Sunday, December 30, 2012

DAVID: October 29, 2012

This week was little tough for us.  I told you about Stanly in last week's letter and we found out that he lives in the other part of the area which belong to other companionship in my branch. So we kindly hand them to those elders.  This week Stanly brought his brother to Church.  He only stayed for one hour. 

I had a wonderful experience this week.  We went finding on Sunday evening.  As i was praying in my heart to show the families to find.  We were led to a family who belong to Roman Catholic Church. Husband and wife and a son.  Very nice family. We usually teach either Prayer or about Prophets in a short time.  They said that they have a very small time to meet us.  So we got into their home and  I for some reason didn't teach the normal  lesson to this family.  So  i decided to teach the principle of Faith to them.  I asked them if they went to Church on Sunday. That sister said  "No,we didn't go to today." She also said that her husband is not going to Church and always busy working on that day.  So she had a long conversation with her husband about having Faith in Jesus Christ.  So we strengthen them trough our teaching.  I realized that i was led by the spirit to share the message at that time. That sister said " I know that you two are led by God to my home."  My testimony was strengthen through this experience and i know that without the spirit we can not teach.  He is the ultimate and true teacher. 

We are preparing a family named Rajesh and Kalaiwani.  This brother is such a great man and speaks really good English.  He is understanding the Gospel so well.  He is not only going to be a great member but also going to be a great leader of the Erode branch and  He is reading the Book of Mormon so fast and his wife is from Hindu background.  She is also preparing well for the Baptism.  Our branch is lacking in leadership and brother Rajesh will help the branch is so much.

i am happy to know that Nelson is going on mission.  Convey my love to his family!

Elder Aruldoss

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