Sunday, December 30, 2012

DAVID: December 10, 2012

I thought that i was busy last week but it seems like you are busier than me. 

My week was good.  We met a family last week and they were so nice and  we went to share a Christmas message.  As we talked about the Bible that lady whom we were teaching to told us something that i will never forget.  She said that in her school she was taught not to read the precious Bible at all. She has never read the Bible in her whole life.  She was from RC back ground and speaks perfect English.  The following is her own word " I have never read the Bible and i will never read it."  She was taught like this in her early life and she believed in those people and still strongly believes it.  I couldn't believe it!!  This is the craziest thing happened last week.

I will call you, actually i will give you a miss call to your phone. We have to get a Sim card and i will let you know the number next week.

I will call you on Christmas day around 8:00 am India time.  so it will be evening 8:30pm AZ time.  So on the 25, Christmas day in the evening time (AZ) i will be speaking with the family.  I am anxiously looking
forward for that day to speak with my family.


Elder Aruldoss

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