Sunday, December 30, 2012

DANIEL: December 26, 2012

DAVID: December 24, 2012

DANIEL: December 19, 2012

I want to tell you few things about this week. let me start from Baptism cloths on Saturday my companion and I realized we did not have a baptism cloths. so we traveled to Pitampura for the baptism suits. we traveled for a long time finally we reached 9:30 P.M. my companion and I traveled to Vasant Vihar at 11:45 P.M. and we spent our night and next day we had to wake up early in the morning to go to our church. when we went there we did not have a water in the Baptism font. so we had to fill up the font with the hose and we had to heat the water up. while we are doing this sister Rakhi didn't showed up to church. we were looking here and their. finally she came to church we had one of the wonderful baptism service, we had about 65 members staid after church. the spirit was so wonderful and amazing. I love it.

that is the first Sunday I did not take shower and did not brushed my teeth. did not ware suits to church. Now we been looking for some investigators please pray for us.

two days ago we did not have power in our apartment all day. now we have the power it was a new experience for us, it halped me to be grateful for many thing are very small and important. 

Once again MERRY CHRISTMAS.   

Love you all,

Elder Aruldoss     


DAVID: December 17, 2012

I am doing super good for this Christmas. 

My area is little unique than other area of my mission.  I feel the joy of the Christmas everyday.  I remember in Utah wherever i turn there will be a temple visible in my sight and in the same manner here in my area wherever i turn myself i see the Christmas stars everywhere hanged by the faithful Christians.  The only bad news about it is that they don't let us into their home. However, we did find some families to teach the gospel.  Among them one is Samson family and his wife name is Rema, we found them because they had a red color star brightly was flashing in front of their home.  We are teaching this family and they are doing so good.  In the first lesson i invited the husband to offer the closing prayer and without hesitation he said the wonderful prayer.  His wife was so surprised by her husband's prayer, because she has never heard him pray before.  By the way they are married 4 years back. She was very happy about her husband and guess what we did.  We strongly exhorted them to have family prayer each day and take turn to say it.  Since our first visit i don't think they have missed the family prayer.  I love teaching humble families like this one.  This brother took the Book of Mormon to his work and read during his free time at work.  Sister Rema said that "i was praying to God to help my family in some way."  I really believe that we are the answer to her prayer. 

One more crazy thing happen with this family.  The second visit i again asked Samson to say the closing prayer.  Guess what happened.  I heard the longest prayer ever in my life.  He went on and prayed literally for 12 minutes and if i didn't let him stop we would have stayed in his home full night.  He was also repeating the same thing over and over. So i decide to do something.  I know that it was time for us to go and his prayer was still going.  So the right time came and i said loudly AMEN then the brother also said amen.  We had a little laugh at it at the end.  Sometime people here in India will do that.  I don't know it that was wrong or right, but i am happy that we got to the next appointment on time.

One day i got a surprise parcel from Gilbert, AZ.  The box full of candies and home made cookies.  As soon as i opened it my eyes got bigger and had a big smile on my face.  The gift was from one of good friend Zac Bushman's family. They have sent me box full of goodies. I loved it SOO much.  The cookies tasted amazing. 

MOM:  Please tell my heart full thanks to Bushman family, especially Zac.  I loved the wonderful Christmas Card from him.

WELLL!!! I will call you next week and we can discuss more....

With my love and my Christmas Greeting to my loving family.

Elder Aruldoss

DAVID: December 10, 2012

I thought that i was busy last week but it seems like you are busier than me. 

My week was good.  We met a family last week and they were so nice and  we went to share a Christmas message.  As we talked about the Bible that lady whom we were teaching to told us something that i will never forget.  She said that in her school she was taught not to read the precious Bible at all. She has never read the Bible in her whole life.  She was from RC back ground and speaks perfect English.  The following is her own word " I have never read the Bible and i will never read it."  She was taught like this in her early life and she believed in those people and still strongly believes it.  I couldn't believe it!!  This is the craziest thing happened last week.

