Sunday, December 18, 2011

DAVID: December 5, 2011

Hi my family,
I love to read the letter from you.  I am glad that you are doing well.  This week was really good. This one family who we were trying to get them to church for several weeks and they FINALLY came to church this week.  We are expecting many  baptism's this month.  It is really hard to find a family who speaks English and even when we find them they think that they know everything.
I do want to tell you one story.  This week a man named Mahash who found us instead of we finding him.  So we got out of the Auto in a busstand and there were like at least 1000 people are roaming around here and there.  So this traffic police who works here is our friend.  So right after i got out of the auto this police came to me and shoke my hands and said  "PRAISE THE LORD" they tell this all the time to us.   I like it!!!  But i dont tell them back anything, i simply tell them Hi, how are you?... Anyway, we were standing and waiting for our bus.  This one man came up to us and asked us about us and we told him about us.  He speaks good english.  we ha a brief conversation with him.  The next day we were able to meet him again and to teach him.  So I asked him why is came and talk to us.  He did not know who we were and when i shoke that police office hands and He head him say praise the Lord and so he knew that we are coming from church.  I knew that he was prepared to receive the gospel. As we were teaching him, he was giving such a good answers and my companion and i started to laugh because of his answers. what i know from this experence is that Heavenly Father prepares the way to teach the gosel to his prepared ones.
I am really enjoying my mission and love this gospel so much.  I glad that you had a good Thankgiving day!!  Tell the family and my friends hello from our side. 
Love E. Aruldoss

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