormon (3 Nephi 5) I thought to myself now hear we have a Nephites who were chosen by God and I also saw who wonderful people they were, when I read this chapter (3 Nephi 5) I see how wicked they were and did not want to repent of their wrong doings. I thought to myself I’m no better then the Nephites who were doing wrong and doing murmuring against God because of their choices. I asked myself How about my life? I realized I’m no better then the Nephites. I murmur against God and I do wrong things in my life even thou I know good form evil.

I understood three things when I was pondering these things:

First: God has purpose for the struggles and problems that I face in my life. I may not understand immediately but I will some days in the future.

Second: Doing what is good continually not only in the good time in life but also heard time in life also.

Third: Keeping His commandment always, then I can say to Him in Jeffery R. Holland’s words “If Christ’s asks me in the last day ‘IF I LOVED HIM’” then I can say to him “YEA, LORD thou knowest.”

I can’t do much for my savior because He had done it all for me. The smallest thing that I can do is do and say the things that he had showed me and asked me to do.

Last Monday we had sports day in India New Delhi Mission. I sent you some of the pictures mom. We also had spiritual day that was yesterday we talked about Revelation, Miracles and Real Growth. I want you to tell me how these things are related to a true conversion? Next week.

 I’m glad Jill is doing little will. Tell every one I miss them.

Love you all take care,

Elder. Aruldoss    

DAVID: October 15, 2012

The conference was really good. It was different this time. Only few came to Church to watch the Conference.  I was little disappointed in the members.  Some of the talks given by the prophet and apostles really touched my heart deeply.  My testimony and my spiritual batteries are energized fully this week end.  Lately we are struggling with bringing investigators to Church.  Please pray for us continually and thank you for your prayers.  We have many investigators in our teaching list but there are not progressing toward conversion.  I thought some talks helped me to understand what it means to be converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

This week i like to express my feelings,

Once upon a time i was miles away from God and his Gospel.  There are many struggles that i faced in my early life.  But by the God's mercy that i was able to find my way to the eternal path.  I was rescued by my loving Father in Heaven because i know that he loves me. I was put in a hostel for causing to much trouble to my family in my childhood life.  Luckily i found a way to come out of my troubled life. Through this hostel, I was able to find a Church which CHANGED my life completely.  I thought that i joined the Church, because they spoke English for 3 hours.  But i didn't understand the value of this Church.  But God continued to show his love to me by helping me to understand the Gospel.  He performed a miracle in my life to send me to USA.  I believe that He sent me to USA  learn the Gospel and to understand the purpose of life. I can't express enough thanks to my God for arranging me a perfect family to teach me all the valuable teachings of the Gospel.  Today, i would like to thank my family, the Allreds because of your help that i am a person that i am today.

I want everyone who reads this letter to know that i know when God gives difficult experiences for us to learn and grow in this life.  I know without a doubt in my heart that the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to this world.  He loves us and because he loves us he called a prophet to lead us in this dispensation.  I know that The Power and authority to perform sacred ordinances were restored through Prophet Joseph Smith and  i know that ONLY following the savior Jesus Christ we can attain the celestial kingdom.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Later day Saints is the only Church to perform baptism by authority.  Those of you who want to know that truth, there is a way.  God has promised to those sincere seekers who read the Book of Mormon that He has promise to give the answer through the gift of the Holy Ghost.  The Holy Ghost teaches us the truthfulness of all things. I want to give my humble gratitude to God for the life that he blessed me with.  Now, i am so thrilled to share the truth with other in India.  God will bless us when we do his will.

Thanks to my mom, Kala and her testimony of the Gospel. The other family Allred thanks to each of you.  I want to thank all the friends and family who helped.  I love each of you

With much Love,

Elder Aruldoss

DAVID: October 8, 2012

This week was good. The one thing that we are doing well in this area is finding new investigators and another thing that we are doing well is that dropping the investigators who are not progressing.  We found a great family, Samuel this week and taught them the first lesson and the lesson was taught without the husband because he was so busy working.  When we invited them for baptism they said that they will consult with the dad regarding the Baptism. The next day we called them and they told us not to come into their home anymore.  They told us that their pastor told them not to let us into the house anymore. I was so not ready to hear that from this family.  I don't know what to do with these pastors here in India.  As soon as i head this message from Samuel family i just wanted to punch that pastor on his face.  But that's not what Christ would do, so i forgave him. I really feel sad to drop this family.

