Sunday, December 30, 2012

DAVID: November 26, 2012

I have a good news.  I have been thinking about my dad for last two weeks.  I am also praying for him each day so that he can have a change of heart to accept the Gospel.  I had the phone numbers of him with me.  I also had the thought that my dad should come to Chennai for couple of reason.  First, the Church is near and the Elders could teach him and second reason is that he can get a job there.  Right now he works so far from Chennai probably about 5 to 6 hours.  So i gave his numbers to the elders in Chennai to contact him.  The good elders immediately contacted him. They called him and told him that your son Elder Aruldoss wants you to come to Chennai to work.  My father was so surprised by their call and what they were asking him to do.  Then my dad thanked those elders because my dad was also gotten job offer in two different places.  One in Chennai and other in where he was previously working.  He wasn't sure where he wanted to go for job since two different places were offering him a job.  So he was really happy that the elders called him and told him to come to Chennai. I think he will come to Chennai for the job and as soon as he reaches there the elders will be after him.  I am grateful to follow the impression that came to me.  I know that it was from Heaven.  The gospel is the only way that my father will change.  I love my dad.

We are suffering without the phone because we  lost our phone two weeks ago during a bus travel.  We had purchased a new phone but, waiting for the Sim card from Bangalore. 

One of the 3 widow sister came to Church last week and she had a wonderful time learning and feeling the spirit.  She also has baptism date for next month. unfortunately her son was wearing a Playboy hat which i didn't see until the last hour and so i removed it from his head immediately.  It was pretty funny.

Happy to know that the family Thanksgiving event went well. 

Mom, I terribly miss your delicious food. 


Elder Aruldoss

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