I will call you, actually i will give you a miss call to your phone. We have to get a Sim card and i will let you know the number next week.

I will call you on Christmas day around 8:00 am India time.  so it will be evening 8:30pm AZ time.  So on the 25, Christmas day in the evening time (AZ) i will be speaking with the family.  I am anxiously looking
forward for that day to speak with my family.


Elder Aruldoss

DANIEL: December 12, 2012

Dear families and Friends,

How are you all doing in this days? I’m doing good. Thanks mom and dad for senting mail I really enjoy reading them. I’m also happy that mom is doing will form the cold.

Missionary work is going wonderful. We have a baptism coming up this Sunday.  This sister’s name is Rakhi. She is a really wonderful sister. My companion and I enjoy teaching her. She already a wonderful missionary she referred her friend her name is Pujia. We been teaching them is has been wonderful experience for us.

Two weeks ago we had missionary fire side. The them was “Book of Mormon”. My companion had created some games like Samuel the Laminites, Nephites and Laminites wars, Translating the Book of Mormon into made up language. It was so much fun and learning for the people who attended this activity.

Yesterday was one of the funniest day of my life. we had a baptism interview  So we had exchange with our companionship and other companionship. During the lunch time we decided to come to our apartment and have our lunch. We ordered our food and we waited for a hour and before that I call the person who doesn't know any English at all we nether of us know Hindi. My companion elder. Bastin  did not know any Hindi he started to speak while I was listened to him I stated to laugh so heard because his mix the words in Hindi and in English. After the got out from the phone we stated to laugh so heard.

Next week one of my friend who served with me gutting engaged to one of my mission sister. His name is Elder. Krishna velu. I’m really happy for him.

I been reading the D&C lately and I also been learning many things that I need to do better in my life. I’m so grateful for the scriptures in my life and the teaching and guidance that gives to me.

Thanks families and friend for your love and your support.

Love you all,

Elder Aruldoss

DAVID: December 3, 2012

The whole mission is on mission to find new investgators.  We wanted to finish this year very strong and our mission president Funk gave some new instructions to all the missionaries.  We have passed our last year total of baptisms in 11 months and we are on our way to a new record.  India Banglore mission has 661 baptism so far this year and last year was 596.  This is a wonderful effort from the Elders here in our mission.
We dropped all the widow sisters that we have found couple of weeks ago.  There are not progressing and keeping the commitments.  One sister Sheeba was doing so well until sunday.  I got a phone call from her previous paster and he told me to not to call her or visit her at all.  I was not happy after my conversation with this paster. 
I passed my 16 months of my mission and i can't believe it.  The days are flowing like a river. I miss you all and love you sooooo much.
With so much love,

Elder Aruldoss 
P.S. The Elders are planning to meet my dad this week. He is coming to Chennai to attend the interview.  Please pray for him. 

DANIEL: November 28, 2012

Dear families and friends,

How are you all doing? I am doing wonderful.

I'm transferred to a new area call Lajpat Nagger and I have a new companion his name is Elder Hess. He is a cool elder I'm excited to work with him in this transfer.

I'm happy that everyone was there for Thanksgiving, and thank you for the updates mom.

Will our companionship do not know the area very well and we a trying knowing the area.

Good job David following the promptings of the Spirit. I hope dad will get the job and go to church.

thank you all for the love and your support.

Love you all,

Elder Aruldoss

DAVID: November 26, 2012

I have a good news.  I have been thinking about my dad for last two weeks.  I am also praying for him each day so that he can have a change of heart to accept the Gospel.  I had the phone numbers of him with me.  I also had the thought that my dad should come to Chennai for couple of reason.  First, the Church is near and the Elders could teach him and second reason is that he can get a job there.  Right now he works so far from Chennai probably about 5 to 6 hours.  So i gave his numbers to the elders in Chennai to contact him.  The good elders immediately contacted him. They called him and told him that your son Elder Aruldoss wants you to come to Chennai to work.  My father was so surprised by their call and what they were asking him to do.  Then my dad thanked those elders because my dad was also gotten job offer in two different places.  One in Chennai and other in where he was previously working.  He wasn't sure where he wanted to go for job since two different places were offering him a job.  So he was really happy that the elders called him and told him to come to Chennai. I think he will come to Chennai for the job and as soon as he reaches there the elders will be after him.  I am grateful to follow the impression that came to me.  I know that it was from Heaven.  The gospel is the only way that my father will change.  I love my dad.

