Thursday, January 12, 2012

DANIEL: January 11, 2012

Dear families and Friends,

How are you all? It is good hear from you all I am glad you all had wonderful Christmas and New Year. I had so much fun little sad because I wasn't with you all.

My spiritual experience was we had a baptism on last Saturday, her name was Priya. we set a baptism date three different times do to problems in her home. when my companion baptized her Priya, my companion, and I almost cried because she went through a lot and Satan really tried her but she never got discouraged and she was so faithful to the gospel. That time I thought to myself Satan is real and he is trying to destroy the work of God I was glad she was faithful to the end ( Ether 12:6).

Now I would like to talk about another topic which is Priesthood and our Responsibilities. I know you might know what I am going to talk about but remaining you wouldn't hurt me or you. I am going to talk about from the Book of Mormon. In Alma 13. when I red this chapter I learned a lot of things about priesthood.

Alma 13:1-2 Alma rights for our good (D&C107:2-4).
Alma13:3 tells we were chosen to in the per-earth life to me this how I think of the moment God had so much trust and He looked at me and said "I will go and do help this people with the priesthood" ( 2
Tim1:9 ,  D&C138:56).
and goes on and saying what we should do with the Priesthood and How we can help others with it?

I'm great full for the scriptures and the lessons that we learn from the stories.

I increage you all to read this chapter of (Alma 13).

Thank you all for your love and support Love you all.

Elder Aruldoss

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