Thursday, January 12, 2012

DANIEL: January 11, 2012

Dear families and Friends,

How are you all? It is good hear from you all I am glad you all had wonderful Christmas and New Year. I had so much fun little sad because I wasn't with you all.

My spiritual experience was we had a baptism on last Saturday, her name was Priya. we set a baptism date three different times do to problems in her home. when my companion baptized her Priya, my companion, and I almost cried because she went through a lot and Satan really tried her but she never got discouraged and she was so faithful to the gospel. That time I thought to myself Satan is real and he is trying to destroy the work of God I was glad she was faithful to the end ( Ether 12:6).

Now I would like to talk about another topic which is Priesthood and our Responsibilities. I know you might know what I am going to talk about but remaining you wouldn't hurt me or you. I am going to talk about from the Book of Mormon. In Alma 13. when I red this chapter I learned a lot of things about priesthood.

Alma 13:1-2 Alma rights for our good (D&C107:2-4).
Alma13:3 tells we were chosen to in the per-earth life to me this how I think of the moment God had so much trust and He looked at me and said "I will go and do help this people with the priesthood" ( 2
Tim1:9 ,  D&C138:56).
and goes on and saying what we should do with the Priesthood and How we can help others with it?

I'm great full for the scriptures and the lessons that we learn from the stories.

I increage you all to read this chapter of (Alma 13).

Thank you all for your love and support Love you all.

Elder Aruldoss

Monday, January 9, 2012

DAVID: January 9, 2012

So good email, Thanks mom for the report.  I can't believe i was not there for Texes Sheets Cakes, especially when you maid TWO!!!
My week was very good. I was very sadened to visit this family last week because this one little girl name Pavani had suffered with cancer for long time.  So the doctor told her that she wont survive anymore.  When i saw her laying down on the bed i was really sad.  She will be leaving the earthly life soon.  This girl's mother was crying to us.  I didn't know what to say.  So my companion and called all the young women in the branch and told them to visit Pavani the next day.  I was little upset because many try to find excuse not to come to visit her.  So we only took two sister the next day and they had really nice time visiting this girl. Also, i told the Young Men to visit her and they ALL came with us to visit her.  I was so happy for all the young men.  They LOVED it.  All are bore their testimony to her.  Pavani mom also lost her 1st girl like 7 years ago.  These days are very difficult for her.  Her Husband married to another women.  So she is alone now.  Please pray for this mother (Veramma is the name of the mother).
I am really happy to serve a mission and to experence all these experences.  Yes, I am doing my best to be obedient.  I also read the letter that you gave me when Danny and I left USA.  I STILL have that and Thanks for that letter.  Meaning in the letter means lot to me.  Thanks! 
Testimony meeting was wonderful.  The fellings of the spirit was great.  Actually, people here in Vizag don't know how to bear testimony.  My companion and brought our investicators to Church.  This one lady went up to the front of the congregation and basically told everyone how the branch people are unkind to her and etc. Our investicators had a spiritual time at church.
Love, Elder Aruldoss

DANIEL: January 4, 2012

Hello families and Friends,
How are you? I am doing very well. Last couples of weeks had been fun and exiting. anyway How about yours. How is everyone in Arizona. Tell I said Hi to Grandma and Grandpa.

Is it every thing is OK. How was your New year. i was glade i talked with you guys on Christmas day. 

My companion and I working heard and we have so much fun teaching and finding. I love my companion and He helps me a lot. I am glade God gave me a cool companion. 
My spiritual moment of this week:

Every thing is doing well in Dwarka. My companion and I have so much fun with our Members and Investigators. Epically seeing their life get changed is the best things that I had seen and continued to see.

Our members are fasting and praying for the elders and also for the missionary work. It is wonderful to see how our lives had blessed because of the members and their faith. For an example sister Peter K.C had been fasting and praying for the missionaries and so we can find some people to teach. When I came to Dwarka we had no one to teach and our teaching river was not very good. The second day we had few families to teach. My companion and I thought to ourselves WOW!!!!!!!!!  What happened to Dwarka we are finding so many people to teach and our teaching had been nonstop. We had success in Dwarka because of our members.

I am grateful for the Gospel that helps us to be happy and helps others to be happy. I am grateful because God had trusted me with His work. 

Love all take care
Elder Aruldoss

Monday, January 2, 2012

EDITOR'S NOTE: January 2, 2012

I apologize for getting backed up on the boys' posts.  I'll do better in 2012.  Many thanks to all of you who have had an influence in their lives.  We love you!