We are suffering without the phone because we  lost our phone two weeks ago during a bus travel.  We had purchased a new phone but, waiting for the Sim card from Bangalore. 

One of the 3 widow sister came to Church last week and she had a wonderful time learning and feeling the spirit.  She also has baptism date for next month. unfortunately her son was wearing a Playboy hat which i didn't see until the last hour and so i removed it from his head immediately.  It was pretty funny.

Happy to know that the family Thanksgiving event went well. 

Mom, I terribly miss your delicious food. 


Elder Aruldoss

DANIEL: November 21, 2012

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Dear Families and Friends,

How are you all doing this week? I'm doing wonderful.

Today I have some sad news and some good news. Let me tell you the sad news. Tomorrow my companion is living to MTC.  I will really miss him. He is really a good elder, and enjoyed serving with him. He had taught me many things and helped me to understand some of my weakness.

Sad news is I'm leaving this branch tomorrow. I will be serving with American elder, his name is Hess. I will tell you more about him coming weeks.

I finish reading the Book of Mormon two weeks ago. I felt really good now I am trying to learn more about the D&C. it is truly a word of God. I am grateful for the instruction that God had give to us to run His church.

Some of my investigators I will be missing them lot. My convert Edward family, I love them lot and I will truly miss them.

By the way David, I know your companion because when I got transferred to Dwarka. He left on the same day. Tell him I said hi for him and his family is doing wonderful and great. How is his brother Nicolas Massey tell him I said hi for him too? Your companion is really a good guy.

Happy Thanksgiving every one.

Love Elder Aruldoss

DAVID: November 19, 2012

Last week was transfer week and don't worry i am staying in my same area, but my companion got transferred to Chennai.  So i have another companion now.  His name is Massey from Delhi.  One cool part is that his brother is also in the same mission and another brother is preparing to come on mission.  He is been out in the mission for 11 months.  He is very humble and a kind missionary.  I really like him as my companion.   

We had a wonderful baptism of Rajesh's wife Kalaiwani.  The best part of the baptism was her husband performing her baptism. Brother Rajesh was confermed in the Sacrament meeting and received the Aaronic Priesthood in the Elder's Quorum class  This was a great blessing for me to witness it.  Now, this family is all member of the Church except his beautiful daughter who is about 3 years of age.  It was sad that my previous companion was gone, not to be able to see her baptism.  This family was so happy to be in the Church. I couldn't have brought this family without God's help.  I am really grateful to God. 

I want to tell you some of the new investigators that we have found this week.  We found this family of 5, two daughters and a son.  The two daughters were married and have children.  So i asked her where their husbands are, because they were the only ones there at that time.  The older sister replied that her husband was expired and the younger sister also said that her husband was also expired. One died in a heart attack and another died of health issue.  I was so sad to hear that from them.  We taught them the Plan of Salvation and how they can see their husbands and the loved one day.  They are really happy to know that they can live forever as a family.  They are grateful to God for the plan.  I am thankful to Heavenly Father for this wonderful and merciful plan of happiness. 

I am reading the Gospel of John to learn about the Savior and his mission.  This morning i read  in John 15th chapter that our Savior said "Ye are my friend, of you do whatsoever i command you."  I know that He is our true friend because he lay down his life for us to redeem us from sin.

I am really grateful for each of you and your wonderful love and the support to me.  I miss you so much.

With Much love,

Elder Aruldoss

DANIEL: November 14, 2012

Hello families and Friends,

First of all forgive me for not writing you for long time. I want to tell you so many things but I don’t know where to start. 

