Monday, January 2, 2012

DAVID: December 26, 2011

I am so happy that i was able to talk you my hole family. I was overwelmed with joy and didn't know what to say on the phone.  I was really greatful to talk to all of you. 
I did call my mom Kala and my dad. They are doing well.  My dad was saying that he is getting old and won't be able to survive for another two years.(I KNOW! that he was kidding, and wants us to come home)  My dad really misses us.  Of course my mom as well.  This time i felt something different with my dad's voice.  I love my dad.  he is a good man.
In Chennai, we have opened a new church building for our branch.  I think in the past years they had rented bulidings here and there.  NOW, we have our own building.  THey opened it begining of this month.
I still sick, suffering with fever and cold.  Even on the Chrismas day i had to suffer. Even though my companion and went for out to WORK!  God really blessed us that day. We found so many investicators, I think i told you before.  Missionary work is really fun and exciting. I like it a lot.  On Christmas day we went to couple of members house and had nice dinner with them.  GUESS WHAT I HAD!! YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!  I had Biryani.  MAN, i am sick of that food. Mom, send me something different.  I am trying to avoid eating rice everyday because i will become FAT.  I am doing exersice each day.
Our baptism was really good and so many members stayed for this wonderful baptismal service.  We as the India Banglore Mission amazing year.  We as a missin baptised 597 baptism this year and our goal was to baptize about 700 people.  It was amazing!!

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and got nice gifts.  Just one thing that i want to say, Remember our Savior always and he will bless us and will guide us.
SO Danny is serving in my companion's branch and i heard that branch is the  most popular branch in Delhi. 
Love, Elder Aruldoss 

Talking to the Fam on Christmas

We performed a skit called the world's uglest man in the world. Everyone loved it!!

Twins.  One is a member, one is not.

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