Sunday, December 18, 2011

DANIEL: December 7, 2011

Dear Family and Friends

How are you all? I'm doing amazing. now I'm learn a lots of things. I am in New area and it is cool it see different kinds of people and enjoying every things.

First of all I want to thank My Heavenly Father for giving me this chance to serve Him. I thought I will be in Pitham Pura for 6 to 9 months I’m Happy I am in Dwarka, not that I don’t like Pitham Pura. I love that place I don’t know why I feel our members need more help in Dwarka.

MY first three months I struggled to understand and work and learn, but now I’m learning fast and doing the things with help of the spirit. I love every second of it.

My companion and I working heard and thinking more about out members and Investigators. How we can help them and what we need to study for next lessons.

My companion is amazing. Love him a lot. Our companionship study is amazing and helping each others everyday.

In our church we say and we believe and some of us experience about how serving mission will and can bless our live and our family life. I am experiencing the blessing in my family at Home. Last few months I had been thinking about I should have given a Book of Mormon to my dad and I was felt really sad because I had missed the opportunity. The last letter my mom said he has been reading the book of Mormon everyday. It made me so happy.

Another experiance was we had spicallize training. we talked about how important is the book of mormon and what is the rool of that book in our life and in our invistigators' life. I had learned many things and now I am regreading the times that did not read the book of mormon. I don't konw how many people's life I had impicted and changed but I had learn to change my life with the book of mormon. I had learned The Gospel can change others life for the better.

Thank you for the love and support and I want to challenge you all to read the book of mormon everyday it will give you strength.

Thank you so much mom for giving all the informations in our family and friends. Our Distreict Conferandce is this week as a missionary we have alot of things to do like PICKING UP our (L.A and R.C)

Love you all
Elder Aruldoss

DAVID: December 5, 2011

Hi my family,
I love to read the letter from you.  I am glad that you are doing well.  This week was really good. This one family who we were trying to get them to church for several weeks and they FINALLY came to church this week.  We are expecting many  baptism's this month.  It is really hard to find a family who speaks English and even when we find them they think that they know everything.
I do want to tell you one story.  This week a man named Mahash who found us instead of we finding him.  So we got out of the Auto in a busstand and there were like at least 1000 people are roaming around here and there.  So this traffic police who works here is our friend.  So right after i got out of the auto this police came to me and shoke my hands and said  "PRAISE THE LORD" they tell this all the time to us.   I like it!!!  But i dont tell them back anything, i simply tell them Hi, how are you?... Anyway, we were standing and waiting for our bus.  This one man came up to us and asked us about us and we told him about us.  He speaks good english.  we ha a brief conversation with him.  The next day we were able to meet him again and to teach him.  So I asked him why is came and talk to us.  He did not know who we were and when i shoke that police office hands and He head him say praise the Lord and so he knew that we are coming from church.  I knew that he was prepared to receive the gospel. As we were teaching him, he was giving such a good answers and my companion and i started to laugh because of his answers. what i know from this experence is that Heavenly Father prepares the way to teach the gosel to his prepared ones.
I am really enjoying my mission and love this gospel so much.  I glad that you had a good Thankgiving day!!  Tell the family and my friends hello from our side. 
Love E. Aruldoss

Sunday, December 4, 2011

DANIEL: December 1, 2011

Dear family and friends 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I want you to eat for me OK. 

How are you all? I am doing very well. Now I got transferred to a new area today is my first day in this place and I got a new companion who can speak Tamil.

Yesterday we had missionary Olympics and it was so much fun. I will send you some pictures.