DAVID: January 2, 2012

This week was sooooo goood!!!  We went to so many parties to all over our area including a party in the church.  I loved it!!  We have found and taught many people last week.  This time of year it is little easy to find Christian people because these people hang thier Christmas Stars in the front of their doors. So it is so easy to identify them.  So we also  gave baptism date to many people and we are expecting many baptism this month. Mission is so FUN!!!
This last Sunday my companion and i woke up like 5:30 am in the morning to pick up some people to Church.  This year our time changed to morning session (Church).  The whather was so beautiful and it was raining also.  so everywhere it's muddy.  We had to walk in the Nasty Mud to get to our investicators house.  It was horrible!!!!  Our shoes, pants all got muddy. Anyway, we picked up about 10 people to CHurch and Only 3 people spoke English in that group of people.  As we were walking with them to the  main road we SAW a huge snake on the road.  I did not freak out because the people were with me and i did not want to look bad front of them.  After we got them to church, one of the members asked us "are they from the other branch"  I told them no they are our inverticators.  We spent about 3 hours to bring them to church, but they all left after sacrement meeting to go to their Church.  I was shocked!!!!  so i could not do anything, they left us.  I was little sad.
The new year night we as the Elders cooked some delicious Curry to take it to the church.  All have to bring food to this party.  It was so fun to hang out with the members.  I think i got fat within two days eating so much Birayani and sweets.
It was one of the memorable Christmas and New Year!!
WIth much love Elder Aruldoss.

DANIEL: December 28, 2011

Dear families and friends,
How are you? I hope you all had wonderful Christmas. Tell me about was your Christmas. It was wonderful to talk to you all and I was so happy to hear all of your voices and miss you all and love you guys.

My spiritual moment for this week:
It was wonderful to see how people want the spiritual things? And also in the other hand how people don’t care for the spiritual things? Few days before I was so made at my self and also about some members. I said to my companion why we work so heard for their salvation and help them to understand how important the gospel is for them and still they don’t read and pray and come to church.

The next day I woke up and started to read the Book of Mormon, while I was reading I got my answer to my question in (2Nephi 30). We teach and help this people first we love them and also we have the Madison to their problems. I gave thanks to our Heavenly Father for giving me this wonderful responsibility to me.
I love the scriptures and it helps me to help others and myself.

I know I said it so many times and read the scriptures and read it with a Questions in your mind and see if your questions is answered in the end of your reading. I tell you it will be.

                   Happy New year 

Love you families Friends,

Elder Aruldoss

DAVID: December 26, 2011

I am so happy that i was able to talk you my hole family. I was overwelmed with joy and didn't know what to say on the phone.  I was really greatful to talk to all of you. 
I did call my mom Kala and my dad. They are doing well.  My dad was saying that he is getting old and won't be able to survive for another two years.(I KNOW! that he was kidding, and wants us to come home)  My dad really misses us.  Of course my mom as well.  This time i felt something different with my dad's voice.  I love my dad.  he is a good man.
In Chennai, we have opened a new church building for our branch.  I think in the past years they had rented bulidings here and there.  NOW, we have our own building.  THey opened it begining of this month.
I still sick, suffering with fever and cold.  Even on the Chrismas day i had to suffer. Even though my companion and went for out to WORK!  God really blessed us that day. We found so many investicators, I think i told you before.  Missionary work is really fun and exciting. I like it a lot.  On Christmas day we went to couple of members house and had nice dinner with them.  GUESS WHAT I HAD!! YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!  I had Biryani.  MAN, i am sick of that food. Mom, send me something different.  I am trying to avoid eating rice everyday because i will become FAT.  I am doing exersice each day.
Our baptism was really good and so many members stayed for this wonderful baptismal service.  We as the India Banglore Mission amazing year.  We as a missin baptised 597 baptism this year and our goal was to baptize about 700 people.  It was amazing!!

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and got nice gifts.  Just one thing that i want to say, Remember our Savior always and he will bless us and will guide us.
SO Danny is serving in my companion's branch and i heard that branch is the  most popular branch in Delhi. 
Love, Elder Aruldoss 

Talking to the Fam on Christmas

We performed a skit called the world's uglest man in the world. Everyone loved it!!

Twins.  One is a member, one is not.

DANIEL: December 21, 2011

Dear Families and Friends, 

How are you all families and friends? I'm so happy because Christmas is hear but I am sad I am not with ether of my families. I want all of you to read (Helaman 14) it is wonderful chapter about the birth of Christ.
we are doing some fun things on the 24th with our mission President and his family members.  you can call me at 4 pm on Sunday and we will talk.  [EDITOR'S NOTE: This is 3:30 AM Arizona time.  We didn't exactly make the call until later. . .]  I am exited to talk to you all.

My companion is cool and amazing love because he is patient guy and loving. It is heard some times to find people like that in India. we have laugh together, love together, suffer together, and learn together. 

I love it and I am having a time of my life. My companion and I working heard and having a lot of fun in this Great work. I am grateful for the Investigators and Members in the Branch. I feel like before I came to this earth I chose them (Members and Investigators) in Pre-Earth life. I love them  very much. One of my investigators has been struggling with their family problems. When we went to their family they told us about their struggles. That time the spirit told me Satan is trying them to not to get this gospel but they made the decision to be baptized this coming Sunday. I am glad They realized how important the gospel is to them and to their family. 

