Sunday, November 6, 2011

DAVID: October 30, 2011

Hi everyone, I am doing well here.

This week was little special.  The family that i told you about, the Kanababy family, their sons got baptized last week.  It was a great experence to baptism Gopi and Karthik was baptized by branch pre. Surya Rao.  These two boys are going to be the future missionaries.  The father and mother will take the baptism after their problems are all solved. very soon though.

We are going to have a District Conference this coming week and there are two members of the Quorum of the 70 coming to visit our branch. We are very excited to see them.

This week was little tough and little hard to find people to teach.  Everyone speaks Telugu language and some speaks English.

We had Depali last week, it is one of the biggest Hindu Festival in India.  It was awesome, there were sooo many fireworks and it was so loud that my companion and I could not hear each other when we were
having our Weekly Planning Meeting.  We went to top of the building and enjoyed watching the fireworks.

Happy Halloween!!!! MOM or DAD Did you distribute candies to the children? I remember that Danny and I doing it last time.  Abbey I hope that you got lots of candy and also you can have my Candy drawer to
keep all your halloween treats.

I love you very much.

Elder Aruldoss

Always happy when there's food!!

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