We had a wonderful baptism of sister Thangam, who was attending the Church for a month. She is the mother of my converts Arun and Naveen. Only dad is left for the Baptism.  he wants more time for his baptism.  The baptism service was really good and It was funny when sister Thangam didn't' plug her nose when she  went into the water.  But this sister bore a toughing testimony and thanked us for helping her to be baptized.  When the Zone leaders interviewed her they asked her how long she will come to Church and she replied that she will be faithful to her convents for her entire life. The hardest part was preparing her baptism interview in English.  She doesn't speak any English and the answers that she responded to the BIQ in Tamil we translated them into English.  She studied her questions and answers everyday.  She even took her notes to her work and studied it during the lunch time.  She was a sweet sister and i am thankful to God for her.

We use to have sister missionaries long a ago. But for some reason they stopped.  Now, they are again coming to our mission.  This week we are having about 4 new sister missionaries are arriving into our mission. Glad to know that the ages are changed for the missionaries and this will diffidently help the Church to grow even faster.  I am thankful to be on a mission.

Love Elder Aruldoss.

DANIEL: October 3, 2012

Dear family and Friends

How are you? I’m doing wonderful in Delhi. I would like to tell you many thing from this week incidence the first one is all the missionaries in India New Delhi mission we had interview with our President. Sackley.
The second is we were given a challenge to ITL (invite to learn) every hour during the day. 

On Saturday my companion and I going to our apartment we say three about 19 to 22 years old men walked. So my companion and I decided to talk to them when We were talking with these people one of the older man came to me and said they are foolish and walked way with rest of the people. I thought to myself what a true statement he had maid for himself and we went our ways.

Every fifth week in our branch the elders gives talks so in our Sacrament meeting. Our I did not give talk but another three elders gave talks is was wonderful. One talked about the important of the spirit and another talked about the law of Tithing and the last one talked about the Priesthood.

The third thing is we had District activity yesterday we had all seven branches met together and we all had so much fun and wonderful time. We had few plays. The missionaries from East acted out David and Goliath in Bible and the West missionaries acted the Tree of Life. People enjoyed it. We also had tog of way. When we people were pulling the rope got toured both side of the people fell nothing happened but it was one of the funniest things to see. Finally thy decided to have Indian missionaries VS American Missionaries. Yes off course we bet them three times. Every time we fell because the rope got toured. The entire elder were so dirty.

Now we are coming to spiritual things. Wow I’m truly telling you mom there is no other mission in the world like India New Delhi mission. I’m grateful for my Heavenly Father, because He decided to send me to this part of the land. We been working with one of the young man that I told you in the past we decided to drop him, because he is not keeping the commitment that we gave him. Not coming to church and not reading the Book of Mormon. I was devastated (according to the PMG all the missionaries should be devastated) but I was disappointed with this young man because we worked really heard to help him. I hope he understands the importance of the Gospel in his life someday.

Another hand we have a family of five we been teaching. They are Tamil family. I love this family they are preparing them self for the baptism. They will be baptized end of this month. They also told us some other families; hopefully they will accept the message of the restoration. I know I’m not here by accident God want me to do his will and learn may thing for myself. I love this Gospel. This Gospel truly changes the lives. The time is going very fast and lot to accomplish.

Thank you mom for the update on every thing. Tell every one I miss them and enjoy the conference. We can’t watch this Sunday but net Sunday for shore.

Love you all take care.

Monday, October 1, 2012

DAVID: October 1, 2012

I had a nice week.  I would like to tell you about one of our investigators name Raja.  He belongs to hindu cast.  does't speak any English and has 3 children.  He was a member referral and taught him only one lesson.  He came to Church one Sunday.  He absolutely loved the Church and really has the real desire to attend the Church each week.  Even though he doesn't speak any English, he referred another Hindu family who speak good English.  We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ he said that he will take baptism.  He also said that "I know that you are trying to teach me something very important and that's why when you came to my house i stopped all my work to listen to your message."

He is such a humble brother.  He asked his son Viknesh to read the Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet which we gave him to read. His son is about 9 years old and he not only read the pamphlet but copied each word from the pamphlet to his note book.  I was so touched by brother Raja's willingness to learn and to teach his family.

This coming week we have a baptism of a part member sister Thangam (means GOLD in English).  She has been coming to Church for a month. All the missionaries gave our talks in the sacrament.  I was a last one to speak and the 3 elders front of me took all the time in the sacrament to give their talks and i didn't have time to give my talk.  First thing i thought was YES!! i don't have to give to give my talk. All the sudden my face was changed when branch president gave up to me and said Elder Aruldoss you will give your talk during the last hours. It was a combined class because it was 5th week.  So i gave my talk on "Why is the Book of Mormon is so important and How can we study it daily."  I spent lots of time preparing this talk.  So all went well.  Members appreciated my talk.  I have also learned so much about the Book of Mormon and i know that it is the Key Stone of our religion. By reading it daily we will invite the spirit.

I think of the family often and love each of you so much.

Love Elder Aruldoss