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DANIEL: February 15, 2012

Hello families and friends,

How are you all doing? I hope you all had wonderful week. I forgat to tell you about cuple missionaries from Utha. we been working with them alot and they are little afraid about the traffic in India. my companion and I took them to shapping last night it was fun they had never had seen such a things like the market last night they were amazed. They are getting use to this culture in India. Their name is Elder and Sister. Crockstones. they had been a huge help in our area.
Some thing crazy and exiting news is that we had been watched over our Prophet and Apostils. My mission president told us they ask our Dwarka area everyday, because their is an experiment going on in our area that is Home Groups. In New Delhi buying land is very costly and heard do to this they rent a house and they gather in the renting place. if it's Succeeds they will start all over Asia. it kind of Scare because my mission president has to report to the quorums of the twelve every day what’s happing in Dwarka and our efforts weekly.
My Spiritual experience of this week is 
My companion and I doing awesome. This week was wonderful week to both of us. We had been working heard in Dwarak Mor to help our members. I have been learning some of the valuable lessons in HIS mission. Tow days ago I was reading the Book of Mormon I had learned some thing important in my life and life of those who are waiting to hear the Gospel and for (R.C/L.A) in Mosiah 23:26-28. That was Alma and the people who enter the waters of the baptism and they all separated from King Noah.

Few years later they became prospers people in the wilderness. Now the Lamanites try to find the land of the Nephi but the finds the people of Alma. The people of Alma became afraid now Alma tells this people not are afraid and He helps them to over come the fear. People of Alma put their trust in God. God soften their hearts.

The lesson that I learned was now I am hear to help this people in Dwarka when they are discouraged, going through tough time, or afraid like the people of Alma. It is my responsibility to help the members and Investigators to turn their heart towered God and His gospel.

This work is very important in the whole world, and I am glad I am a part of His work.
study your scriptures and pray daily. 

thank you for your love and support

Love you all.

Elder. Aruldoss  

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