Sunday, December 4, 2011

DAVID: November 28, 2011

Leah is sooo beautiful.  Thanks for all the report mom. 
This week something crazy happened, so after church we went to visit this investicator to teach him about restoration.  So they gave us soda to drink.  So they went to get this soda from their relatives.  So my companion and i were took the drink and started to drink.  My companion drunk it so fast and i was little slow. When i started to drink i smelt something different.  But i didn't care and i was  thirsty.  After we found out that there was alcohol added in that soda.  The family who gave the drink did  not know there was alcohol added either.  But there were being nice to us though.  so we all took it.  My companion and i had little headachae after this apointment. I felt bad becaue i broke the word of wisdom on sunday. NO WORRIES I REPENTED OF MY SIN!!!
Last week, on the thankgiving day we were having intervieies with Pre.Funk and so after that me and some missionries shared to sister Funk what we are thankful for.,.  It was really a great experence for me to be with missionaries and hearing what there are thankful for. 
There are many families who we are teaching and it is really hard for us to bring them to church.  This week we will have more investcators at church.  I love my mission and really enjoying every part of it.
I love you all very much and I always remember the things that you taught me  to be a good person.  Greatful and thankful for each of you.
Love Elder Aruldoss.

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