Sunday, November 20, 2011

DAVID: November 14, 2011

This week was really good. I went to Banglore to pick up my new companion and his name is E.Sambaria and he is from Delhi. The plane had to stop in Chennai for30 min and i was also temped to get out of the plane and to go and visit my family who leaves about an hour away from the airport. However i did control myself to stay in the airplene. hahaha..... I enjoyed my trip to Banglore and I will attached some pic's. My companion's both mom and dad are expired and my companion and his two brothers take care of themselves. I was really sadened to hear that also.

There are many people that we are teaching and this one man named Rajash who came to church for the first time. He absolutely loved the church and after our restortation discussion he excepted to take the baptism. We are very happy for him. I was also happy because many of our investicators came to church this week and this was especially hard for us, brining people to church each week.

Funny story: Last week we went to visit this young paster. He told us to come to his home. I was with the assistants to Pre.Funk. He taught me many lessons when i was with him. So we went to his house he was not there, but his phone was inside the house and we could clearly see that. So i called him and the phone rung ad rung. so we though that he went to somewhere. so we went to next street to visit another family and assistant was talking to that family and I called the paster on the phone. But he did not know that we went to his house earlier. He said that he was not home and he was in a bus stand and going somewhere. so we were talking to him on the phone and walking to his house at the same time. We went front of his house and he was inside the house still talking to us. He was really scared and little frightened to see us. He was lying the whole time and we caught him. I called him by his name and my assisatant kinda got mad at him. This paster was sweting so much. He was not interested to know about the gospel and he was really playing with us. After this we were laughing so hard what had happened. It was a good and funny experence.

I really love my mission and love this gospel.

Elder Aruldoss

Biryani Heaven!

Vizac Sunset

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