It was kind of sad to leave the old place. We had thanksgiving dinner with all the missionaries and President Jackson’s family. It remanded me of Home but it was fun to eat American food. tell me about thanksgiveing at home and what did you eat?
love you all

Elder Aruldoss

DAVID: November 28, 2011

Leah is sooo beautiful.  Thanks for all the report mom. 
This week something crazy happened, so after church we went to visit this investicator to teach him about restoration.  So they gave us soda to drink.  So they went to get this soda from their relatives.  So my companion and i were took the drink and started to drink.  My companion drunk it so fast and i was little slow. When i started to drink i smelt something different.  But i didn't care and i was  thirsty.  After we found out that there was alcohol added in that soda.  The family who gave the drink did  not know there was alcohol added either.  But there were being nice to us though.  so we all took it.  My companion and i had little headachae after this apointment. I felt bad becaue i broke the word of wisdom on sunday. NO WORRIES I REPENTED OF MY SIN!!!
Last week, on the thankgiving day we were having intervieies with Pre.Funk and so after that me and some missionries shared to sister Funk what we are thankful for.,.  It was really a great experence for me to be with missionaries and hearing what there are thankful for. 
There are many families who we are teaching and it is really hard for us to bring them to church.  This week we will have more investcators at church.  I love my mission and really enjoying every part of it.
I love you all very much and I always remember the things that you taught me  to be a good person.  Greatful and thankful for each of you.
Love Elder Aruldoss.

DANIEL: November 23, 2011

Dear family and Friends 
Happy thanksgiving to all. I hope you are all doing will. I am glad Grandpa is going will and tell them I said Hi for me. I am glad to hear about all other things from our fam. tell every one I said HI for me mom.  

Last week was wonderful because I had learned many things. Last Sunday we had the chance to teach about the commandments to one of our investigators. Elder. Bommaji helped Pres. Katuka and I was with our invest. He knows little English and I do not know any Hindi. What I did was I took one of another invest. Who was present on the day? He knew little more English and he could understand. I used him as a translate and taught them both about the commandment and gave them a commitments and when they were lessoning and translating the spirit was so strong and love. I was happy because they were happy and understood the principles of the commandments.  

I had learned we have to be LUST after this things 

This are the some weapons that as a missionaries has and we use them everyday.

Elder Aruldoss

DAVID: November 21, 2011

Hello My Dear Allred Family,

This week was wonderful with my new companion.  He is really good and knows the doctrine well enough to teach others.  I really  like him and he's from Delhi.  We found so many people this week than any other week with my other companion Elder Tamang.  One of the families that we found were Christians and we taught them the Restoration message and showed them Joseph 1st version DVD.  We invited them to come to church and they said that they are going to this one church for 15 years and they will be busy Sunday.  I felt dissapointed in that family and I was not sad because my companion and i did our best and that's all Heavenly Father wants from us.  We will go and see them again this week and see what happens.  The Sunday we expected many investicators and some only came and we were happy for them.
So in our apartment we have one missionary from Austrelia and He LOVES Basketball.  We love talking about that subject.  Too bad...he is not my companion!!  Our Branch is doing so good and many members are helping to strengthern the branch.  I love the missionary work and really enjoying my mission and are expecting many baptism in the month of December. Please continue to pray for the members here in India and for the missionaries.  We will have more than 15 new missionaries by the end of December.  I love my Family very much and love them soooo much.
Elder Aruldoss

Training the Trainers Meeting

Sunday, November 20, 2011

DANIEL: November 16, 2011

Back ground information for this spiritual moment was I have been struggling to get to know my Pithum Pura place.

My spiritual moment was when I brought an investigator to Institute. I had learned Moses did not become a prophet in a day. He prepared and did everything he could to prepare himself. I thought to myself Am I prepared so I can ask God for help. I thought to myself as a missionary I need to prepare myself to receive answer to my prayers. Now I have been working hard to learn the places. I brought my investigator so he can have revelatory experience but I was the one who had the revelatory experience. From this experience what I had learned was God works in different ways then man. Now for everything first I need to work and ask God for help. I am glad I learned this lesson. Love this gospel and every time helps me to improve my life.

love you all thank you for you love and support.

Elder Aruldoss

DAVID: November 14, 2011

This week was really good. I went to Banglore to pick up my new companion and his name is E.Sambaria and he is from Delhi. The plane had to stop in Chennai for30 min and i was also temped to get out of the plane and to go and visit my family who leaves about an hour away from the airport. However i did control myself to stay in the airplene. hahaha..... I enjoyed my trip to Banglore and I will attached some pic's. My companion's both mom and dad are expired and my companion and his two brothers take care of themselves. I was really sadened to hear that also.

