Sunday, December 30, 2012

DAVID: December 3, 2012

The whole mission is on mission to find new investgators.  We wanted to finish this year very strong and our mission president Funk gave some new instructions to all the missionaries.  We have passed our last year total of baptisms in 11 months and we are on our way to a new record.  India Banglore mission has 661 baptism so far this year and last year was 596.  This is a wonderful effort from the Elders here in our mission.
We dropped all the widow sisters that we have found couple of weeks ago.  There are not progressing and keeping the commitments.  One sister Sheeba was doing so well until sunday.  I got a phone call from her previous paster and he told me to not to call her or visit her at all.  I was not happy after my conversation with this paster. 
I passed my 16 months of my mission and i can't believe it.  The days are flowing like a river. I miss you all and love you sooooo much.
With so much love,

Elder Aruldoss 
P.S. The Elders are planning to meet my dad this week. He is coming to Chennai to attend the interview.  Please pray for him. 

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