Sunday, December 30, 2012

DAVID: October 22, 2012

K Ka Emelu.  That means how are you in Nigerian. 

I had a nice week and had some good appointments that i will like to tell you about.  Last month one brother named Stanly who showed up to Church with a Book of Mormon.  I thought immediately what is Luis is doing here in India.  So of course i went and had a nice conversation with him.  I also thought that he was a member of the church.  So i had the opportunity to meet with him last week and found out that he is not a member of our church.  He is from Nigeria.  He came here for study purpose and doing a side business as well.  He speaks pretty good English and from Christian background.  VERY humble man.  We taught him about the restoration and he had many good questions about it and wanted to know about the BOM.  We also watched the first version Video.  We all felt the spirit very strong and this brother began to tell us about his family and how his brother passed away few years ago and how his family suffered so much.  He really like the message that we presented to him and set with him Baptism date for Nov 11th.  He excepted the invitation and i was so happy for him.  He offered one of the beautiful prayers i have ever heard.  His chareacters are 50 percent like Luis characters. I will let you know what happens with him next week.  He also mentioned that our Church is also in his home country near his home.  He came to Church yesterday.  By teaching him made me miss the Slater's kids Luis and Amelia and Afonso. 

We also taught one brother named Rajesh about the Plan of Salvation and he absolutely loved it so much.  He said something like this " My 30 years of questions was answered today through POS" and He brought his whole family to Church. This gospel answers to universal questions of souls. These experiences made me appreciate the restored gospel so much.  I am grateful to teach the truth unto the people of India.  I love and admire each of your love so much. 

With much love,

Elder Aruldoss

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