Sunday, December 4, 2011

DANIEL: November 23, 2011

Dear family and Friends 
Happy thanksgiving to all. I hope you are all doing will. I am glad Grandpa is going will and tell them I said Hi for me. I am glad to hear about all other things from our fam. tell every one I said HI for me mom.  

Last week was wonderful because I had learned many things. Last Sunday we had the chance to teach about the commandments to one of our investigators. Elder. Bommaji helped Pres. Katuka and I was with our invest. He knows little English and I do not know any Hindi. What I did was I took one of another invest. Who was present on the day? He knew little more English and he could understand. I used him as a translate and taught them both about the commandment and gave them a commitments and when they were lessoning and translating the spirit was so strong and love. I was happy because they were happy and understood the principles of the commandments.  

I had learned we have to be LUST after this things 

This are the some weapons that as a missionaries has and we use them everyday.

Elder Aruldoss

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