Monday, January 9, 2012

DANIEL: January 4, 2012

Hello families and Friends,
How are you? I am doing very well. Last couples of weeks had been fun and exiting. anyway How about yours. How is everyone in Arizona. Tell I said Hi to Grandma and Grandpa.

Is it every thing is OK. How was your New year. i was glade i talked with you guys on Christmas day. 

My companion and I working heard and we have so much fun teaching and finding. I love my companion and He helps me a lot. I am glade God gave me a cool companion. 
My spiritual moment of this week:

Every thing is doing well in Dwarka. My companion and I have so much fun with our Members and Investigators. Epically seeing their life get changed is the best things that I had seen and continued to see.

Our members are fasting and praying for the elders and also for the missionary work. It is wonderful to see how our lives had blessed because of the members and their faith. For an example sister Peter K.C had been fasting and praying for the missionaries and so we can find some people to teach. When I came to Dwarka we had no one to teach and our teaching river was not very good. The second day we had few families to teach. My companion and I thought to ourselves WOW!!!!!!!!!  What happened to Dwarka we are finding so many people to teach and our teaching had been nonstop. We had success in Dwarka because of our members.

I am grateful for the Gospel that helps us to be happy and helps others to be happy. I am grateful because God had trusted me with His work. 

Love all take care
Elder Aruldoss

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