Marry Christmas To you all

I love you all thank you for your love and support.

Elder Aruldoss

DAVID: December 19, 2011

I am so happy that all the kids are coming home for Christmas.  I will so looking forward to talking to you.  We have about 45 min to talk to our family and i talk to pre.Funk and he told me that i can call my mom family in India and USA. I was so happy after he said that.  So I have to buy a sim card and Tell you the number later on this week. You can call me 9:00 am in the morning.  So like you said it will be saturday AZ time.  Make sure all of the kids are home when you call me, PLEASE!
My week was good.  We have this one family, part members.  They live on the mountain, its like a jungle.  MAN!!!  We have to walk all the way to the top to get to their house because their house is way on the top. Basically last house on the top of the mountain.  We walk up there everyday to teach this one sister who is going to take baptism next month.  Her name is Gouri. Both my companion and I die climbing up this mountain. Sometime our life is like climbing a moutain.   We want to give up moving farward with life and face so many problems and challenges.  But the end is worth it all and we feel happy because we maid it.  In the same way we struggled so much going up, but happy that we maid it and not only we are happy but others also happy to receive the gospel.  I felt so happy to see this family everyday because i know that it was worth of climbing this moutain to bring them to Church.  This sister also came to church yesterday.  God is really great!!
I love you  and will be waiting for your call!!
Elder Aruldoss

DANIEL: December 14, 2011

Dear Families and friends,

Thank you for your love and support. I really miss you all for this Christmas season ( this is my first Christmas that I wouldn't be with neither of my families little sad).

This week was wonderful because I experienced sadness and joy. Sadness because out teaching river was little dried.  Joy because now our teaching river is batter.

We found two family the first family is amazing family. Because their life story is amazing and through God's help they were alive.

I want you to think of God hand in your life When you read this stories and How much you should be grateful for the blessings in your life?

Massey Family
They have 9 people in their family and only two people work in that family. they have a house. in that family a persons' name Rohit. One day he was attacked by some people. He almost died and some how he was amazingly brought back to life. That moment lead that Family to Christianity. when we found that family I thanked God four leading us to this family. They love the Gospel now they will be baptized (December 25).
When I heard this story I thought to my self God save Rohit's life so his family can hear the Gospel Of Jesus Christ.

The Second story is a new family we found this through Referrals. This family name is Karin family. they have 7 members in their family and sister. Karin's husband had past-away and she has been taking care of them. They are really a poor family. When I heard about them it reminded me of my childhood days and made me cry. we invited them to be baptized in Jan. First. When I heard this stories made me to be grateful for the things in my life. I love this Gospel because it changes others life.

Mom I talked to Brother Slater. yes he very far away from me But it's OK I was happy I get to talk to him.

Love all,
Elder. Aruldoss


Dear family of Elder Aruldoss,

Elder Aruldoss is a fine missionary.  As an obedient missionary he is a good example to his companion.  President Funk and I had the opportunity to be with him during our recent Zone Conference in Visakhapatnam.  He bore his testimony and said, “I know the Savior lives.  When we trust him he will guide us.  The work we are doing for him is his work.  I am grateful for the scriptures.  I have learned God’s love.  I know this is the only true Church.”

I have attached some pictures and the Christmas message we gave to our missionaries.

Have a Merry Christmas.


Sister Funk

DAVID: December 12, 2011

Thank you for the emails.  I love reading them each week.  
This week was awesome.  My new companion and i baptized a part member.  It was such a great experence.  We are really working hard in our area.  I love the missionary work.  So we are currently teaching a family and they all speak english.  So we did everything that we could to invite them to church and even we took our branch president with us to talk to him.  We had a nice conversion with him.  This family said that it is hard to come to church in the afternoon and our church in is in the afternoon.  so they will come to church srarting next year.  From next month church will be in the morning  and i am excited.  I dont know why?
On last wednesday, my comapanion and i went on a split. so i took one member with me to his house to teach his parents.  So when i went to his house, i saw there were about 16 people who were sitting in the house and they all relatives to this member.  The BAD NEWS WAS NO ONE SPOKE ENGLISH!!!!!  However, i did not miss the opportunity and most of the people had Word of Wisdom problem.  SO I DECIEDED TO TEACH THEM THIS COMMANDMENTS!!  It was such a good lesson and i loved each one of them in that house.  They took my invitation to follow this commandments.  It was a great experence.  I felt like a PASTER,  teaches this huge croud. 
I am excited to talk to all of you.  Abbey, sorry about that email.  I still love very much. 
Hey, mom can you please send me some family pictures.  Maybe from Aaron's weding.  Please mom. I have no pictures of our family and everyone  is asking me about family and want to see the pictures.
I love you mom and dad and all the Allred kids.

Elder Aruldoss.