Sunday, December 4, 2011

DAVID: November 21, 2011

Hello My Dear Allred Family,

This week was wonderful with my new companion.  He is really good and knows the doctrine well enough to teach others.  I really  like him and he's from Delhi.  We found so many people this week than any other week with my other companion Elder Tamang.  One of the families that we found were Christians and we taught them the Restoration message and showed them Joseph 1st version DVD.  We invited them to come to church and they said that they are going to this one church for 15 years and they will be busy Sunday.  I felt dissapointed in that family and I was not sad because my companion and i did our best and that's all Heavenly Father wants from us.  We will go and see them again this week and see what happens.  The Sunday we expected many investicators and some only came and we were happy for them.
So in our apartment we have one missionary from Austrelia and He LOVES Basketball.  We love talking about that subject.  Too bad...he is not my companion!!  Our Branch is doing so good and many members are helping to strengthern the branch.  I love the missionary work and really enjoying my mission and are expecting many baptism in the month of December. Please continue to pray for the members here in India and for the missionaries.  We will have more than 15 new missionaries by the end of December.  I love my Family very much and love them soooo much.
Elder Aruldoss

Training the Trainers Meeting

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