Will let me start form the baptism we had wonderful baptism two weeks ago it was one of the spiritual moment for me. The wonderful thing about this baptism was it was a family of four I loved it I did not have the chance to baptize a family it was my first time. The spirit was amazing I was started to cry because of the family when we taught them we grew together and Spiritually and Physically. This feel was wonderful to feel.
Past week they had received the Holy Ghost once again I felt really good for the family, I felt half way helped the Edward family because brother need the Priesthood which is one of the important thing that an man can have in this life. If we help him to get that I will be happier because I’m seeing everyday what the priesthood person can do in their families?

This week we talked with Edward family about the important of the priesthood and the responsibilities of the priesthood.

To My dad and brothers I want to tell you how much I’m personally grateful for your love to me. Because you had and have taught me about the importance of the priesthood. Thank you for fulfilling those responsibilities in our home. Especially dad I always watched you and grew up seeing you how did you treated, mom and my sisters and Brothers. Thank you for your examples in our homes and outside off our homes. Thank you dad.  
We had the chance to meet sister. Mary N. Cook first councilor in the young women presidency. She had taught about the value of Virtue and it was cool see her.  She gave four points for all the young women in India Delhi members.

1st Read the Book of Mormon very day
2nd Pray morning and Night
3rd Stand as witness of God every thing they do
4Th Smile

She talked about more about the “trusting God and His will and His time” I really enjoyed her talks.
We also had Zone conference we had Asia area president Gong and sister Gong came to see and talked to us about The First vision and importance of the Scripture study. I learned few things form him and stared to apply doing my Personal study time.

Love you all,

Elder Aruldoss  

DAVID: November 12, 2012

This week was a tough week because we are struggling finding new investigators. The population of English speaking is less in this place that i serving Erode.  However, I am so happy for the baptism that we had.  We baptized brother Rajesh.  He was really happy to be baptized and his wife will be baptized by him the coming week.  For a while we were teaching a family named Saravanan.  We taught him about the restoration and he wanted to meet President Monson.  He is really wealthy and said that he doesn't care about the cost that will require him to come to USA and to meet him.  He  just want to meet him personally and ask him some questions.  We spoke with the leaders in the mission and  they said that he can only meet President Monson during the Conference.  We spoke with the  brother Saravanan again about the matter and he was little disappointed.

We travel to Coimbatore each month to have combined District meeting in out Zone, since my district leaves 3 hours away.  Last we when we went there and unfortunately i lost the phone some where in the bus during our travel.  I didn't realize until i stepped out of the bus.  I had all the contact numbers of the members and the investigators.  Now, my companion and i are without the phone for a week. Without the phone the work is really going slow and we can't contact anyone and the worst part is that we have to get all the phone numbers again.  

I think you all know about the BIG Hindu festival Devali.  It is tomorrow and the fireworks are blasting so loud everywhere here.  We might not go out tomorrow at all for proselyte because of this festival.  

I am so glad to be on mission and this work is the best work that i can be doing in this age. 

Love you all and miss you so much.

Elder Aruldoss

DAVID: November 11, 2012

From Sister Andrea Funk, President Funk's wife:

Dear family of Elder Aruldoss,

In October President Funk and I had the opportunity to be with Elder Aruldoss while we were in Coimbatore for a zone conference.  Elder Aruldoss is a fine missionary.  He works hard and is blessing the people in Erode.

The Coimbatore zone leaders said Elder Aruldoss is a bold and assertive leader.  He never backs down from a challenge.

I have attached some pictures.


Sister Funk

DANIEL: November 7, 2012

DAVID: November 5, 2012

It is really hard to think that i have completed 15 months of my mission.

We have been teaching a family about a month and they are preparing for baptism this week.  I have mentioned them in my earlier emails before.  Lately we have been struggling a lot.  We are finding new investigators but are with lack of commitments of coming to Church.

