Sunday, December 30, 2012

DAVID: November 5, 2012

It is really hard to think that i have completed 15 months of my mission.

We have been teaching a family about a month and they are preparing for baptism this week.  I have mentioned them in my earlier emails before.  Lately we have been struggling a lot.  We are finding new investigators but are with lack of commitments of coming to Church.

Our fast and testimony meeting was so good and brother Rajesh impressed to bear his testimony.  Since he was sitting front of me, he looked at me and i told him to go up and bear his testimony. Then I touched my heart with my right hand and he understood what i meant.  I basically told him to express his feelings of his heart. He went up and bore a wonderful testimony of how God helped him to find  a true Church.  I was so happy for brother Rajesh.  I am really excited for this week of their baptisms.  This family gone through so many struggles.  Because of their love marriage they were kicked out of their home.  Rajesh wife is from a Hindu background.  There are many families like that who are separated from the parents because of marrying our side of the religion.  They are so happy now because of the Restored Gospel which they found.

The more i understand the Gospel, the more i taste it. I know this gospel is SO TRUE!

Love Elder Aruldoss

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