Monday, January 2, 2012

DANIEL: December 21, 2011

Dear Families and Friends, 

How are you all families and friends? I'm so happy because Christmas is hear but I am sad I am not with ether of my families. I want all of you to read (Helaman 14) it is wonderful chapter about the birth of Christ.
we are doing some fun things on the 24th with our mission President and his family members.  you can call me at 4 pm on Sunday and we will talk.  [EDITOR'S NOTE: This is 3:30 AM Arizona time.  We didn't exactly make the call until later. . .]  I am exited to talk to you all.

My companion is cool and amazing love because he is patient guy and loving. It is heard some times to find people like that in India. we have laugh together, love together, suffer together, and learn together. 

I love it and I am having a time of my life. My companion and I working heard and having a lot of fun in this Great work. I am grateful for the Investigators and Members in the Branch. I feel like before I came to this earth I chose them (Members and Investigators) in Pre-Earth life. I love them  very much. One of my investigators has been struggling with their family problems. When we went to their family they told us about their struggles. That time the spirit told me Satan is trying them to not to get this gospel but they made the decision to be baptized this coming Sunday. I am glad They realized how important the gospel is to them and to their family. 

Marry Christmas To you all

I love you all thank you for your love and support.

Elder Aruldoss

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