Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DAVID: January 30, 2012

This week was very crazy.  I am transfering to a new area Rajahmandry.  I am also going to be a trainer again and Pre.Funk wants me to be a District Leader.  I am so excited for this new opportunity to meet other Church members and others.  I am leaving this Wednesday with my companion to Banglore to pick up our new companions. We are both trainers this time.  However, i was really sad because my trainer left home today.  It was very sad.  I will miss him.
My companion and I baptized 3 people this week.  It was such a great experence for both of us.  The people whom we baptized are going to be a stong members of the Church.  I will send photos...
I will never forget this week because something happened which i will never forget.  I told you about this girl who had Cancer and was going to die soon.  So we went to visit her on Wednesday.  The previous day we were suppose to visit her, but i completely forgot. I dont know why i forgot.  We went to visit her exactly 1:00pm.  When I enter into her house i felt something different.  It was sad to see sister Pavani.  She was still struglling so much to do everything.  As we were talking to the mother Pavani called her mother few times.  After sometime she did not speak at all. I knew someting was wrong.  We found out that Pavani passed away.  SHE passed away front of me. Her mother was crying so much and just within few minutes all the neigbors gathered around her house.  I was sitting there like a stature watching all these happening. I felt really bad for the mother because she lost her second daugher.  I was crying as well.  Soon afer we left he house.  I did not understand why this event took place in front of us.  I was confused.... then my companion told me that he wants to tell me something when we reached to our apartment because we dicided to go and take a shower.
What i am going to tell you is TRUE!!  My companion told me that he talk to the Holy spirit at Pavani's house(girl who died).  He said that he was praying to Heavenly Faher asking why she has to suffer all these things. Why this is all happening to this mother.  The spirit told him that she, sister Pavani is going to die soon. So right after his prayer  when he said AMEN, sister Pacani passed away. At this house i was also observing my companion and he was stirring at this sister. I thought to myself that God wanted us to be there for this very purpose to witness this experence.  I told you that i did feel something different when i enter into her house.  That whole day did not go well for me because what had happened to this family. [EDITOR'S NOTE:  See David's letter from February 6 for an update on this story. Keep in mind that editors do not explain, they only edit.  Or in the case of this blog, they only post UNEDITED emails. . .]
This experience really changed my attitude towards God.  I know that he is there who is watching over us.  I know that the Spirit of God is REAL.
I love my mission and missionary work is so fun.  I love each of you very much.
Elder Aruldoss

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