Monday, January 2, 2012

DANIEL: December 28, 2011

Dear families and friends,
How are you? I hope you all had wonderful Christmas. Tell me about was your Christmas. It was wonderful to talk to you all and I was so happy to hear all of your voices and miss you all and love you guys.

My spiritual moment for this week:
It was wonderful to see how people want the spiritual things? And also in the other hand how people don’t care for the spiritual things? Few days before I was so made at my self and also about some members. I said to my companion why we work so heard for their salvation and help them to understand how important the gospel is for them and still they don’t read and pray and come to church.

The next day I woke up and started to read the Book of Mormon, while I was reading I got my answer to my question in (2Nephi 30). We teach and help this people first we love them and also we have the Madison to their problems. I gave thanks to our Heavenly Father for giving me this wonderful responsibility to me.
I love the scriptures and it helps me to help others and myself.

I know I said it so many times and read the scriptures and read it with a Questions in your mind and see if your questions is answered in the end of your reading. I tell you it will be.

                   Happy New year 

Love you families Friends,

Elder Aruldoss

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