Sunday, October 21, 2012

DANIEL: October 3, 2012

Dear family and Friends

How are you? I’m doing wonderful in Delhi. I would like to tell you many thing from this week incidence the first one is all the missionaries in India New Delhi mission we had interview with our President. Sackley.
The second is we were given a challenge to ITL (invite to learn) every hour during the day. 

On Saturday my companion and I going to our apartment we say three about 19 to 22 years old men walked. So my companion and I decided to talk to them when We were talking with these people one of the older man came to me and said they are foolish and walked way with rest of the people. I thought to myself what a true statement he had maid for himself and we went our ways.

Every fifth week in our branch the elders gives talks so in our Sacrament meeting. Our I did not give talk but another three elders gave talks is was wonderful. One talked about the important of the spirit and another talked about the law of Tithing and the last one talked about the Priesthood.

The third thing is we had District activity yesterday we had all seven branches met together and we all had so much fun and wonderful time. We had few plays. The missionaries from East acted out David and Goliath in Bible and the West missionaries acted the Tree of Life. People enjoyed it. We also had tog of way. When we people were pulling the rope got toured both side of the people fell nothing happened but it was one of the funniest things to see. Finally thy decided to have Indian missionaries VS American Missionaries. Yes off course we bet them three times. Every time we fell because the rope got toured. The entire elder were so dirty.

Now we are coming to spiritual things. Wow I’m truly telling you mom there is no other mission in the world like India New Delhi mission. I’m grateful for my Heavenly Father, because He decided to send me to this part of the land. We been working with one of the young man that I told you in the past we decided to drop him, because he is not keeping the commitment that we gave him. Not coming to church and not reading the Book of Mormon. I was devastated (according to the PMG all the missionaries should be devastated) but I was disappointed with this young man because we worked really heard to help him. I hope he understands the importance of the Gospel in his life someday.

Another hand we have a family of five we been teaching. They are Tamil family. I love this family they are preparing them self for the baptism. They will be baptized end of this month. They also told us some other families; hopefully they will accept the message of the restoration. I know I’m not here by accident God want me to do his will and learn may thing for myself. I love this Gospel. This Gospel truly changes the lives. The time is going very fast and lot to accomplish.

Thank you mom for the update on every thing. Tell every one I miss them and enjoy the conference. We can’t watch this Sunday but net Sunday for shore.

Love you all take care.

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