There are many people that we are teaching and this one man named Rajash who came to church for the first time. He absolutely loved the church and after our restortation discussion he excepted to take the baptism. We are very happy for him. I was also happy because many of our investicators came to church this week and this was especially hard for us, brining people to church each week.

Funny story: Last week we went to visit this young paster. He told us to come to his home. I was with the assistants to Pre.Funk. He taught me many lessons when i was with him. So we went to his house he was not there, but his phone was inside the house and we could clearly see that. So i called him and the phone rung ad rung. so we though that he went to somewhere. so we went to next street to visit another family and assistant was talking to that family and I called the paster on the phone. But he did not know that we went to his house earlier. He said that he was not home and he was in a bus stand and going somewhere. so we were talking to him on the phone and walking to his house at the same time. We went front of his house and he was inside the house still talking to us. He was really scared and little frightened to see us. He was lying the whole time and we caught him. I called him by his name and my assisatant kinda got mad at him. This paster was sweting so much. He was not interested to know about the gospel and he was really playing with us. After this we were laughing so hard what had happened. It was a good and funny experence.

I really love my mission and love this gospel.

Elder Aruldoss

Biryani Heaven!

Vizac Sunset

Monday, November 7, 2011

DAVID: November 7, 2011

Hi mom, I have less time this week.

I am doing well and i am going to be a trainer and  going to train a new missionary and i will tell you later who that is. so I am going to Banglore to pick him up this week. I will be in the same branch for another 3 months.

I will pray for grandpa.  Tell all of them hi from me.

Is Danny emailing you or not?  He is not emailing anyone in India. that's why i am asking.

I love you all and miss you sooo much.

Elder Aruldoss

This is today at the orphanage.  We went to serve them food. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

DANIEL: November 2, 2011

Dear family and Friends.

This week's spiritual moment:

Last week was a wonderful because we had a lot of fun doing the Lord's work. We had been going to 30% family. Few times we went to their family we did not get to share any message with them. I thought to myself why are we wasting our time with them? On Friday we went to share a message they been praying little, and God has been answering their prayers. They were sharing the miracles with Elder Bommaji in Hindi and I felt the spirit very strong and we gave them a book of Mormon to read it. What I had learned is not to judge others quickly and “God’s ways are not my ways, His thoughts are not my thoughts” do what I need to do God will do His part. I also learned another lesson we may think no one is watching but always some one is watching. I’m so glad I had learned these lessons. I love this work and love my Savior.
How is every things. I am doing great. we had our first transfer but I am with my same companion and the same place. love you all. study the scriptures and Pray and have fun. 

Mom I forget to tell you last Sunday I had the chance to baptize a girl she was 16 years old I will send the pictures next week. 
Love you all,

Elder Aruldoss

DAVID: October 30, 2011

Hi everyone, I am doing well here.

This week was little special.  The family that i told you about, the Kanababy family, their sons got baptized last week.  It was a great experence to baptism Gopi and Karthik was baptized by branch pre. Surya Rao.  These two boys are going to be the future missionaries.  The father and mother will take the baptism after their problems are all solved. very soon though.

We are going to have a District Conference this coming week and there are two members of the Quorum of the 70 coming to visit our branch. We are very excited to see them.

This week was little tough and little hard to find people to teach.  Everyone speaks Telugu language and some speaks English.

We had Depali last week, it is one of the biggest Hindu Festival in India.  It was awesome, there were sooo many fireworks and it was so loud that my companion and I could not hear each other when we were
having our Weekly Planning Meeting.  We went to top of the building and enjoyed watching the fireworks.

Happy Halloween!!!! MOM or DAD Did you distribute candies to the children? I remember that Danny and I doing it last time.  Abbey I hope that you got lots of candy and also you can have my Candy drawer to
keep all your halloween treats.

I love you very much.

Elder Aruldoss

Always happy when there's food!!