Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DAVID: January 16, 2012

Hello my dear family and friends,
This week was so good.  It looks like we will have at least 3 baptism this month. My companion and i worked really hard to find people to teach last week.  I am happy about our effort.  It looks like I might be going to another place soon.  Transfer coming soon.  Many new  missionaries are coming to our mission.  We will have average of 84 missionaries this year.  I think i told you that we have baptized 596 last year and we have not told the goals for this year. 
We went to play cricket for Preparation day.  It was so fun to play with the members.  I did ok.
I got all the letters from the ward.  Tell them thanks to all the members for writeng the letter to me. I was really happy to read them.  Also, special thanks to sister Slater for the letter.
It is really cold here in my area Vizag.  I was so cold at night traveling to different places.  I wish i could take my Batman blankit with me everywhere.  
One day we were waiting for a bus.  This one man named Ravi came up to us at the bus stand and asked us to help him with his personal problems.  As we met and talk with him the next day.  He told us that his own family is making fun of him for not finding a job and kicked him out of the house until he finds a job.  He recently for married as well. so he was asking What is the soultion for me?  What can i do now?  We gave him 3 simple steps as an answer to him. first, we told him to read the scriptures daily. Second, have daily prayer and third go to church weekly once.  He said that he will follow these steps.

I am so happy that i am on mission to rescue the people in India and to teach them about the restored Gospel.  I am really enjoying my mission. 
I love you my dear family and keep praying for the people in India.
Love Elder Aruldoss

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