Monday, January 9, 2012

DAVID: January 9, 2012

So good email, Thanks mom for the report.  I can't believe i was not there for Texes Sheets Cakes, especially when you maid TWO!!!
My week was very good. I was very sadened to visit this family last week because this one little girl name Pavani had suffered with cancer for long time.  So the doctor told her that she wont survive anymore.  When i saw her laying down on the bed i was really sad.  She will be leaving the earthly life soon.  This girl's mother was crying to us.  I didn't know what to say.  So my companion and called all the young women in the branch and told them to visit Pavani the next day.  I was little upset because many try to find excuse not to come to visit her.  So we only took two sister the next day and they had really nice time visiting this girl. Also, i told the Young Men to visit her and they ALL came with us to visit her.  I was so happy for all the young men.  They LOVED it.  All are bore their testimony to her.  Pavani mom also lost her 1st girl like 7 years ago.  These days are very difficult for her.  Her Husband married to another women.  So she is alone now.  Please pray for this mother (Veramma is the name of the mother).
I am really happy to serve a mission and to experence all these experences.  Yes, I am doing my best to be obedient.  I also read the letter that you gave me when Danny and I left USA.  I STILL have that and Thanks for that letter.  Meaning in the letter means lot to me.  Thanks! 
Testimony meeting was wonderful.  The fellings of the spirit was great.  Actually, people here in Vizag don't know how to bear testimony.  My companion and brought our investicators to Church.  This one lady went up to the front of the congregation and basically told everyone how the branch people are unkind to her and etc. Our investicators had a spiritual time at church.
Love, Elder Aruldoss

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