Sunday, October 21, 2012

DAVID: October 15, 2012

The conference was really good. It was different this time. Only few came to Church to watch the Conference.  I was little disappointed in the members.  Some of the talks given by the prophet and apostles really touched my heart deeply.  My testimony and my spiritual batteries are energized fully this week end.  Lately we are struggling with bringing investigators to Church.  Please pray for us continually and thank you for your prayers.  We have many investigators in our teaching list but there are not progressing toward conversion.  I thought some talks helped me to understand what it means to be converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

This week i like to express my feelings,

Once upon a time i was miles away from God and his Gospel.  There are many struggles that i faced in my early life.  But by the God's mercy that i was able to find my way to the eternal path.  I was rescued by my loving Father in Heaven because i know that he loves me. I was put in a hostel for causing to much trouble to my family in my childhood life.  Luckily i found a way to come out of my troubled life. Through this hostel, I was able to find a Church which CHANGED my life completely.  I thought that i joined the Church, because they spoke English for 3 hours.  But i didn't understand the value of this Church.  But God continued to show his love to me by helping me to understand the Gospel.  He performed a miracle in my life to send me to USA.  I believe that He sent me to USA  learn the Gospel and to understand the purpose of life. I can't express enough thanks to my God for arranging me a perfect family to teach me all the valuable teachings of the Gospel.  Today, i would like to thank my family, the Allreds because of your help that i am a person that i am today.

I want everyone who reads this letter to know that i know when God gives difficult experiences for us to learn and grow in this life.  I know without a doubt in my heart that the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to this world.  He loves us and because he loves us he called a prophet to lead us in this dispensation.  I know that The Power and authority to perform sacred ordinances were restored through Prophet Joseph Smith and  i know that ONLY following the savior Jesus Christ we can attain the celestial kingdom.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Later day Saints is the only Church to perform baptism by authority.  Those of you who want to know that truth, there is a way.  God has promised to those sincere seekers who read the Book of Mormon that He has promise to give the answer through the gift of the Holy Ghost.  The Holy Ghost teaches us the truthfulness of all things. I want to give my humble gratitude to God for the life that he blessed me with.  Now, i am so thrilled to share the truth with other in India.  God will bless us when we do his will.

Thanks to my mom, Kala and her testimony of the Gospel. The other family Allred thanks to each of you.  I want to thank all the friends and family who helped.  I love each of you

With much Love,

Elder Aruldoss

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