Sunday, December 30, 2012

DAVID: December 17, 2012

I am doing super good for this Christmas. 

My area is little unique than other area of my mission.  I feel the joy of the Christmas everyday.  I remember in Utah wherever i turn there will be a temple visible in my sight and in the same manner here in my area wherever i turn myself i see the Christmas stars everywhere hanged by the faithful Christians.  The only bad news about it is that they don't let us into their home. However, we did find some families to teach the gospel.  Among them one is Samson family and his wife name is Rema, we found them because they had a red color star brightly was flashing in front of their home.  We are teaching this family and they are doing so good.  In the first lesson i invited the husband to offer the closing prayer and without hesitation he said the wonderful prayer.  His wife was so surprised by her husband's prayer, because she has never heard him pray before.  By the way they are married 4 years back. She was very happy about her husband and guess what we did.  We strongly exhorted them to have family prayer each day and take turn to say it.  Since our first visit i don't think they have missed the family prayer.  I love teaching humble families like this one.  This brother took the Book of Mormon to his work and read during his free time at work.  Sister Rema said that "i was praying to God to help my family in some way."  I really believe that we are the answer to her prayer. 

One more crazy thing happen with this family.  The second visit i again asked Samson to say the closing prayer.  Guess what happened.  I heard the longest prayer ever in my life.  He went on and prayed literally for 12 minutes and if i didn't let him stop we would have stayed in his home full night.  He was also repeating the same thing over and over. So i decide to do something.  I know that it was time for us to go and his prayer was still going.  So the right time came and i said loudly AMEN then the brother also said amen.  We had a little laugh at it at the end.  Sometime people here in India will do that.  I don't know it that was wrong or right, but i am happy that we got to the next appointment on time.

One day i got a surprise parcel from Gilbert, AZ.  The box full of candies and home made cookies.  As soon as i opened it my eyes got bigger and had a big smile on my face.  The gift was from one of good friend Zac Bushman's family. They have sent me box full of goodies. I loved it SOO much.  The cookies tasted amazing. 

MOM:  Please tell my heart full thanks to Bushman family, especially Zac.  I loved the wonderful Christmas Card from him.

WELLL!!! I will call you next week and we can discuss more....

With my love and my Christmas Greeting to my loving family.

Elder Aruldoss

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