Sunday, December 30, 2012

DAVID: November 19, 2012

Last week was transfer week and don't worry i am staying in my same area, but my companion got transferred to Chennai.  So i have another companion now.  His name is Massey from Delhi.  One cool part is that his brother is also in the same mission and another brother is preparing to come on mission.  He is been out in the mission for 11 months.  He is very humble and a kind missionary.  I really like him as my companion.   

We had a wonderful baptism of Rajesh's wife Kalaiwani.  The best part of the baptism was her husband performing her baptism. Brother Rajesh was confermed in the Sacrament meeting and received the Aaronic Priesthood in the Elder's Quorum class  This was a great blessing for me to witness it.  Now, this family is all member of the Church except his beautiful daughter who is about 3 years of age.  It was sad that my previous companion was gone, not to be able to see her baptism.  This family was so happy to be in the Church. I couldn't have brought this family without God's help.  I am really grateful to God. 

I want to tell you some of the new investigators that we have found this week.  We found this family of 5, two daughters and a son.  The two daughters were married and have children.  So i asked her where their husbands are, because they were the only ones there at that time.  The older sister replied that her husband was expired and the younger sister also said that her husband was also expired. One died in a heart attack and another died of health issue.  I was so sad to hear that from them.  We taught them the Plan of Salvation and how they can see their husbands and the loved one day.  They are really happy to know that they can live forever as a family.  They are grateful to God for the plan.  I am thankful to Heavenly Father for this wonderful and merciful plan of happiness. 

I am reading the Gospel of John to learn about the Savior and his mission.  This morning i read  in John 15th chapter that our Savior said "Ye are my friend, of you do whatsoever i command you."  I know that He is our true friend because he lay down his life for us to redeem us from sin.

I am really grateful for each of you and your wonderful love and the support to me.  I miss you so much.

With Much love,

Elder Aruldoss

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