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DANIEL: November 14, 2012

Hello families and Friends,

First of all forgive me for not writing you for long time. I want to tell you so many things but I don’t know where to start. 

Will let me start form the baptism we had wonderful baptism two weeks ago it was one of the spiritual moment for me. The wonderful thing about this baptism was it was a family of four I loved it I did not have the chance to baptize a family it was my first time. The spirit was amazing I was started to cry because of the family when we taught them we grew together and Spiritually and Physically. This feel was wonderful to feel.
Past week they had received the Holy Ghost once again I felt really good for the family, I felt half way helped the Edward family because brother need the Priesthood which is one of the important thing that an man can have in this life. If we help him to get that I will be happier because I’m seeing everyday what the priesthood person can do in their families?

This week we talked with Edward family about the important of the priesthood and the responsibilities of the priesthood.

To My dad and brothers I want to tell you how much I’m personally grateful for your love to me. Because you had and have taught me about the importance of the priesthood. Thank you for fulfilling those responsibilities in our home. Especially dad I always watched you and grew up seeing you how did you treated, mom and my sisters and Brothers. Thank you for your examples in our homes and outside off our homes. Thank you dad.  
We had the chance to meet sister. Mary N. Cook first councilor in the young women presidency. She had taught about the value of Virtue and it was cool see her.  She gave four points for all the young women in India Delhi members.

1st Read the Book of Mormon very day
2nd Pray morning and Night
3rd Stand as witness of God every thing they do
4Th Smile

She talked about more about the “trusting God and His will and His time” I really enjoyed her talks.
We also had Zone conference we had Asia area president Gong and sister Gong came to see and talked to us about The First vision and importance of the Scripture study. I learned few things form him and stared to apply doing my Personal study time.

Love you all,

Elder Aruldoss  

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