Sunday, November 6, 2011

DANIEL: November 2, 2011

Dear family and Friends.

This week's spiritual moment:

Last week was a wonderful because we had a lot of fun doing the Lord's work. We had been going to 30% family. Few times we went to their family we did not get to share any message with them. I thought to myself why are we wasting our time with them? On Friday we went to share a message they been praying little, and God has been answering their prayers. They were sharing the miracles with Elder Bommaji in Hindi and I felt the spirit very strong and we gave them a book of Mormon to read it. What I had learned is not to judge others quickly and “God’s ways are not my ways, His thoughts are not my thoughts” do what I need to do God will do His part. I also learned another lesson we may think no one is watching but always some one is watching. I’m so glad I had learned these lessons. I love this work and love my Savior.
How is every things. I am doing great. we had our first transfer but I am with my same companion and the same place. love you all. study the scriptures and Pray and have fun. 

Mom I forget to tell you last Sunday I had the chance to baptize a girl she was 16 years old I will send the pictures next week. 
Love you all,

Elder Aruldoss

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