Sunday, February 19, 2012

DAVID: February 12, 2012

This week was pretty good.  We found many new people last week.  I learned that during these days here in Rajahmundry all the people like to say "How are you, I am fine." to us.  My companion is pretty famous here.  You see so many people run behind my companion's bicycle.  It's funny.

I had a cool experence last week. On Tuesday my companion was told me that we have to visit one of the less active member's house.  He reminded me so many times that day. Finally, i reliazed that there might be a reason that he was doing this.  So I told him "Lets go visit him."  The less active Santosh was not home when we got there. I looked at my companion and he looked at me.  Then i said "Lets go finding."  As we were coming to the main road, i heard a clapping sound.  It seems like someone was calling someone.  We kinda ignored the sound. But some reason i stopped my bicylce and went back to see who it was and what the sound was. 

So when i saw the direction where the sound was coming from, there was a man looking at the street where we turned right to go the main road.  So he told me to come to his house and so we went into his house. He gave us so much food to eat and did not say anything else. We were confused and again looking at
each others face. we were like  WHAT IS GOING ON!!! Who is this man!! This man finally opened his mouth and said " I know you Missionaries and you are doing the Lords work."  Making long story short, we taught this family about the Restoration and they said that they will read the BOM and ask God the truth.  It was a great experence for me because i listened to my companion  and there we found this family.

Heavenly Father really knows his children and He led this family to us.  The Father of this family said that he will read the BOM in few days. I was so happy to hear from him and i know it will help him and his family.

I love my people in India.  They are the BEST!!  The gospel is True.

Love Elder Aruldoss.

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