Our fast and testimony meeting was so good and brother Rajesh impressed to bear his testimony.  Since he was sitting front of me, he looked at me and i told him to go up and bear his testimony. Then I touched my heart with my right hand and he understood what i meant.  I basically told him to express his feelings of his heart. He went up and bore a wonderful testimony of how God helped him to find  a true Church.  I was so happy for brother Rajesh.  I am really excited for this week of their baptisms.  This family gone through so many struggles.  Because of their love marriage they were kicked out of their home.  Rajesh wife is from a Hindu background.  There are many families like that who are separated from the parents because of marrying our side of the religion.  They are so happy now because of the Restored Gospel which they found.

The more i understand the Gospel, the more i taste it. I know this gospel is SO TRUE!

Love Elder Aruldoss

DAVID: October 29, 2012

This week was little tough for us.  I told you about Stanly in last week's letter and we found out that he lives in the other part of the area which belong to other companionship in my branch. So we kindly hand them to those elders.  This week Stanly brought his brother to Church.  He only stayed for one hour. 

I had a wonderful experience this week.  We went finding on Sunday evening.  As i was praying in my heart to show the families to find.  We were led to a family who belong to Roman Catholic Church. Husband and wife and a son.  Very nice family. We usually teach either Prayer or about Prophets in a short time.  They said that they have a very small time to meet us.  So we got into their home and  I for some reason didn't teach the normal  lesson to this family.  So  i decided to teach the principle of Faith to them.  I asked them if they went to Church on Sunday. That sister said  "No,we didn't go to today." She also said that her husband is not going to Church and always busy working on that day.  So she had a long conversation with her husband about having Faith in Jesus Christ.  So we strengthen them trough our teaching.  I realized that i was led by the spirit to share the message at that time. That sister said " I know that you two are led by God to my home."  My testimony was strengthen through this experience and i know that without the spirit we can not teach.  He is the ultimate and true teacher. 

We are preparing a family named Rajesh and Kalaiwani.  This brother is such a great man and speaks really good English.  He is understanding the Gospel so well.  He is not only going to be a great member but also going to be a great leader of the Erode branch and  He is reading the Book of Mormon so fast and his wife is from Hindu background.  She is also preparing well for the Baptism.  Our branch is lacking in leadership and brother Rajesh will help the branch is so much.

i am happy to know that Nelson is going on mission.  Convey my love to his family!

Elder Aruldoss

DAVID: October 22, 2012

K Ka Emelu.  That means how are you in Nigerian. 

I had a nice week and had some good appointments that i will like to tell you about.  Last month one brother named Stanly who showed up to Church with a Book of Mormon.  I thought immediately what is Luis is doing here in India.  So of course i went and had a nice conversation with him.  I also thought that he was a member of the church.  So i had the opportunity to meet with him last week and found out that he is not a member of our church.  He is from Nigeria.  He came here for study purpose and doing a side business as well.  He speaks pretty good English and from Christian background.  VERY humble man.  We taught him about the restoration and he had many good questions about it and wanted to know about the BOM.  We also watched the first version Video.  We all felt the spirit very strong and this brother began to tell us about his family and how his brother passed away few years ago and how his family suffered so much.  He really like the message that we presented to him and set with him Baptism date for Nov 11th.  He excepted the invitation and i was so happy for him.  He offered one of the beautiful prayers i have ever heard.  His chareacters are 50 percent like Luis characters. I will let you know what happens with him next week.  He also mentioned that our Church is also in his home country near his home.  He came to Church yesterday.  By teaching him made me miss the Slater's kids Luis and Amelia and Afonso. 

We also taught one brother named Rajesh about the Plan of Salvation and he absolutely loved it so much.  He said something like this " My 30 years of questions was answered today through POS" and He brought his whole family to Church. This gospel answers to universal questions of souls. These experiences made me appreciate the restored gospel so much.  I am grateful to teach the truth unto the people of India.  I love and admire each of your love so much. 

With much love,

Elder Aruldoss