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DANIEL: October 17

Read the India New Delhi Mission October Newsletter here.

My Beloved Families and Friends

How are you? This week I had wonderful and spiritually uplifting for me because of the General Conference and our mission activity and also our investigators.

The General Conference was amazing I love all the talks most importantly elder-Jeffrey-r-Holland, president-dieter-f-uchtdorf, and Thomas S. Monson. I really enjoyed. I was feed spiritually on the conference days.

I’m truly grateful for the prophets and apostles in my life and the truthfulness of the message of the Restored Gospel. I’m also grateful for the help God given to you and me like the scriptures, Holy Spirit. I’m thankful to our loving Heavenly Father who loves us so much and did not sent us and left us alone.

Two days ago I was reading the Book of Mormon (3 Nephi 5) I thought to myself now hear we have a Nephites who were chosen by God and I also saw who wonderful people they were, when I read this chapter (3 Nephi 5) I see how wicked they were and did not want to repent of their wrong doings. I thought to myself I’m no better then the Nephites who were doing wrong and doing murmuring against God because of their choices. I asked myself How about my life? I realized I’m no better then the Nephites. I murmur against God and I do wrong things in my life even thou I know good form evil.

I understood three things when I was pondering these things:

First: God has purpose for the struggles and problems that I face in my life. I may not understand immediately but I will some days in the future.

Second: Doing what is good continually not only in the good time in life but also heard time in life also.

Third: Keeping His commandment always, then I can say to Him in Jeffery R. Holland’s words “If Christ’s asks me in the last day ‘IF I LOVED HIM’” then I can say to him “YEA, LORD thou knowest.”

I can’t do much for my savior because He had done it all for me. The smallest thing that I can do is do and say the things that he had showed me and asked me to do.

Last Monday we had sports day in India New Delhi Mission. I sent you some of the pictures mom. We also had spiritual day that was yesterday we talked about Revelation, Miracles and Real Growth. I want you to tell me how these things are related to a true conversion? Next week.

 I’m glad Jill is doing little will. Tell every one I miss them.

Love you all take care,

Elder. Aruldoss    

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