Monday, January 2, 2012

DAVID: January 2, 2012

This week was sooooo goood!!!  We went to so many parties to all over our area including a party in the church.  I loved it!!  We have found and taught many people last week.  This time of year it is little easy to find Christian people because these people hang thier Christmas Stars in the front of their doors. So it is so easy to identify them.  So we also  gave baptism date to many people and we are expecting many baptism this month. Mission is so FUN!!!
This last Sunday my companion and i woke up like 5:30 am in the morning to pick up some people to Church.  This year our time changed to morning session (Church).  The whather was so beautiful and it was raining also.  so everywhere it's muddy.  We had to walk in the Nasty Mud to get to our investicators house.  It was horrible!!!!  Our shoes, pants all got muddy. Anyway, we picked up about 10 people to CHurch and Only 3 people spoke English in that group of people.  As we were walking with them to the  main road we SAW a huge snake on the road.  I did not freak out because the people were with me and i did not want to look bad front of them.  After we got them to church, one of the members asked us "are they from the other branch"  I told them no they are our inverticators.  We spent about 3 hours to bring them to church, but they all left after sacrement meeting to go to their Church.  I was shocked!!!!  so i could not do anything, they left us.  I was little sad.
The new year night we as the Elders cooked some delicious Curry to take it to the church.  All have to bring food to this party.  It was so fun to hang out with the members.  I think i got fat within two days eating so much Birayani and sweets.
It was one of the memorable Christmas and New Year!!
WIth much love Elder Aruldoss.

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